SPSS & Dialog Systems 2017


SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a statistical software package, statistics software tool, or data analysis tool. SPSS Statistics was once known as PASW (Predictive Analytics SoftWare). Data captured in questionnaires may be tabulated and analyzed in SPSS. Manual analysis may be accomplished with statistics programs like Microsoft Excel and SPSS, or computationally with Matlab.

  • Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)
  • Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis (SPSS)
  • Strong Physical Symbol System (SPSS)


  • sas.com .. statistical analysis system is an alternative to spss
  • vimar.com .. home automation equipment
  • xlstat.com .. user-friendly statistical software for microsoft excel



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Towards SamiTalk: a Sami-speaking robot linked to Sami Wikipedia
G Wilcock, N Laxström, J Leinonen, P Smit… – Dialogues with Social …, 2017 – Springer
… A number of major issues in internationalisation and localisation of spoken dialogue systems are discussed by [5], using WikiTalk as an example … There are two common approaches, Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis (SPSS) and Unit Selection Systems (USS) …

Explicit feedback from users attenuates memory biases in human-system dialogue
D Knutsen, L Le Bigot, C Ros – International Journal of Human-Computer …, 2017 – Elsevier
… Participants interacted over the phone with a simulated dialogue system. • … 3.3.3. Simulated dialogue system. The dialogue system included four components: a welcome component, an interaction component, a closing component and a help component …

Online Performance Dialogue System Model (E-Dp): A Requirement Analysis Study At Batu Pahat District Education Office.
AN YUNOS, ABDSH BASARI… – … of Theoretical & …, 2017 – search.ebscohost.com
… 6699 ONLINE PERFORMANCE DIALOGUE SYSTEM MODEL … 222 schools investigate the needs of leaders to adopt Online Performance Dialog (eDP) The data obtained were analyzed through descriptive Statistics using statistical package for social science (SPSS) software …

The use of applied software for the professional training of students studying humanities
AS Sadchikova, MM Rodin – AIP Conference Proceedings, 2017 – aip.scitation.org
… make it easy to compare results and single out the most helpful product for processing statistical data (Table 1): 1. The IBM SPSS Statistics package … 3. Basic features of the STADIA statistical dialog system make it comparable to most popular international statistics packages …

Comparing Priming Effects of Visual and Textual Task Representations
P Ehrenbrink, S Hillmann – researchgate.net
… instructed by a text on top of each questionnaire page that they should phrase a verbal command for a spoken dialogue system that would … sample t-tests were performed on the frequencies of unique phrases for objects and actions in both conditions with IBM SPSS Statistics 22 …

The commercial NLP landscape in 2017
R Dale – Natural Language Engineering, 2017 – cambridge.org
… The more interesting of these chatbots are conceptually similar to the much older category of telephony-based spoken language dialogue systems that let … First, every big IT company now claims a text analytics capability: IBM owns SPSS Text Analytics, SAS offers its Text Miner …

AB1079 Follow up of patients with rheumatic diseases by means of a smartphone application: satisfaction index based on a survey among users and care providers
CA Guillen-Astete, JL Alba-Barton – 2017 – ard.bmj.com
… In 2014, LA County Department of Health Services adopted an electronic consultation (E-consult) referral and dialogue system to improve access to subspecialists in the ambulatory care setting … Statistical analysis was performed with SPSS 20.0 …

Integration of context-aware conversational interfaces to develop practical applications for mobile devices
D Griol, JM Molina, A Sanchis – Journal of Ambient Intelligence …, 2017 – content.iospress.com
… of obtaining texts in natural language from the non-linguistic representation, internal representation of information handled by the dialogue system [27,29] … types of scenarios and users, as described in [1]. The significance of the results was computed using the SPSS software [23 …

Evaluate the Chinese Version of Machine Translation Based on Perplexity Analysis
H Tianwen, W Hong, H Baofang – Computational Science and …, 2017 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… According to the regression analysis result of the experimental data by SPSS, the weighting coefficients of the four PPL values are all 0.25 … Spoken dialogue system for service robots and research about language model[D]. University of Science and Technology of China, 2014 …

Development of an Inclusive Participatory Democracy System
AA Oni, CK Ayo, AA Azeta – Sustainable ICT Adoption and …, 2017 – books.google.com
… the post-experiment of socio- technical evaluation of the system was analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) … This evaluation could also be complemented with some feature of PARAdigm for Dialogue System Evaluation (PARADISE)(Walker et al., 1997 …

