ARI (Augmented Reality Interface)


An augmented reality (AR) interface is a type of user interface that is designed to allow users to interact with augmented reality content. AR interfaces typically involve the use of AR devices, such as AR glasses or smartphones, which are equipped with sensors and displays that are used to overlay digital information and imagery onto the real world.

AR interfaces can be used in a variety of applications, including entertainment, education, and productivity. In the context of dialog systems, AR interfaces could be used to allow users to interact with virtual characters or agents in an augmented reality environment. This could involve using the AR device to display the virtual character or agent and to capture the user’s voice and gestures as input. The dialog system could then use this input to generate appropriate responses and to control the actions of the virtual character or agent.

There are many potential applications for Google AR glasses or other augmented reality (AR) devices that could be interesting and useful. Some ideas for applications that could be built on such a platform include:

  1. Virtual and augmented reality integration: As you mentioned, one interesting possibility would be to allow avatars or virtual characters to move back and forth between virtual worlds and augmented reality. This could enable users to interact with virtual characters or objects in a more immersive and realistic way, and could potentially create new opportunities for socializing and collaboration.
  2. Voice-interactive NPC chatbots: Another interesting possibility would be to create voice-interactive NPC chatbots that are integrated into the AR environment. These chatbots could be used to provide information, assistance, or entertainment to users, and could be customized to fit a variety of different applications.
  3. Pluggable middleware: A platform that allows developers to mix and match cloud intelligence and APIs with customizable 3D animations could be a powerful tool for building a wide range of AR applications. This could enable developers to create new AR experiences quickly and easily, and could potentially lead to the development of a wide range of new and innovative applications.


  • layar api .. layer augmented reality browser api documentation



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