Unity3d & Virtual Humans 2020 (88x)


The references below discuss the use of virtual human animation in various contexts, including modeling the behavior of crowds of people and creating virtual environments for use in simulations and high-immersive virtual reality experiences. It also touches on the importance of realism and interactivity in creating virtual humans and the challenges that can be involved in implementing them. The text also mentions the use of virtual humans as avatars in intercultural communication skills training and in psychiatric diagnosis, as well as the potential for virtual humans to be used as visual guides in exercises for observational practice. It also discusses the use of virtual reality, digital human models, and discrete event simulation for performing ergonomic assessments. Finally, the text mentions the use of a methodology for addressing the real-time simulation of a soft membrane and an experiment conducted in a high-immersive virtual reality environment to study the effect of the presence of a virtual observer on cheating behavior.

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Introducing Canvas: Combining Nonverbal Behavior Generation with User-Generated Content to Rapidly Create Educational Videos
A Hartholt, A Reilly, E Fast, S Mozgai – Proceedings of the 20th ACM …, 2020 – dl.acm.org
… KEYWORDS virtual humans, user-generated content, tools, nonverbal behav- ior generation, intelligent virtual agents … 3 SYSTEM Canvas is built with the Virtual Human Toolkit, a collection of modules, tools … 1http://activemq.apache.org 2https://www.unity.com 3https://ffmpeg.org …

3D Virtual Try-On System Using Personalized Avatars: Augmented Walking in the Real World
Y Liu, Y Liu, S Xu, J Yuan, X Sun, K Cheng, S Masuko… – iplab.jpn.org
… To realize the augmented walking of the virtual human model in a real-life scene, we use Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK to detect the … [retrieved: Sep, 2020] [27] Unity3D, https://unity.com/. [retrieved: Oct, 2020] [28] Animator Controller, https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/class …

Real-time simulation of virtual humans’ emotional facial expressions, harnessing autonomic physiological and musculoskeletal control
Y Tisserand, R Aylett, M Mortillaro… – Proceedings of the 20th …, 2020 – dl.acm.org
… As with other virtual human animation issues, it is not clear that purely physically-based modelling produces the most graphically-convincing … illustrate an implementation of these effects in Unity3d, as part of our current development of the Geneva Virtual Humans toolkit, which is …

Do Virtual Humans Dream of Digital Sheep?
MA Carrozzino, R Galdieri… – IEEE Computer …, 2020 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… In the latter case, we should instead refer to it as an “embodied agent,” using the term “virtual human” to represent the entirety of avatars and embodied agents … This is a fundamental distinction about the roles of virtual humans within immersive virtual envi- ronments …

Navigating the Combinatorics of Virtual Agent Design Space to Maximize Persuasion
D Parmar, S Ólafsson, D Utami, P Murali… – Proceedings of the …, 2020 – researchgate.net
… for intercultural communication skills and found that learners took significantly longer to analyze and respond to the actions of ani- mated virtual humans, suggesting a deeper engagement [13]. Wu, et al. studied the effects of an animated and static virtual human in a medical …

AVATAR assesses speech understanding and multitask costs in ecologically relevant listening situations
A Devesse, A van Wieringen, J Wouters – Ear and hearing, 2020 – cdn.journals.lww.com
Objectives: There is a high need among clinicians and researchers for an ecologically valid measur.

Games and AI: Paths, Challenges, Critique
M Fuchs, A Sudmann – Eludamos. Journal for Computer Game Culture, 2020 – eludamos.org
… In the past, the company did not have to worry too much about whether virtual humans were killed by virtual cars … Available from: https://blogs.unity3d.com/2018/11/28/introducing-unitys-guiding- principles-for- ethical-ai/?_ga=2.147125054.881379825.1564238426 …

Reducing task load with an embodied intelligent virtual assistant for improved performance in collaborative decision making
K Kim, CM de Melo, N Norouzi… – … IEEE Conference on …, 2020 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… 4https://lipsync.rogodigital.com/ 5https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/essentials/asset-packs/ standard- assets-32351 6https://www.mixamo.com/ 7https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/ InverseKinematics … Embodied Assistant: The miniature virtual human character described …

Guidelines for the design of a virtual patient for psychiatric interview training
L Dupuy, E de Sevin, H Cassoudesalle, O Ballot… – Journal on Multimodal …, 2020 – Springer
A psychiatric diagnosis involves the physician’s ability to create an empathic interaction with the patient in order to accurately extract symptomato.

