Behavior Realizer & Artificial Intelligence


A behavior realizer (aka behaviour realiser) is basically a behavior generator, often based on behavior markup language.  The task of the behavior realizer is to realize the behaviors scheduled by the behavior planner.  In other words, the behavior realizer makes a concrete action based on the blueprint supplied by the behavior planner.  The behavior realizer takes the behavior markup language behavior specifications and transforms them into overt behaviors of an embodied conversational agent.  A behavior realizer may also execute communicative actions for realization in a game engine.

The architecture of an agent may include six basic blocks: **

  1. Human Behavior Detector
  2. Human Behavior Interpreter
  3. Attention Tracker
  4. Intention Planner
  5. Behavior Planner
  6. Behavior Realizer

The Human Behavior Detector is responsible for detecting and recognizing human behavior, such as facial expressions, body language, and vocal cues. The Human Behavior Interpreter then interprets the detected behavior to infer the human’s intentions or emotional state. The Attention Tracker monitors the agent’s own attention and that of the human it is interacting with. The Intention Planner uses the interpreted human behavior and the agent’s goals to plan its own actions. The Behavior Planner then plans the specific actions the agent will take, and the Behavior Realizer executes those actions.

  • Behavior Planner is a component of an agent’s architecture that is responsible for planning the specific actions that the agent will take based on its goals, the interpreted human behavior, and the attention of the human it is interacting with.
  • Behavior Realizer Module is a component of an agent’s architecture that is responsible for executing the actions planned by the Behavior Planner. It converts the planned actions into physical or virtual actions, such as moving a robotic arm or generating speech.
  • BML (Behavior Markup Language) is a language used to describe the behavior of an agent, typically used in the fields of animation and virtual agents. It is used to specify the actions, gestures, facial expressions, and speech of an agent in a way that can be easily understood by the Behavior Realizer. It can be used in combination with other languages such as XML and MAST to describe the behaviour of virtual agents.
  • BMLR (Behavior Markup Language Realizer) is a software tool that is responsible for interpreting and executing the behavior descriptions written in BML (Behavior Markup Language). It converts the BML code into actions, gestures, facial expressions, and speech that can be performed by an agent, whether it’s a virtual agent or a robotic agent.
  • FAPS (Facial Action Parameters) is a set of codes and definitions used to describe the movements of the facial muscles during emotional expressions. It is used to describe the specific muscle movements that correspond to a particular facial expression, such as raising the eyebrows for surprise or wrinkling the nose for disgust. FAPS can be used as a reference for animating virtual characters or for analyzing human facial expressions.
  • SAIBA Framework is a framework for building artificial agents that can interact with humans in a natural and human-like way. SAIBA stands for “Situated Artificial Intelligence and Behavior Architecture” and it’s a comprehensive architecture that covers the different components of an agent such as attention, perception, action, and interaction. The SAIBA framework is designed to allow the integration of different modules and technologies such as BML, FAPS, and other behavioral and AI models.



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Nonverbal Behavior in
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… FML Function Markup Language AI Artificial Intelligence ECA Embodied Conversational Agents … This definition leads to a need of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) to simulate human behaviours and, in fact, there are a lot of studies on this topic: the one just mentioned …

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… lexicon. The morphological and dynamic characteristics to adjust the face for the appropriate signals are described in the Facelibrary. Finally the behavior realizer outputs the animation parameters for each of these signals. Our …

of deliverable Final prototype description and evaluations of the virtual coaches
G Huizing, B Donval, M Barange, R Kantharaju… – 2019 –
… Council of Coaches Technical Prototype”). ? ASAP: A behaviour realiser for choreographing and realising multimodal behaviours of multiple agents (eg robots, chatbots, embodied virtual agents). It was developed specifically …

Topic management for an engaging conversational agent
N Glas, C Pelachaud – International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 2018 – Elsevier
JavaScript is disabled on your browser. Please enable JavaScript to use all the features on this page. Skip to main content Skip to article …

Virtual human technologies for cognitively-impaired older adults’ care: the LOUISE and Virtual Promenade experiments
P Wargnier – 2016 –
… Je remercie également les stagiaires que j’ai eu le plaisir d’encadrer et/ou qui ont contribué à ces travaux, soit, par ordre d’apparition : Julien Jacquemot, Adrien Malaisé, Michel Bala, Edmond Phuong, Paul-Emile Fauquet et Chenyang Wang … 154 5.4.4 Behavior realizer …

Human-robot joint action: Coordinating attention, communication, and actions
CM Huang – 2015 –
… Page 5. ii acknowledgments A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God. — Alan Perlis … Jerry and Mark have particularly provided artificial intelligence and machine learning perspectives to strengthen my research …

Virtual Movement from Natural
H Sarma – 2019 –
… Understanding natural language is too hard that it falls un- der AI-complete [Yampolskiy, 2013] … makes it difficult to understand textual languages [Linell, 2004]. In the field of artificial intelligence, teaching machines how to understand text is extremely im …

Speech-driven animation with meaningful behaviors
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… from the data. By constraining on prototypical behaviors (eg, head nods), the approach can be embedded in a rule-based system as a behavior realizer creating trajectories that are timely synchronized with speech. The study …

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… robotic head. The first goal of this project is to create a toolkit for agile human-robot interaction with a focus on modularity and expandability which can be connected to an external inputs such as a social behavior realizer. The …

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A Human Robot Interaction Toolkit with Heterogeneous Multilevel Multimodal Mixing
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… autonomous and reactive behavior patterns, executed automatically, ex- ternal inputs for deliberate behavior by a behavior realizer must be … It was proposed in opposition to traditional symbolic artificial intelligence: instead of guiding behavior by symbolic mental representations …

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Things that Make Robots Go HMMM: Heterogeneous Multilevel Multimodal Mixing to Realise Fluent, Multiparty, Human-Robot Interaction
NCEDD Reidsma –
… The BML scripts are then communicated to the robot platform by a Behaviour Realiser (in this project: AsapRealizer [8]), which interprets the BML in terms of the available controls of the robotic embodiment … Page 5. Dialogue manager Behaviour realizer Agent control engine …

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