Multimodal Interactions with a Chatbot and study of Interruption Recovery in Conversation.
F Chabernaud – 2017 – macs.hw.ac.uk
… 3 2.1.2 Note on terms used . . . . . 3 2.2 Dialogue system … 16 3.4.2 Design of the interruption scenarios . . . . . 18 3.4.3 Dialog system . . . . . 18 …

Those are not the Stories you are Looking For: Using Text Prototypes to Evaluate Game Narratives Early
JT Bowey, RL Mandryk – Proceedings of the Annual Symposium on …, 2017 – dl.acm.org
… In the early-stage prototyping, the writing team designed the dialogue system and tested how players would interact with it, the tone and … Differences in Experiential Measures We conducted a multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) in SPSS 24 using all of the dependent …

Can we Improve the User Experience of Chatbots with Personalisation?
D Duijst – 2017 – researchgate.net
… Hung et al. (2009) propose evaluation metrics derived from the PARADigm for DIalogue System Evaluation (PARADISE) in their paper … 5 Page 6. tion metrics (PARAdigm for DIalogue System Evaluation) (Walker, Litman, Kamm, & Abella, 1997) …

Effects of Types of Voice-Based Chat on EFL Students’ Negotiation of Meaning According to Proficiency Levels
NY Kim – ENGLISH TEACHING (????), 2017 – journal.kate.or.kr
… Westlund, 2015). Stewart and File (2007) also emphasize this computer dialogue system, allowing students to rehearse social conversations without a human partner. Voice … based chat. The data were analyzed using SPSS version 18. To …

Thin Film Roughness Optimization In The Tin Coatings Using Genetic Algorithms
NURF FAUZI, ASM JAYA, MI JARRAH, H AKBAR… – Journal of Theoretical …, 2017 – jatit.org
… ONLINE PERFORMANCE DIALOGUE SYSTEM MODEL (e-DP): A REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS STUDY AT BATU PAHAT DISTRICT EDUCATION OFFICE … The data obtained were analyzed through descriptive Statistics using statistical package for social science (SPSS) software …

Assessing The Influence Of Persuasive Systems For Sustainability Across Work-Home-Community Boundaries
J Corbett, SC El Idrissi – 2017 – aisel.aisnet.org
… Fidel, A. (2000). “Discovering statistics using SPSS for Windows.” Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications. Page 11 … 2884 Nguyen, H., and J. Masthoff (2008). “Designing persuasive dialogue systems: Using argumentation with care,” in: Persuasive technology, Ed …

Why people use chatbots
PB Brandtzaeg, A Følstad – International Conference on Internet Science, 2017 – Springer
… 3.3 Data Analysis. Data obtained from responses to the preset questions were analyzed through descriptive statistics using the SPSS 24 statistical package … Comparison of ELIZA with modern dialogue systems. Comput. Hum. Behav …

Designing, Modeling and Evaluating Influence Strategies for Behavior Change Support Systems
A Öörni, S Kelders, L van Gemert-Pijnen… – researchgate.net
Page 1. Second’International’Workshop’on’Behavior’Change’Support’Systems'(BCSS’2014)’ 1′ Designing, Modeling and Evaluating Influence Strategies for Behavior Change Support Systems Anssi Öörni1, Saskia Kelders2, Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen2, Harri Oinas-Kukkonen1 …

Interaction History in Adaptive Multimodal Interaction
N Bubalo, F Schüssel, F Honold, M Weber… – Companion …, 2017 – Springer
… A total of 5535 tasks was analyzed using IBM SPSS Statistics and Matlab from MathWork’s … N., Gerstenberger, C., Rieser, V., Becker, T., Kaisser, M., Poller, P., Schehl, J.: An experiment setup for collecting data for adaptive output planning in a multimodal dialogue system …

Automatic generation of actionable feedback towards improving social competency in job interviews
SK Nambiar, R Das, S Rasipuram… – Proceedings of the 1st …, 2017 – dl.acm.org
… The Sensitive Artificial Listener(SAL) is a real time interactive mul- timodal dialogue system that focuses primarily on emotional and non-verbal interaction capabilities[19] … [16] Julie Pallant. 2013. SPSS survival manual. McGraw-Hill Education (UK). [17] Richard M Perloff. 2010 …