M GUNES, H D?L?PAK – GSI Journals Serie C: Advancements in … – dergipark.org.tr

Human swarm interaction using plays, audibles, and a virtual spokesperson
P Chaffey, R Artstein, K Georgila… – … Learning for Multi …, 2020 – spiedigitallibrary.org
SPIE Digital Library Proceedings.

Virtual Reality in Art Therapy: A Pilot Qualitative Study of the Novel Medium and Implications for Practice
G Kaimal, K Carroll-Haskins, M Berberian… – Art Therapy, 2020 – Taylor & Francis
… The use of virtual humans in clinical interviews resulted in more honest and extensive disclosure as participants felt less judgment through … D environment for relaxation (http://greenergames.net/), and some custom-written games using the Unity game engine (https://unity3d.com …

Effects of visual information presented by augmented reality on children’s behavior
N Shirai, L Kondo, T Imura – Scientific reports, 2020 – nature.com
… AR character was “Male3_shortHairNGAvatar” and was adopted from the “Cute Male 3” package (provided by TurkCheeps; https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/cute-male-3-18090), which is distributed on the Unity asset store (https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com …

Sharing gaze rays for visual target identification tasks in collaborative augmented reality
A Erickson, N Norouzi, K Kim, R Schubert… – Journal on Multimodal …, 2020 – Springer
… The virtual humans appear in a randomized order with randomized speeds for each trial. b Shows a view of the virtual humans from the participants’ perspective after the crowd has started moving. In this case, the virtual partner is observing the waist of virtual human 1 …

Developing Augmented Reality based Gaming Model to Teach Ethical Education in Primary Schools
M Ali – arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.15346, 2020 – arxiv.org
… [5] V. Ferrer, A. Perdomo, HR AIi, C. Fies and J. Quarles, “Virtual Humans for Temperature … [Accessed September 2018]. [18] “Unity User Manual (2018.2),” Unity, October 2018. [Online]. Available: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/index.html. [Accessed October 2018] …

Comparing VR-and AR-Based Try-On Systems Using Personalized Avatars
Y Liu, Y Liu, S Xu, K Cheng, S Masuko, J Tanaka – Electronics, 2020 – mdpi.com
… Therefore, the similarity of the virtual human avatar to the consumers themselves can directly affect their experience in assessing the details of the garments, such as color, fabric, style, and the fit on their virtual models [38,47,48] …

Virtual body ownership and its consequences for implicit racial bias are dependent on social context
D Banakou, A Beacco, S Neyret… – Royal Society …, 2020 – royalsocietypublishing.org
… After this 5 min orientation phase, the scene faded out, and on returning, participants were in the same crossroads, but with the streets now busy with virtual human characters walking by in different … The virtual environment was implemented on the Unity3D platform (unity.com) …

Smart conversational agents for the detection of neuropsychiatric disorders: A systematic review
MR Pacheco-Lorenzo… – Journal of Biomedical …, 2020 – Elsevier
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An approach to the creation and presentation of reference gesture datasets, for the preservation of traditional crafts
N Partarakis, X Zabulis, A Chatziantoniou… – Applied Sciences, 2020 – mdpi.com
… through segmentation of motion recordings (eg, video, MoCap data, Visual Tracking outputs, etc.) and motion retargeting to Virtual Humans … The implementation, targets the widely adopted Unity3D (https://unity.com/) game engine, thus allowing wide adoption and further …

