100 Best Virtual Pets


Since their inception in the 1990s, virtual pets like Tamagotchi have profoundly impacted technology, entertainment, and human relationships. Perceptions of these digital companions vary across ages and cultures, with younger generations finding nostalgia and older ones often puzzled by their appeal. Technological advancements have transformed these pets from simple LCD games to complex VR and AI-driven entities, sparking both ethical debates and new economic opportunities. While offering psychological benefits, over-dependence remains a concern. In education and therapy, virtual pets show promise. However, current technological limitations and their lack of organic authenticity highlight a clear distinction from real pets. The integration with emerging technologies and the focus on user experience and global accessibility suggest a significant, evolving role for virtual pets in future societal and technological landscapes.


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[11x Dec 2023]

  • Beast Pets – A VR sandbox for playing with baby dragons.
  • ClassicDoge – Create a 3D avatar NFT of your real pet.
  • DOGAMÍ – Your true virtual companion
  • Digital Pets Company – Provides NFT dogs as virtual companions for the metaverse.
  • Hello Pet – A pet breeding app that has acquired 10.5 million users.
  • inQubi – An app offering 3D animated virtual pet companions.
  • Onlybots – A collection of augmented reality pet companions by Anima.
  • Peridot – An AI-powered real-world adventure pet game developed by Niantic, featuring procedurally generated virtual pets called Dots.
  • Petaverse – A platform for creating digital versions of real-life pets.
  • Petgpt – A pet companion app that combines AI and web3, allows users to mint and nurture virtual pets using NFTs and SBTs.
  • VPet Simulator – An open source game featuring an anime girl virtual pet.