How Location Matters in Restaurant Success?
J Wang, X Yan – 2017 – aisel.aisnet.org
… We used two-step clustering within SPSS to cluster restaurants into different groups … “Asgard: A Portable Architecture for Multilingual Dialogue Systems,” Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2013 IEEE International Conference on: IEEE, pp. 8386-8390 …

Investigating the impact of information culture on the adoption of information system in public health sector of developing countries
A Mukred, D Singh, N Safie – International Journal of …, 2017 – inderscienceonline.com
… Quantitative structured questionnaire was administered to 312 employees in public health sectors of Yemen. SPSS and structural equation modelling (SEM) were used for data analysis and evaluation of the research model …

Changing stigmatizing attitudes to mental health via education and contact with embodied conversational agents
J Sebastian, D Richards – Computers in Human Behavior, 2017 – Elsevier
… stigma (TS) respectively. All statistical tests were assessed at an alpha of 0.05. The SPSS Statistical package was used for data analysis. 5.2. Preliminary analysis. 5.2.1. Participant baseline characteristics. An initial sample of …

A fully automated conversational agent for promoting mental well-being: A pilot RCT using mixed methods
KH Ly, AM Ly, G Andersson – Internet Interventions, 2017 – Elsevier
… All analyses were performed using SPSS 24 (IBM Corp. Released 2016. IBM SPSS Statistics for Macintosh, Version 24.0. Armonk, NY: IBM Corp.). Independent t-tests and X 2 -tests were used to test for group differences in demographics and pre-treatment data …

Cheery companions or serious assistants? Role and demeanor congruity as predictors of robot attraction and use intentions among senior citizens
SS Sundar, EH Jung, TF Waddell, KJ Kim – International Journal of Human …, 2017 – Elsevier
… for users. Similarly, improvements in robot dialogue systems now afford robot designers the opportunity to imbue robots with a personality or social demeanor based on slight variations in speaking rate or tone. These advances …

The Influence of Politeness Behavior on User Compliance with Social Robots in a Healthcare Service Setting
N Lee, J Kim, E Kim, O Kwon – International Journal of Social Robotics, 2017 – Springer
… capabilities. “Appendix A” shows the post-questionnaire items. 5 Results. 5.1 Measurement Validation. The data were analyzed using PLS (Smart-PLS version 3.0) and SPSS 22.0. Descriptive statistics are shown in Fig. 4. To …

Investigation the Effect of Colloconstructural Corpus-based Instruction on Pragmalinquistic Knowledge of Request Speech Act: Evidence from Iranian EFL Students
B Sabzalipour, M Koosha… – International Journal of …, 2017 – journals.aiac.org.au
… Data Analysis The participants’ scores on the pretest and posttest were calculated by SPSS software … Intercultural Pragmatics, 7(2), 311-339. Alfattah, G. & Ravindranath, H. (2009) Probabilistic meth- ods in spoken dialogue systems. Philosophical Trans- actionsapologies (pp …

Talking Health With a Machine: How Does Message Interactivity Affect Attitudes and Cognitions?
S Bellur, SS Sundar – Human Communication Research, 2017 – academic.oup.com
Abstract. By affording interactive communication and natural, human-like conversations, can media tools affect the way we engage with content in human–machine.

Understanding Engagement within the Context of a Safety Critical Game
J Hart, I Iacovides, A Adams, M Oliveira… – Proceedings of the …, 2017 – dl.acm.org
… Questions focused on capturing five key areas, Learning, Usefulness, Relevance and Engagement, along with the general Likes and Dislikes. QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS Quantitative questionnaire data was collected from participants and analyzed using excel and SPSS …

A Content Analysis Of The Research Approaches In Speech Emotion Recognition
T Özseven, M Dü?enci, A Durmu?o?lu – ijesrt.com
Page 1. ISSN: 2277-9655 [Ozseven* et al., 7(1): January, 2018] Impact Factor: 4.116 IC™ Value: 3.00 CODEN: IJESS7 http: // www.ijesrt.com © International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology [1] IJESRT …

Prosody Perception in Typically Developing School-aged Children
RT Kalathottukaren, SC Purdy – 2017 – researchgate.net
… effects. A Bonferroni correction factor was applied when multiple post-hoc comparisons were performed. IBM SPSS statistics software package (version 22) was used to perform all the statistical tests reported in this study. Results …

