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Stanford NLP (Natural Language Processing) is a suite of tools and libraries that are used for analyzing and processing natural language text. Stanford NLP is developed by the Stanford University Natural Language Processing Group, and is widely used in research and industry for a variety of natural language processing tasks.

In the context of dialog systems, Stanford NLP is used to analyze and understand the natural language input from users, in order to identify the user’s intentions and respond appropriately. For example, Stanford NLP can be used to identify the user’s intent, such as requesting information or making a purchase, and can be used to extract relevant information from the user’s input, such as the specific item or product that the user is interested in.

Stanford NLP is a powerful and widely-used tool for natural language processing, and is particularly well-suited to the needs of dialog systems. By using Stanford NLP, dialog systems can more effectively analyze and understand the user’s input, and can provide more accurate and appropriate responses. As such, Stanford NLP is an important component of many dialog systems, and is used to enable these systems to provide useful and effective responses to user input.


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Emotion estimation and reasoning based on affective textual interaction C Ma, H Prendinger, M Ishizuka – Affective computing and intelligent …, 2005 – Springer … In order to improve textual methods such as e-mail, online chat systems and dialog system, some recent systems are based on like-like embodied agents as a new multi-modal communication means [9]. Most … Stanford NLP Group (2005) URL: 11. … Cited by 37 Related articles All 9 versions

User simulations for context-sensitive speech recognition in spoken dialogue systems O Lemon – Proceedings of the 12th Conference of the European …, 2009 – … 6 The Baseline and Oracle Systems The baseline for our experiments is the behavior of the Town-Info spoken dialogue system that was used to collect the experimental data. … 1 … Cited by 23 Related articles All 9 versions

Determining latency for on-line dialog act classification S Germesin, T Becker, P Poller – Poster Session for the 5th International …, 2008 – … 2 http:// 3 A livelock is similar to a deadlock, except that the states of the … a multidimensional dialogue act tagset.”, In Workshop notes of the Fourth IJCAI Workshop on Knowledge and Reasoning in Pracical Dialogue Systems, 2005 2 … Cited by 8 Related articles All 3 versions

TRIPS and TRIOS system for TempEval-2: Extracting temporal information from text N UzZaman, JF Allen – Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on …, 2010 – … we extract events. The 3 4 One Penn tag derived features is verb word sequence, which captures all previous verbs, or TO (infinitive), or modal verbs, of the event word. That is, it will … Cited by 67 Related articles All 15 versions

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Generating Recommendation Dialogs by Extracting Information from User Reviews. K Reschke, A Vogel, D Jurafsky – ACL (2), 2013 – … Recommendation dialog systems have been devel- oped for a number of tasks ranging from product search to restaurant recommendation (Chai et al., 2002; Thompson et al., 2004; Bridge … 2We use the Topic Modeling Toolkit implementation: … Cited by 2 Related articles All 13 versions

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Dialog-act recognition using discourse and sentence structure information K Zhou, C Zong – Asian Language Processing, 2009. IALP’09. …, 2009 – … DA has been widely used in language and speech processing, such as speech recognition (Dhillon et al., 2004), spoken dialog system (Walker and Passonneau, 2001 … ( for Chinese corpus, and Stanford POS Tagger ( … Cited by 4 Related articles All 10 versions

Spoken Dialogue Systems K Jokinen, M McTear – Synthesis Lectures on Human …, 2009 – Page 1. Spoken Dialogue Systems Page 2. Page 3. iii Synthesis Lectures on Human … Series ISSN ISSN 1947-4040 print ISSN 1947-4059 electronic Page 5. Spoken Dialogue Systems Kristiina Jokinen University of Helsinki Michael McTear University of Ulster … Cited by 36 Related articles All 7 versions

From chatbots to dialog systems T Klüwer – International Journal, 2011 – … Tina Klüwer DFKI GmbH, Germany From Chatbots to Dialog Systems ABSTRACT This chapter provides an overview of the technologies used for chatbots on the one hand and research dialog systems on the other hand. … Cited by 3 Related articles All 2 versions

Towards a Decent Recognition Rate for the Automatic Classi?cation of a Multidimensional Dialogue Act Tagset S Lesch, T Kleinbauer, J Alexandersson – … Practical Dialogue Systems, 2005 – … We would not want to use such features in a dialogue system which is required to react to a user’s input; in a meeting- processing application, however, we can expect to be able to use at least the immediate context of an utterance. … Cited by 10 Related articles All 8 versions

