AES (Automated Essay Scoring)


Automated essay scoring (AES) is a type of educational technology that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to evaluate the quality and content of student essays. AES systems are designed to provide automated feedback and grading on student writing, allowing teachers to save time and effort on grading essays, and allowing students to receive more frequent and detailed feedback on their writing.

While AES systems can be helpful in providing rapid feedback and grading on student writing, they are not without their limitations. AES systems are not able to fully replicate the depth and nuance of human evaluation, and they may not be able to accurately assess certain aspects of writing, such as creativity, originality, and style. Additionally, some critics argue that the use of AES systems may encourage students to focus on achieving a high score rather than on developing their writing skills, which could lead to a decrease in the overall quality of student writing.

Overall, while AES systems can be useful in providing automated feedback and grading on student writing, they are not a replacement for human evaluation. Hand-graded essays will always provide the most detailed and accurate assessment of student writing, and they will continue to play a crucial role in teaching and evaluating writing skills.

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The Design and Operation of Teaching Mode of English Writing Based on Automated Essay Scoring Systems S Zhifa – 2011 – Automated Essay Scoring systems have provided a brand-new platform for the innovation of teaching mode of English writing. This paper attempts to explore the design and operation of teaching mode of English writing based on automated essay scoring systems. The new … Related articles

Automated Essay Scoring Using Machine Learning S Song, J Zhao – Abstract We built an automated essay scoring system to score approximately 13,000 essay from an online Machine Learning competition Kaggle. com. There are 8 different essay topics and as such, the essays were divided into 8 sets which differed significantly in their … Related articles

The efficacy of automated essay scoring for evaluating student responses to complex critical thinking performance tasks JT Steedle, S Elliot – 2012 – Abstract Automated essay scoring (AES) is commonly employed to score content-based and persuasive essays, but there exists pervasive skepticism about the use of AES to score essay tasks requiring substantial critical thinking and problem solving abilities. In this … Related articles

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Indices of Semantic Similarity for Automated Essay Scoring (AES) Y Cohen, A Ben-Simon, E Levi – Abstract Content is one of the main writing dimensions on which essays are judged and rated. Since no automated essay scoring (AES) system is capable (yet) of truly understanding the content of an essay and assessing its breadth, depth and relevance, … Related articles

Evaluating the Detection of Aberrant Responses in Automated Essay Scoring M Zhang, J Chen, C Ruan – Quantitative Psychology Research, 2015 – Springer Abstract As automated essay scoring grows in popularity, the measurement issues associated with it take on greater importance. One such issue is the detection of aberrant responses. In this study, we considered aberrant responses as those that were not …

A Tentative Sudy on the Validity of Online Automated Essay Scoring Used in the Teaching of EFL Writing——Exemplified by http// SHI Xiao-ling – Modern Educational Technology, 2012 – The importance of correction and feedback in the teaching of EFL writing cannot be underestimated in terms of improving students’ writing ability. Integration of online automated essay scoring (OAES) into EFL teaching has been considered as an effective … Related articles

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Flexible Domain Adaptation for Automated Essay Scoring Using Correlated Linear Regression P Phandi, KMA Chai, HT Ng – Abstract Most of the current automated essay scoring (AES) systems are trained using manually graded essays from a specific prompt. These systems experience a drop in accuracy when used to grade an essay from a different prompt. Obtaining a large number …

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[BOOK] Improvement of writing at grades 10 and 11: Does automated essay scoring software help students improve their writing skills? DL Gollnitz – 2010 – Abstract Writing skills are considered essential to lifelong success, yet experts cannot agree on one model or set of traits that distinguishes good writing from poor writing. Instructional strategies in developing student writing at the high school level need to include a means … All 3 versions

Ethical Implementation of an Automated Essay Scoring (AES) System: A Case Study of Student and Instructor Use, Satisfaction, and Perceptions of AES in a Business … JK Lewis – 2013 – Abstract A pilot study of a vendor provided automated essay scoring system was conducted in a Business Law class of 27 students. Students answered a business law fact pattern question which was reviewed and graded by the textbook vendor utilizing artificial … Cited by 3 Related articles All 2 versions