Investigating online literacy among undergraduates in Malaysia
VCP Wei – World Academy of Science, Engineering and …, 2017 – waset.org
… The data of the study were analyzed by using SPSS program, ie descriptive statistics and independent sample t-test … Thus, SRL can answer on key questions such as ‘Who’, ‘When’, ‘What’, ‘Where’ in a text and it is widely applied in dialog systems, question-answering, named …

Classifying a Person’s degree of accessibility from natural body language during social human–robot interactions
D McColl, C Jiang, G Nejat – IEEE transactions on cybernetics, 2017 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
Page 1. 524 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CYBERNETICS, VOL. 47, NO. 2, FEBRUARY 2017 Classifying a Person’s Degree of Accessibility from Natural Body Language During Social Human–Robot Interactions Derek McColl …

A Comparative Meta-Analysis of Research on Embodied Pedagogical Agents (PAs)
H Darwish – researchgate.net
… Page 14. 14 into an ACCESS database. This information was used to induce data categories and scales for each coded variable. The statistical package SPSS v.16 for Windows was used to analyse descriptive information. Comprehensive Meta-Analysis Software v.2 …

A Serious Games Platform for Cognitive Rehabilitation with Preliminary Evaluation
PA Rego, R Rocha, BM Faria, LP Reis… – Journal of medical …, 2017 – Springer
… Results and discussion. The questionnaires were analyzed using the IBM SPSS Statistics software, in which were inserted all the answers and the statistical analysis was performed. It was considered 0.05 for the significance level …

Empathic technologies for distance/mobile learning: An empirical research based on the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT)
P Isaias, F Reis, C Coutinho… – … Technology and Smart …, 2017 – emeraldinsight.com

L2 Exposure Environment, Teaching Skills, and Beliefs about Learners’ Out-of-Class Learning: A Survey on Teachers of English as a Foreign Language
S Susilo – Language, 2017 – waset.org
… The data of the study were analyzed by using SPSS program, ie descriptive statistics and independent sample t-test … Thus, SRL can answer on key questions such as ‘Who’, ‘When’, ‘What’, ‘Where’ in a text and it is widely applied in dialog systems, question-answering, named …

Discovering Topic Trends for Conference Analytics
P LIU – 2017 – search.proquest.com
Page 1. Discovering Topic Trends for Conference Analytics LIU, Pengfei A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management The Chinese University of Hong Kong …

Validating a Method to Assess Lipreading, Audiovisual Gain, and Integration During Speech Reception With Cochlear-implanted and Normal-hearing Subjects …
S Schreitmüller, M Frenken, L Bentz, M Ortmann… – Ear and …, 2017 – researchgate.net
… All statistics, except for Cohen’s d, were computed in IBM SPSS Statistics Version 23 … For the analyses of variances, ?p 2 values were provided by SPSS, and values of 0.01, 0.06, and 0.14 were considered as small, medium, and large, effects, respectively …

Yet Another Shade of Deduction. On measuring deductive flexibility and how it may relate to other cognitive abilities
N ?yluk, M Michta, M Urba?ski – Logic and Logical Philosophy, 2017 – apcz.umk.pl
… Table 2. Test items difficulty in the pilot version of DFT 4.1. Results 4.1.1. Descriptive statistics All the statistical analyses were carried out using the statistical software SPSS v. 23. Table 1 sums up basic descriptive statistics calculated for scores from DFT pilot version …

Affective interface–toward a machine that exhibits its state emotionally
H Lu – 2017 – ecommons.usask.ca
Page 1. AFFECTIVE INTERFACE – TOWARD A MACHINE THAT EXHIBITS ITS STATE EMOTIONALLY A Thesis Submitted to the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Degree of Master of Science …

Overcoming the limitations of statistical parametric speech synthesis
T Merritt – 2017 – era.lib.ed.ac.uk
… applications, such as providing a tool for interaction with dialogue systems, or for use as a voice for those who are unable to speak (Veaux et al., 2012). Statistical parametric speech synthesis (SPSS) is the dominant synthesis paradigm within the TTS research community …

Quality of Synthetic Speech
F Hinterleitner – 2017 – Springer
… for tolerating my constant swearing when I was stuck in MATLAB or was about to be defeated by SPSS … Model RPR Regular Perception Range SAMPA Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet SD Semantic Differential SDS Spoken Dialog System SPAU Speech …