Unsupervised Induction of Contingent Event Pairs from Film Scenes. Z Hu, E Rahimtoroghi, L Munishkina, R Swanson… – EMNLP, 2013 – … Zhichao Hu, Elahe Rahimtoroghi, Larissa Munishkina, Reid Swanson and Marilyn A. Walker Natural Language and Dialogue Systems Lab Department of Computer Science, University of California, Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA … 1 … Cited by 3 Related articles All 4 versions

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Hierarchical reinforcement learning for adaptive text generation N Dethlefs, H Cuayáhuitl – Proceedings of the 6th International Natural …, 2010 – … 2 Generation tasks Our experiments are all drawn from an indoor navigation dialogue system which provides users with route instructions in a university building and is described in (Cuayáhuitl et al., 2010). … In contrast, the 1 38 Page 3. … Cited by 17 Related articles All 8 versions

Natural Language Processing for Games Studies Research JP Zagal, N Tomuro, A Shepitsen – Journal of Simulation & Gaming ( …, 2011 – … eg 7 ) and conversational agents (also called chat bots; eg Alice 8 ). Note that some NLP applications, especially conversational/dialogue systems, involve generation as … 11 12 … Cited by 1 Related articles

Conditional Random Fields for Responsive Surface Realisation using Global Features. N Dethlefs, HW Hastie, H Cuayáhuitl, O Lemon – ACL (1), 2013 – … In text generation, cohesion can span over the entire text. In interactive settings such as gen- eration within a spoken dialogue system (SDS), a challenge … node. 1 2 lex-parser.shtml … Cited by 5 Related articles All 7 versions

An Open Source Question Answering System Trained on Wikipedia Dumps Adapted to a Spoken Dialogue System Y Heikal – … Trained on Wikipedia Dumps Adapted to a Spoken Dialogue System Bachelor Thesis … Introduction 1.1 QA and Spoken Dialogue Systems Question Answering is a discipline in computer science which depends on document re- trieval and natural language processing. … Related articles

Two Alternative Frameworks for Deploying Spoken Dialogue Systems to Mobile Platforms for Evaluation “In the Wild” H Hastie, MA Aufaure, P Alexopoulos, H Bouchard… – Page 1. Two Alternative Frameworks for Deploying Spoken Dialogue Systems to Mobile Platforms for Evaluation “In the Wild” … We were also interested in integrating and eval- 1http://nlp.stanford. edu/projects/chinese-nlp.shtml 2 Page 2. …

TechWare: Spoken Language Understanding Resources [Best of the Web] G Tur, YY Wang, D Hakkani-Tur – Signal Processing Magazine, …, 2013 – … This column first presents a very high-level review of the SLU technol- ogy, starting from its place in a spoken dialog system, then focusing on well- established SLU tasks such as domain detection, intent determination, and … Related articles All 12 versions

Coreference Resolution: Task, Linguistic Issues, Corpora, Evaluation M Strube – … software_view/18 • (Stanford coreference resolution system (Raghunathan et al., 2010), (Lee et al., 2011) … In Proceedings of the 2nd IJCAI Workshop on Knowledge and Reasoning in Practical Dialogue Systems, Seattle, Wash., 5 August … Related articles

Fully-Automatic Interactive Story Design from Film Scripts L Munishkina, J Parrish, MA Walker – Interactive Storytelling, 2013 – Springer … Natural Language and Dialogue Systems Lab University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA 95064, USA {mlarissa,jlparrish,maw} … For our 3 corenlp.shtml 4 Page 4. … Related articles All 2 versions

Evaluation of invalid input discrimination using BOW for speech-oriented guidance system H Majima, R Torres, H Kawanami, S Hara, T Matsui… – 2012 – … Maxent Models? and Conditional Estimation without Magic”? Tutorial at HLT-NAACL 2003 and ACL 2003? 7 … 347 Proceedings of?e 41?lntemational Workshop on Spoken Dialog Systems Ermenonville? November 28-30? 2012 Related articles All 2 versions

Assign Stress for Interrogative Sentences via Syntax Structure Mapping Y Li, X Liu, X Xu, J Tao – Speech Prosody 2012, 2012 – … Speech and Audio Proc., 8(1):85-96, 2000. [2] Kiriyama S., Hirose K., and Minematsu, N., “Control of Prosodic Focuses for Reply Speech Generation in a Spoken Dialogue System of Information … Online: [16] Wang Y., et al. … Related articles All 2 versions