Effects of visual information presented by augmented reality on children’s behavior
S Nobu, L Kondo, I Tomoko – Scientific Reports (Nature …, 2020 – search.proquest.com
… is distributed on the Unity asset store (https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com … Character Pack” package (provided by GAME ASSET STUDIO, https:// assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d … Effects of unaugmented periphery and vibrotactile feedback on proxemics with virtual humans in AR …

On the Plausibility of Virtual Body Animation Features in Virtual Reality
H GalvanDebarba, S Chague… – IEEE Transactions on …, 2020 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… We expand on that and explore animation in depth, considering virtual human animation that is not controlled by the user and is presented as a … 7. https://forum.unity.com/threads/released- morph-character-system-mcs- male-and-female.355675/ – asset no longer available …

Holonote: Text editor of augmented reality oriented to people with motor disabilities.
G Guerrero, L Gómez, J Achig – 2020 15th Iberian Conference …, 2020 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… conflicts on the subjective estimates of co-presence and perceived characteristics of virtual humans, as well … y G. Welch, «Exploring the effects of observed physicality conflicts on real-virtual human interaction in … Available: https://unity3d.com/es/partners/microsoft/mixed-reality …

Promoting and Capitalizing on the Vestiges from Sarmizegetusa Regia by Modern Multimedia Methods
C Neam?u, V Bârc?, Z Buna – PLURAL. History, Culture, Society, 2020 – ibn.idsi.md
… Implementing virtual humans represents a complex and challenging task if the desired achieved results are focused on realism and interactivity … com). The applications feature multiple 3D scanned artefacts that are being looped every 30 seconds …

Usability of an intelligent virtual assistant for promoting behavior change and self-care in older people with type 2 diabetes
J Balsa, I Félix, AP Cláudio, MB Carmo… – Journal of Medical …, 2020 – Springer
… Digital interventions to support self-management of T2D: the case of virtual assistants. One form of virtual assistants are relational agents. These consist of virtual humans designed to build long-term socio-emotional relationships with users. Bickmore et al …

On the Plausibility of Virtual Body Animation Features in Virtual Reality
HG Debarba, S Chagué, C Charbonnier – charbonnier.ch
… We expand on that and explore animation in depth, considering virtual human animation that is not controlled by the user and is presented as a … 7. https://forum.unity.com/threads/released- morph-character-system-mcs- male-and-female.355675/ – asset no longer available …

The Effects of Gender and the Presence of Third-Party Humans on Telepresence Camera Height Preferences
K Pfeil, PJ Wisniewski, JJ LaViola Jr – ACM Symposium on Applied …, 2020 – dl.acm.org
… These avatars did not move except for a simple “breathing” animation. All stimuli were mapped symmetrically in the environ- ment. In our environment, a virtual human (the Ethan model from Unity3D tutorials) provided a social telepresence experience to our users …

When Agents Become Partners: A Review of the Role the Implicit Plays in the Interaction with Artificial Social Agents
S Dar, U Bernardet – Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, 2020 – mdpi.com
… interaction with a specific emphasis on the interaction between humans on the one side, and robot and virtual humans on the … This “Virtual Human Breathing Relaxation System” works on the principle of physiological synchronisation between a human and a virtual, computer …

Differences in the Uncanny Valley between Head-Mounted Displays and Monitors
D Hepperle, H Ödell, M Wölfel – 2020 International Conference …, 2020 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… They mention that participants were more concerned about details such as a correct arm length when their body was represented by a virtual human as when it was rendered as a virtual robot. This contrasts with the findings by Schwind et al … 6https://unity.com/ 43 Page 4 …

Learning Hand Anatomy with Sense of Embodiment
P Saalfeld, A Albrecht, W D’Hanis, HJ Rothkötter… – 2020 – diglib.eg.org
… 3.6. Technical Details The prototype was realized with Unity v2019.1.3f1 (https:// unity.com/) … of Graphics Interface (1997), pp. 105–113. 1 [PS18] PREIM B., SAALFELD P.: A Survey of Virtual Human Anatomy Education Systems. Computers & Graphics 71 (2018), 132–53 …

