100 Best Virtual Beings Apps


The virtual beings space is rapidly evolving, driven by advancements in AI and technologies like AR and VR. Mobile apps leveraging AI, such as ChatGPT powered bots, offer increasingly sophisticated and human-like interactions, serving diverse roles from personal assistants to customer service agents. Voice changer apps and text-to-speech technologies enhance user engagement by offering personalized and realistic voice interactions. Educational and medical apps utilize 3D visualization and VR for immersive learning experiences, while fitness apps in VR are redefining personal wellness routines.

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[25x Nov 2023]

  • Avatart app – AI selfie art generator to transform photos into drawings/cartoons.
  • Battle Buddy app (USC ICT) – AI-driven virtual companion app to provide mental health support for veterans.
  • BeFake app – Social network app that uses AI to transform ordinary moments into engaging, generated content.
  • Blush app – App to practice dating conversations with AI chatbots.
  • Call Annie app – ChatGPT-based video chat tutor app for practicing English conversations.
  • CheerPro app – Work support app where characters encourage and praise users to help them concentrate.
  • Copresence AG app (Apple) – Creates photorealistic 3D avatars of users’ faces for gaming, VR/AR/XR and video conferencing.
  • Digital Deepak App – Companion app with AI-powered digital Deepak Chopra for wellness advice/coaching.
  • Digital Mate app (Steam) – Adorable desktop companion that interacts with users and provides reminders and companionship.
  • Holocy.ai app – Application with a virtual AI character named “Holocy” that provides personalized advice and services.
  • Lighthouse Publishing AR app – Augmented reality app that animates print magazine covers when viewed through a smartphone camera.
  • Miaoya app (WeChat) – Chinese app that creates beautified avatars from photos using AI.
  • Mirror app – Workout smart mirror that offers over 10,000 fitness classes.
  • Mohan app (India) – Augmented reality political campaign app that projects holograms of candidates.
  • Paradot app – AI companion app to cultivate emotional connections between humans and AI through unique AI Beings.
  • PETGPT app – Web3 pet companion app combining AI and blockchain technology.
  • Prequel app – App that turns selfies into stylized cartoon avatars using AI.
  • Reface app – Face/body swap app powered by AI to create deepfake videos.
  • Replika app – AI companion chatbot app designed for emotional conversations and connections.
  • Silver Studio app (Apple) – Digital fashion and avatar design app to create unique outfits and share designs.
  • Snack app (Apple) – Dating app that uses AI-trained avatars to go on virtual dates.
  • Space Companions app (Twitter) – Cozy VR board game simulator with lifelike Al companions.
  • Spatial Tele app (Apple) – Mobile app for avatar-based augmented reality chats and hangouts.
  • Vaudeville app (Steam) – Detective game that uses AI to generate real-time dialogues with game characters.
  • Xpression Chat app – Enables conversations with ChatGPT-powered virtual humans created from user photos.