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Mobile Application for Virtual Communication Assistance P Krishnamoorthy – 2013 – … 1.1.2 Text Summarization …..2 1.1.3 Dialogue System …..2 … [3]. 1.1.3 Dialogue Systems Chatbots or chatterbots are the most common and popular NLP dialogue systems available. … Related articles

Robotic Domain Definition and Representation Giacomelli**, NM Manes**, L. Iocchi*, D. Nardi*, V. Perera L Iocchi – … may require the attention of the user. As already mentioned, this information is used to determine the state of the dialogue and needs to be integrated in the existing Speaky dialogue system. The detailed design of the above … Related articles All 2 versions

The BASRAH System: A Method for Spoken Broadcast News Story Clustering ZAK Aleqili – Networked Digital Technologies, 2012 – Springer … 11. IEEE (2011) 9. Skantze, G.: The use of speech recogition confidence scores in dialogue systems. Speech Technology (2003) 10. Stanford University, The Stanford Parser: A statistical parser, 11. … Related articles All 2 versions

Cluster-based Prediction of User Ratings for Stylistic Surface Realisation N Dethlefs, H Cuayáhuitl, H Hastie, V Rieser, O Lemon – … preferences. Fu- ture work involves integrating the surface realiser into the PARLANCE1 (Hastie et al., 2013) spo- ken dialogue system with a method for triggering the different styles. … utterance. 6 lex-parser.shtml … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

A study of academic collaboration in computational linguistics with latent mixtures of authors N Johri, D Ramage, DA McFarland… – Proceedings of the 5th …, 2011 – … 1 tion of a latent topic space, such as in (Rosen-Zvi et al., 2004). … Topic Score Question Answering 0.1335 Sentiment Analysis 0.1399 Dialog Systems 0.1417 Spelling Correction 0.1462 Summarization 0.1511 … Cited by 9 Related articles All 15 versions

Object Recognition Using Dialogues And Semantic Anchoring VK Bandaru, B Rajasekaran – 2013 – … 10 4 Dialogues with Perceptual Anchoring……….. 11 4.1 Dialogue system…………… 11 4.1.1 Google’s API…………… 11 … 3.3.2 Limitations of the above mentioned dialogue system 1. There was a particular set of sentences that would work in QBO. … Related articles All 2 versions

Natural language specification improvement with ontologies SJ Körner, T Brumm – International Journal of Semantic Computing, 2009 – World Scientific … We created a tool called RESIa to support requirement analysts working with textual specifications. RESI checks for linguistic defects [1, 2] in specifications and offers a dialog-system which makes suggestions to improve the text. … Cited by 13 Related articles All 9 versions

Using a lexical dictionary and a folksonomy to automatically construct domain ontologies D Macías-Galindo, W Wong, L Cavedon… – AI 2011: Advances in …, 2011 – Springer … 5 The Stanford NER tool, that can be obtained from 6 7 This value is obtained from the Java WordNet:Similarity Library, available … In: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for Practical Dialogue Systems, … Cited by 1 Related articles All 7 versions

Identification of Speakers and Scenes from Movie Dialogue A Kundu – 2013 – … speakers and even context information of dialogues in an XML format. This corpus is aimed at training chat oriented dialog systems with the dialogue data. The Cornell Movie Dialogue Corpus (Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil and Lee, 2011) is yet … Related articles All 2 versions

Question Generation for French: Collating Parsers and Paraphrasing Questions D Bernhard, L De Viron, V Moriceau… – Dialogue & Discourse, 2012 – … Question Generation (QG) has been addressed recently from different perspectives and for different application domains: dialogue systems, intelligent tutoring, or automatic assessment … 4. 5. 6. … Cited by 5 Related articles All 4 versions

Factive/non-factive predicate recognition within Question Generation systems B Wyse – … regular expressions. The use of regular expressions to search a POS tagged sentence is quite simple, as the POS tagged sentence is a list of word / POS pairs separated by a forward slash. The 8 Page 38. 26 … Related articles

Relating the semantics of dialogue acts to linguistic properties: A machine learning perspective through lexical cues AC Fang, H Bunt, J Cao, X Liu – Semantic Computing (ICSC), …, 2011 – … DAs play a key role in the interpretation of the communicative behaviour of dialogue participants and offer valuable insight into the design of human-machine dialogue systems [1]. More recently, the newly developed ISO/DIS 24617-2 standard for dialogue act annotation defines … Cited by 3 Related articles All 4 versions

