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Soul Machines was founded in 2016 by Greg Cross and Mark Sagar. Soul Machines is a technology company that specializes in creating digital humans, or avatars, that are designed to be highly realistic and intelligent. The company uses cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence, facial tracking, and natural language processing, to create digital humans that are capable of engaging in realistic and natural conversations with users. Soul Machines has developed a number of applications for its technology, including virtual assistants, customer service agents, and educational tools. The company is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, and has offices in New York and San Francisco.


  • .. bringing technology to life with emotionally responsive digital humans


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C-block: A system for learning motor plans with perceptual consequences
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Indigenous Big Data Implications in New Zealand
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… Auckland University research led to Soul Machines; their digital humans use deep learning ANN networks that build on volumes of up- to-date, personalised data [6]. Soul Machines revealed the world’s first digital teacher, to support public health initiatives like MAiHEALTH …

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Unnatural Histories
P KILSBY – … Medium Interconnectivity in Contemporary Visual Art …, 2020 –
… and AI stereotypes. Consider Autodesk’s virtual agent of choice, Ava 2.0, designed by Soul Machines: As one of the newest female AIs, Autodesk’s Ava seems to have taken ex- treme feminisation a step further. A digital human …

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Digital humans show promise for use in healthcare as virtual therapists to deliver psychotherapy or companions for social support. For digital humans to be.

Tapping the potential: How public relations practitioners in New Zealand are using emerging technologies
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Matter over mind? How the acceptance of digital entities depends on their appearance, mental prowess, and the interaction between both
JP Stein, M Appel, A Jost, P Ohler – International Journal of Human …, 2020 – Elsevier
JavaScript is disabled on your browser. Please enable JavaScript to use all the features on this page. Skip to main content Skip to article …

Ontology of Augmented Reality
VI Ignatyev – ???????, 2020 –

Managing the human–chatbot divide: how service scripts influence service experience
S Sands, C Ferraro, C Campbell… – Journal of Service …, 2020 –
… With the rapid rate of technological development, chatbots are becoming increasingly more “human” in their interactions. In New Zealand, AI start-up Soul Machines have developed a new service bot known as “Ava” (Dorfer, 2018) …

Analytics For Managers
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Relating Mori’s Uncanny Valley in generating conversations with artificial affective communication and natural language processing
F Betriana, K Osaka, K Matsumoto… – Nursing …, 2020 – Wiley Online Library
… It is through phonology that interactive engagements through language may become realized. One of the developments of AI, Soul Machines, was created as digital human beings that are virtually indistinguishable from a real human being …

digital society
R Haase –
… We also have the technology to generate and manipulate virtual faces. The tech rm Soul Machines, recently purchased by IBM, can create dynamic virtual faces that are indistinguishable from real faces.14 It is only a maer of time before such systems are being used widely …

How Does Contact With an Artificial Intelligence Avatar Influence Customer Perceptions of Bank Service Quality?
S Alharbi – 2020 –
… appropriate solutions. A digital human assistant named Cora has been created by NatWest Bank in the UK, using the technology provided by Soul Machines, a company based in New Zealand (PYMNTS, 2018). This is a text-based chatbot designed to answer …

Understanding virtual speakers
J Nirme – Lund University Cognitive Studies, 2020 –
… In the top right quadrant we find virtual speakers that are both rich in presentation detail and interaction capabilities, exemplified by the BabyX agent created by Soul Machines, that is naturalistic both in terms of appearance and animation while being able to learn new words by …

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… Companies like New Zealand’s Soul Machines and Quantum Capture out of Toronto (who began making realistic human models for AAA game companies like Ubisoft), have iterated into the world of photo- realistic digital humans, starting from their vast array of cameras to …

The effect of design features on relationship quality with embodied conversational agents: a systematic review
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Embodied conversational agents (ECAs) are increasingly used in healthcare and other settings to improve self-management and provide companionship. Their ab.

Humans and machines: Moving towards a more symbiotic approach to learning clinical reasoning
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… be the case. Human-like avatars can be trained to both respond to and display human-like emotions (eg Soul Machines™) and some researchers are making the case for why they should (Sagar and Broadbent 2016). It will …

The Power to Change: How to Harness Change to Make it Work for You
C Macpherson – 2020 –
Page 1. CAMPBELL MACPHERSON THE POWER TO CHANGE HOW TO HARNESS CHANGE TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU KoganPage Page 2. Praise for The Power to Change Embracing change has never been so important. This book shows you how …

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Submission to the UK IPO: Artificial Intelligence and Performers’ rights
M Pavis – 2020 –
… voice or image-to-voice translation or generation, like those produced by Google with the Cloud text-to-speech using DeepMind technology; (b) Interactive digital humans or digital avatars capable of audio-visual interaction with users, as those produced by Soul Machines or the …

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(Jungho Kim et al.: Analysis of Two-Way Communication Virtual Being Technology and Characteristics in the Content Industry) Copyright …