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Assessing Writing Fluency Of Non-English-Speaking Student For Automated Essay Scoring MC Yang, MJ Kim, HG Lee, HC Rim – Abstract: Automated essay scoring (AES) systems have provided a computer-based writing assessment comparable to expert raters. However, the existing systems are inadequate to assess the writing fluency of non-Englishspeaking students, while they detect grammatical … Related articles

Scaling and Norming for Automated Essay Scoring KLK Koskey, MD Shermis – Handbook of Automated Essay …, 2013 – In this chapter, we provide an overview of different methods used in scaling and norming essay scores starting with a general comparison of holistic and analytic rubrics. Next, scales applied for rating the quality of writing samples are reviewed with a focus on standardized … Related articles

Combination of Multiple Regressoion and Text Categorization in Automated Essay Scoring of College English Writing S Ge – Information Technology Journal, 2013 – Abstract In order to determine the joint effect of two methods, multiple regression and text categorization, in automated essay scoring (AES) of English writing by Chinese college students, a joint model involving both methods is constructed, applied and evaluated. A … Related articles

Fairness Considerations in Automated Essay Scoring M Zhang, N Dorans, C Li, AA Rupp – Page 1. Fairness Considerations in Automated Essay Scoring Mo Zhang, Neil Dorans, Chen Li, André A. Rupp Educational Testing Service Princeton, NJ … Task 2 results • Summary 2 Page 3. Automated Essay Scoring • Involves machine extraction and aggregation of evidence …

The Effectiveness of Automated Essay Scoring in an EFL College Classroom JE Kim – Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning, 2014 – This study explores two English classes taught in English at a four-year university to investigate the effectiveness of using the Automated Essay Scoring (AES) system on the improvement of essay writing abilities of both high level and low level EFL students. The …

Automated essay scoring and the future of educational assessment in medical education MJ Gierl, S Latifi, H Lai, AP Boulais… – Medical …, 2014 – Wiley Online Library Methods An AES system uses a computer program that builds a scoring model by extracting linguistic features from a constructed-response prompt that has been pre-scored by human raters and then, using machine learning algorithms, maps the linguistic features to the … Cited by 2 Related articles All 5 versions

Features selection of high quality essays in automated essay scoring system M Wang, Y Tan, C Li – Electrical and Control Engineering ( …, 2011 – English learners, and text features such as words, phrases, paragraphs, and chapters. According to the correlation between the scores and these features, we do multiple regression analysis based on the feature recombination and extract the feature sets that … Related articles All 2 versions

A comparison of automated scoring engines and human raters on the assessment of English essay writing KY Chan – 2012 – Essay scoring operates both in the classroom and in high-stakes testing and the results of essay scoring in high-stakes assessment impact on the students’ academic development. Thus, teachers, students and parents are under considerable pressure in the educational … All 3 versions

Automated Essay Scoring Framework for a Multilingual Medical Licensing Examination SMF Latifi – 2014 – Abstract Automated essay scoring (AES) is a technology that efficiently and economically score written responses by emulating intelligence of human scorer. Present study had employed open-source Natural Language Processing technologies for developing AES … Related articles

Research on Automated English Essay Scoring Based on Link Grammar W LIU, L YU – Computer Knowledge and Technology, 2014 – An automated essay scoring (AES) system based on the Link Grammar is proposed after analyzing the relative results on AES both at home and abroad, which can provide real-time writing training for English learners. Firstly, the grammar’s weight of this article is … Related articles

Validating Automated Essay Scoring: A (Modest) Refinement of the “Gold Standard” DE Powers, DS Escoffery… – Applied Measurement in …, 2015 – Taylor & Francis By far, the most frequently used method of validating (the interpretation and use of) automated essay scores has been to compare them with scores awarded by human raters. Although this practice is questionable, human-machine agreement is still often regarded … Related articles

Automated essay scoring using structural and grammatical features A Hassaine – Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum, 2012 – Automated essay scoring is a research field which is continuously gaining popularity. Grading essays by hand is expensive and time consuming, automated scoring systems can yield fast, effective and affordable solutions that would make it possible to grade essays …