Public Dialogue: Analysis of Tolerance in Online Discussions. A Mukherjee, V Venkataraman, B Liu, S Meraz – ACL (1), 2013 – … compiled a list of reasoned and sourced expres- sions (shown in Table 4) from prior works 4 Disagreement expressions ( = ) I, disagree, I don’t, I disagree, argument, reject, claim, I reject, I … Cited by 4 Related articles All 7 versions

Acquiring a Dictionary of Emotion-Provoking Events HT Vu, G Neubig, S Sakti, T Toda, S Nakamura – EACL 2014, 2014 – … They used large corpus of examples collected from the Web using manual patterns to build a k-nearest-neighbors emotion classifier for dialog systems and found that the classifier sig- nificantly outperforms baseline methods. … Related articles All 4 versions

Evaluation, Orientation, and Action in Interactive StoryTelling E Rahimtoroghi, R Swanson, MA Walker… – … Artificial Intelligence and …, 2013 – … Elahe Rahimtoroghi, Reid Swanson, Marilyn A. Walker and Thomas Corcoran Natural Language and Dialogue Systems Lab University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Ca. … 1 … Cited by 3 Related articles All 3 versions

Linguistic and multilingual issues in virtual worlds and serious games: a general review S Cruz-Lara, A Denis, N Bellalem – Journal For Virtual Worlds …, 2014 – … sighted people, and enrich their experience of the content; emotion recognition (eg, for spotting angry customers in speech dialog systems); support for … For both purposes we based our work on the Stanford Core NLP ( a high quality … Related articles All 6 versions

Patients’ involvement in e-health services quality assessment: A system for the automatic interpretation of SMS-based patients’ feedback S Rubrichi, A Battistotti, S Quaglini – Journal of biomedical informatics, 2014 – Elsevier Effective communication between patients and health services providers is a key aspect for optimizing and maintaining these services. This work describes a syst. Related articles All 4 versions

Love ya, jerkface: using sparse log-linear models to build positive (and impolite) relationships with teens WY Wang, S Finkelstein, A Ogan, AW Black… – Proceedings of the 13th …, 2012 – … On the other hand, recent studies on l1/l2 based group penalty for evaluating dialogue systems (González-Brenes and Mostow, 2011 … 4 5 6We thank Jacob Eisenstein for the formulation … Cited by 6 Related articles All 17 versions

Interbot: A Credential Verification Chatbot Using an Enhanced Example Based Dialog Model AG Aquino, KR Bayona, KD Gonzales, GD Reyes… – … Example-based dialog modeling for practical multi-domain dialog system,”Speech Communication, vol. 51, 2009. [8] The Stanford NLP (Natural Language Processing) Group. [Online] Available: [9] G. Pirrò and J. Euzenat: ?A … Related articles

Literature review on patient-friendly documentation systems H Åhlfeldt, L Borin, N Grabar, C Hallett, D Hardcastle… – 2006 – … 37 4.8 Text Simplification and Dialogue . . . . . 38 4.8.1 Text simplification . . . . . 38 4.8.2 Dialogue systems . . . . . 38 4.9 Automated acquisition of lexicon . . . . . … Cited by 6 Related articles All 16 versions

Unrestricted quantifier scope disambiguation M Manshadi, J Allen – Proceedings of TextGraphs-6: Graph-based …, 2011 – … achieved without quantifier scope disambigua- tion. QSD on the other hand, is critical for many other NLP tasks such as question answering sys- tems, dialogue systems and computing entailment. Almost all efforts in the 80s … Cited by 3 Related articles All 8 versions

Computational linguistics for metadata building (CLiMB): using text mining for the automatic identification, categorization, and disambiguation of subject terms for … JL Klavans, C Sheffield, E Abels, J Lin… – Multimedia Tools and …, 2009 – Springer … Image content 3 Naïve Bayes 83 Historical context 1 Naïve Bayes 70 10 Both the tagger and parser are available at: 11 Lucene is a search engine library: Multimed Tools Appl (2009) 42:115–138 125 Page 12. … Cited by 10 Related articles All 6 versions

RESI-A Natural Language Specification Improver SJ Korner, T Brumm – Semantic Computing, 2009. ICSC’09. …, 2009 – … RESI considers many of the directives to be followed when processing customer specifications[1], [2]. It offers a dialog-system which makes suggestions and inquires the user when parts of the specification are ambiguous, faulty or inaccurate. … Cited by 7 Related articles All 14 versions