Growth Strategies Of Sme In Oman-Issues And Challenges
BHS Al Bulushi, S Bagum – eajournals.org
… The total 250 respondents are selected to answer the questionnaires. Use of quantitative research methods brings effectiveness, reliability, and validity in the research. SPSS is used for the quantitative data analysis. Descriptive …

Investigating Typing and Take-Over Performance in SAE Level 3-4 Automated Driving.
J KEPLER – 2017 – researchgate.net
Page 1. Submitted by Clemens Schartmüller, BSc. Submitted at Institute for Pervasive Computing Supervisor Prof. Dr. Priv.-Doz. Andreas Riener Linz, October 2017 JOHANNES KEPLER UNIVERSITY LINZ Altenbergerstraße 69 4040 Linz, Österreich www.jku.at DVR 0093696 …

Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis Using Conversational Data and Phenomena
R Dall – 2017 – datashare.is.ed.ac.uk
… RMSE Root Mean Square Error RNN Recurrent Neural Network SLF HTK Standard Lattice Format SP Silent Pause SPSS Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis SR Speaking Rate SVM Support Vector Machine TTS Text-to-Speech Synthesis WER Word Error Rate Page 17 …

Statistical parametric speech synthesis using conversational data and phenomena
R Dall – 2017 – era.lib.ed.ac.uk
… RMSE Root Mean Square Error RNN Recurrent Neural Network SLF HTK Standard Lattice Format SP Silent Pause SPSS Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis SR Speaking Rate SVM Support Vector Machine TTS Text-to-Speech Synthesis WER Word Error Rate Page 18 …

Role of Body Language in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
DIO ALDoumer – 2017 – repository.sustech.edu
… the classroom. Upon Analyzing data, statistical analysis has been selected to suit the data collected by using SPSS program. The expected frequencies

Affective and cognitive consequences of temporal and textural aspects of background music: a pupillometry study
A Tamaliunaite – 2017 – duo.uio.no
Page 1. Affective and Cognitive Consequences of Temporal and Textural Aspects of Background Music A Pupillometry Study Austeja Tamaliunaite Master of Philosophy in Psychology Cognitive Neuroscience UNIVERSITY OF OSLO May 2017 Page 2. II Page 3. III …

Health Information Technology Evaluation Handbook: From Meaningful Use to Meaningful Outcome
V Herasevich, BW Pickering – 2017 – books.google.com
Page 1. Health Information Technology Evaluation Handbook From Meaningful Use to Meaningful Outcomes = . . . | º – “. . – º º Vitaly Herasevich, MD, PhD Brian Pickering, MD, MSc Page 2. Health Information Technology Evaluation Handbook Use to Meaningful Outcome …

Community versus traditional classrooms: is there a case for improved academic performance in elementary schools?
J Elliott – 2017 – scholar.utc.edu
Page 1. COMMUNITY VERSUS TRADITIONAL CLASSROOMS: IS THERE A CASE FOR IMPROVED ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS? By Jeffrey Brent Elliott Elizabeth K. Crawford Hinsdale Bernard Associate Professor Professor (Chair) …

Mood controlled affective ambiences for the elderly
P Willems – 2017 – essay.utwente.nl
Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Abstract 3 Abstract The goal of this research is to develop an ambient lighting system that is controlled by the mood of a user. The ambient lighting system uses the physiological data of the user to intervene when necessary …

What Hurts? A Pilot Study Investigating Nonverbal Characteristics of Parent Reassurance and Distraction and Child Pain Outcomes
R Moline – 2017 – atrium2.lib.uoguelph.ca
Page 1. What Hurts? A Pilot Study Investigating Nonverbal Characteristics of Parent Reassurance and Distraction and Child Pain Outcomes by Rachel Moline A Thesis presented to The University of Guelph In partial fulfillment …

Measuring Online Search Expertise
E Bailey – 2017 – search.proquest.com
Measuring Online Search Expertise. Abstract. Search expertise has long been studied and used extensively in information seeking behavior research, both as a fundamental concept and as a method of comparing groups of users …

Psychophysiological measures of mental effort and emotion within user research
CR Meusel – 2017 – search.proquest.com
Psychophysiological Measures of Mental Effort and Emotion within User Research. Abstract. Psychophysiological measures have potential to aid the discipline of user research, but are currently under-utilized. Currently, across …

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