Adopting Automated Essay Scoring Feedback In Malaysia: A Review Of The Literature K Sam – ABSTRACT Assessing essays and providing feedback to learners is undoubtedly a daunting, time consuming task for language teachers especially for formative assessment. Formative assessment requires feedbacks that indicate learning gaps that inform ideas for …

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Automated Computer-Based CET4 Essay Scoring System Y Xi, W Liang – … and System (PACCS), 2011 Third Pacific-Asia …, 2011 – Abstract–Automated Essay Scoring is a very significant research subject for the processing of machine scoring. Computer-based College English Test (National English level test) further motivates the research of AES system for Chinese English leaner. In this paper, we … Related articles All 2 versions

Comparison Between Web-based Automated Essay Scoring Software and Human ESL Essay Assessment: A Preliminary Investigation MR Manap – … ON SOCIAL SCIENCES & HUMANITIES 2012, 2012 – Abstract Advancement in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has benefitted many in so many ways. Educators from all levels of education have comfortably embraced ICT for decades. More and more applications are being developed which has direct and … Cited by 1

The Integration of Automated Essay Scoring Systems into the Equating Process for Mixed-Format Tests S Olgar – 2015 – Abstract With the latest developments in computer based testing, implementing equating techniques that incorporate automated essay scoring systems such as e-rater are encouraging potential new directions for equating mixed-format tests of writing that …

SCESS: a WFSA-based automated simplified chinese essay scoring system with incremental latent semantic analysis S Hao, Y Xu, D Ke, K Su… – Natural Language …, 2015 – Cambridge Univ Press Abstract Writing in language tests is regarded as an important indicator for assessing language skills of test takers. As Chinese language tests become popular, scoring a large number of essays becomes a heavy and expensive task for the organizers of these tests. … Related articles All 3 versions

Automated essay evaluation and the computational paradigm: Machine scoring enters the classroom CM Barrett – 2015 – Abstract Grading papers is a” tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming” undertaking, one that invites the sort of sympathies one might receive upon the” death of a pet'(Baker, 2014, p. 36). Perhaps, though, the only thing more distasteful for an English professor than having to …

Automated Essay Scoring of College English Writing S Ge – 2013 – Abstract: In order to determine the joint effect of two methods, multiple regression and text categorization, in Automated Essay Scoring (AES) of English writing by Chinese college students, a joint model involving both methods is constructed, applied and evaluated. A … Related articles

Automated Arabic Essay Scoring (AAES) Using Vectors Space Model (VSM) and Latent Semantics Indexing (LSI) AR Abbas, AS Al-qazaz – ABSTRACT Automated Essays Scoring (AES) stands for the ability of computer technologies to evaluate electronic essays written by learner according to previously determined essay. All the previous works and researches were applied to essays written in English language …

The Hebrew Language Project: Automated Essay Scoring & Readability Analysis ABSY Cohen – Automated essay scoring (AES) systems have been in use for the past two decades and have proven to yield reliable and valid measures of writing ability (Shermis& Burstein, 2003; Ben-Simon & Bennett, 2007). In a typical system, a large number of statistical and natural … Related articles All 2 versions

From Computer Adaptive Testing to Automated Scoring in a Senior Secondary School Physics Essay Test in Osun State, Nigeria JG Adewale, OA Etuk-Iren – Abstract Many teachers see teaching as enjoyable but scoring as a task they would like to avoid. This implies that many teachers would prefer automated scoring to manual. Computer- based testing supports the use of multiple-choice, drag-and-drop and fill-in-the-blank tests … Related articles

Automated Versus Human Essay Scoring: A Comparative Study S Toranj, DN Ansari – Theory and Practice in Language …, 2012 – Abstract This study investigated the effects of automated essay scoring (AES) system on writing improvement of Iranian L2 learners. About 60 Iranian intermediate EFL learners were selected on a Standard English proficiency test (Allen 2004). Afterwards, they were … Related articles All 9 versions