Machine Learning for Categorization of Speech Utterances A Albalate, D Suendermann… – … Analysis of Evolution, …, 2006 – … Suendermann, Roberto Pieraccini, Wolfgang Minker 8.1 Introduction As a result of accelerated technological development and, particularly, due to the progressive advances in the field of automated speech recognition, first Spoken Language Dialog Systems (SLDSs) emerged … Related articles All 16 versions

Data-driven dependency parsing for Romanian M Calacean – 2008 – … sentence. Parsers, the modules that perform this process, are found in many different NLP applications, ranging from spoken dialog systems to informa- tion extraction and machine translation programs. The syntactic representation assigned to a sentence through parsing is … Cited by 3 Related articles All 2 versions

Impact of web search preference on web search result of search engines A Nagesh – 2012 – … By 1970 there were many linguistic approaches that search well on small scale retrieval system (Cranfield collection) and also large scale retrieval system (Lockheed dialog systems). In 1972, US Department of defense along with National Institute of Science and … Related articles All 3 versions

From query to question in one click: suggesting synthetic questions to searchers G Dror, Y Maarek, A Mejer, I Szpektor – Proceedings of the 22nd …, 2013 – … The POS 5 6 7The Coarse-POS tag consists of only the first letter of the stan- dard POS tag, such as N for nouns, without distinguishing between singular/plural and common/proper nouns (NN, NNS, NP, NPS). … Cited by 1 Related articles All 6 versions

Algorithm for Analysis and Translation of Sentence Phrases R Lacko – … Voice XML Voice XML is a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard for specifying dialogue systems, usually for automated customer services. It … well. The suite is available for download at … Related articles

Automatic factual question generation from text M Heilman – 2011 – … tions deal with the analysis of student responses rather than the generation of instructional content. For example, tutorial dialogue systems (Litman and Silliman, 2004; Graesser et al., 2005; Boyer et … generation and dialogue systems. … Cited by 14 Related articles All 10 versions

Generating Paraphrases with Greater Variation Using Syntactic Phrases R Madsen – 2006 – … recognition output and correct the errors. This technique also helps when coupled with spoken dialogue systems to improve understanding and robustness of the dialogue system. Optical character recognition (Kolak et al., 2003) can also use a noisy channel …

Complex Aggregates In Natural Language Interface To Databases MA Gupta – 2013 – … Rajeev Sangal, in the field of Dialogue Systems by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. In a Dialogue System, a dialogue is established in NL between a human and a machine, leading to an exchange of information at both ends. … Related articles All 2 versions

Domain-And Language-Adaptive Natural Language Controlling Framework P Barabás – 2013 – … ix OWL Web Ontology Langauge POI Point Of Interests POS Part-Of-Speech QLF Quasi-Logical Form RDF Resource Description Framework SDK Software Development Kit SDS Speech Dialog System SNLP Stanford NLP SNLPG Stanford Natutal Language Processing Group … Related articles All 4 versions

Blog Mining and Emotion Argumentation Argumentation SBSBS Bandyopadhyay – 2012 – … Thus, the statements in blogs are usually stored 1 2 3 4 http://www.cse. 5 6 … Related articles All 2 versions

Classical databases and knowledge organization: A case for boolean retrieval and human decision-making during searches B Hjørland – Journal of the Association for Information Science …, 2014 – Wiley Online Library Skip to Main Content. Wiley Online Library. Log in / Register. Log In E-Mail Address Password Forgotten Password? Remember Me. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

The Grasp Analyzer JP Sansonnet – … Page 10. Linguistic domains and related approaches – Chatbots – Dialogue systems Text-based approaches … Speech Acts, – Pragmatics. Artificial Human-Machine Dialogue Systems T. Winograd, J. Allen [1972, 1994-] Dialogical session Assisting Requests Processing Systems … Related articles All 3 versions

Computational-Linguistic Approaches to Biological Text Mining AB Clegg – 2008 – … timeframe. The subfields of speech and gesture processing can be ignored wholesale, as can the large bodies of work dealing with multi-agent dialogue systems, emotional tone, colloquial and ungrammatical utterances, and so on. … Cited by 10 Related articles All 3 versions

Generating Descriptions for Images A Gupta – 2013 – … addressed by con- structing templates with linguistic constraints. Templates have often been used for various practi- cal applications such as summarization [Zhou04] and dialogue systems [Channarukul03]. – [Prefix][#(x1)][x1 … Related articles

The Multilingual Semantic Web (Dagstuhl Seminar 12362) P Buitelaar, KS Choi, P Cimiano, EH Hovy – Dagstuhl Reports, 2013 – … Ontologies could help dialogue systems triggering predictable actions in AAL smart homes, ie turning off the oven when not used or reminding … 6 7 8 9 … Cited by 5 Related articles All 4 versions

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Handbook of natural language processing and machine translation J Olive, C Christianson, J McCary – … Exploitation, ISBN 978-1-4419-7712-0. …, 2011 – Springer … was aimed. For dictation, WER above 10 percent is not acceptable, but for a dialogue system, a much higher rate can be tolerated as long as the system can enable a user to complete a specific task successfully. Initial studies … Cited by 32 Related articles All 6 versions

Interpreting the Temporal Aspects of Language N UzZaman – 2012 – … Research – Summer 2011), medical NLP (Microsoft Medical Media Lab – Sum- mer 2009), and car dialog systems (Bosch Research and Technology Center – Summer 2008). Page 5. iv … extraction, document summarization and dialog systems. These techniques … Cited by 3 Related articles All 15 versions

Answering open-domain temporally restricted questions in a multilingual context R Basten – Master’s thesis, University of Twente and LT- …, 2005 – … object’. Defini- tion questions are for example: ‘Who is Heinrich Böll?’ or ‘What is a computer?’ dialogue system System that interacts with its users in order to give them information or accomplish some task for them. Instead of … Cited by 1 Related articles All 5 versions

Noun phrase generation for situated dialogs L Stoia – 2007 – … Page 2. Page 3. ABSTRACT Modern dialog systems present significant challenges for developing algorithms … system take advantage of the user’s possibility of movement to facilitate descriptions (3) evaluation: algorithms for situated dialog systems are by nature very hard to … Cited by 4 Related articles All 4 versions

Constrained text coclustering with supervised and unsupervised constraints Y Song, S Pan, S Liu, F Wei, MX Zhou… – Knowledge and Data …, 2013 – Page 1. Constrained Text Coclustering with Supervised and Unsupervised Constraints Yangqiu Song, Member, IEEE, Shimei Pan, Shixia Liu, Member, IEEE, Furu Wei, Michelle X. Zhou, Senior Member, IEEE, and Weihong Qian … Cited by 4 Related articles All 9 versions


Intrinsic and Extrinsic Approaches to Recognizing Textual Entailment DP der Philosophischen – 2011 – … Each utterance in the interpreted version is actually implied or entailed by the utterances in the original conversation. Con- sequently, if we want to build a dialogue system, dealing with this kind of implication or entailment is one of the key challenges. Let alone there … Related articles All 3 versions

An investigation of linguistic information for speech recognition error detection Y Shi – 2008 – … 13 2.3.2 SRDependentFeatures . . . . . 15 2.3.3 Linguistic features used for dialogue systems . . . . . 16 2.3.4 Linguistic features used for monologue applications . . . . . 17 2.4 ErrorCorrection . . . . . … Cited by 7 Related articles All 3 versions

What and When Do Students Learn? JP González-Brenes – 2013 – Page 1. What and When Do Students Learn? Methods For Knowledge Tracing With Data-Driven Mapping of Items to Skills José Pablo González-Brenes CMU-LTI-13- 010 Language Technologies Institute School of Computer … Related articles All 4 versions

Detecting emotional intensity peaks in narrative conversational settings B Jochems – 2010 – Page 1. Human Media Interaction University of Twente PO Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede The Netherlands Detecting Emotional Intensity Peaks in Narrative and Conversational Settings by Bart Jochems July 2, 2010 Committee … Related articles All 4 versions

Search-based Applications: At the Confluence of Search and Database Technologies G Grefenstette, L Wilber – Synthesis Lectures on Information …, 2010 – Page 1. Search-Based Applications At the Confluence of Search and Database Technologies Page 2. Page 3. Synthesis Lectures on Information Concepts, Retrieval, and Services Editor Gari Marchionini, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill … Cited by 4 Related articles All 4 versions

Sentiment Analysis of Metaphorical Language V RENTOUMI – Page 1. Sentiment Analysis of Metaphorical Language A Thesis Submitted To The University Of the Aegean For The Degree Of Doctor Of Philosophy In Computer Science by VASSILIKI RENTOUMI University of the Aegean Department … Related articles