Avatars as storytellers: affective narratives in virtual museums
S Sylaiou, V Kasapakis, D Gavalas… – Personal and Ubiquitous …, 2020 – Springer
… related research investigates the dynamics of social interaction between real and virtual humans [14] … expository panels with text; narrating voice as in audio guides; virtual human) and compared … 11 https://unity.com/ 12 Lip synching was carried out using SALSA LipSynch (https …

(Not) alone in the world: Cheating in the presence of a virtual observer
JM Mol, ECM van der Heijden, JJM Potters – Experimental Economics, 2020 – Springer
We conducted an experiment in a high-immersive virtual reality environment to study the effect of the presence of a virtual observer on cheating behavior.

SEAN-EP: A Platform for Collecting Human Feedback for Social Robot Navigation at Scale
N Tsoi, M Hussein, O Fugikawa, JD Zhao… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2020 – arxiv.org
… The other environment was a computer laboratory, which included one virtual human besides the robot and the … the responsiveness of the robot to their actions and to other virtual humans than the … [30] “Unity real-time development platform,” https://www.unity.com/, ac- cessed …

The Physical-Virtual Patient Simulator: A physical human form with virtual appearance and behavior
S Daher, J Hochreiter, R Schubert… – Simulation in …, 2020 – journals.lww.com
Introduction We introduce a new type of patient simulator referred to as the Physical-Virtual Pati.

Study and evaluation of human perception on virtual humans and crowds
VFA Araujo – 2020 – tede2.pucrs.br
… First, it is relevant to understand how people’s perception works in relation to virtual humans. For instance, which camera point … assessment of those animations? if we are investing to build a very realistic virtual human, are some …

A Prototype that Fuses Virtual Reality, Robots, and Social Networks to Create a New Cyber–Physical–Social Eco-Society System for Cultural Heritage
L Nisiotis, L Alboul, M Beer – Sustainability, 2020 – mdpi.com
… MAVEN was a virtual human character mounted on a mobile robotic platform serving as a museum guide, while EDGAR was a humanoid robot programmed for bilingualism, adding elements of culture learning and education [38] …

Planet Braitenberg: Experiments in virtual psychology
PR Smart – Cognitive Systems Research, 2020 – Elsevier
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Multi-Platform Expansion of the Virtual Human Toolkit: Ubiquitous Conversational Agents
A Hartholt, E Fast, A Reilly, W Whitcup… – … Journal of Semantic …, 2020 – World Scientific
… b https://unity.com. c https://www.unrealengine.com. d https://vhtoolkit.ict.usc.edu. 316 A. Hartholt et al. Page 3 … 4.4. Headset AR We have developed virtual humans for both the HoloLens and the Magic Leap, with the latter focusing on a virtual human job interview practice …

Vision-Based Gesture Recognition in Human-Robot Teams Using Synthetic Data
CM de Melo, B Rothrock, P Gurram, O Ulutan… – ras.papercept.net
… To synthesize the gestures, we built a virtual human simulator using a commercial game engine, namely Unity … 3https://www.autodesk.com/products/3ds-max 4https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/ 3d/environments/landscapes/ultimate- pbr-terrain-collection-72767 5The …

D6. 8 Crowd scene synthesis and metrics for quality evaluation
TCD Leader – sauceproject.eu
Page 1. D6.8 Crowd scene synthesis and metrics for quality evaluation Grant Agreement nr 780470 Project acronym SAUCE Project start date (duration) January 1st 2018 (36 months) Document due: June 30th 2020 Actual delivery date June 25th 2020 Leader TCD …

X3D Ontology for Querying 3D Models on the Semantic Web
D Brutzman, J Floty?ski – The 25th International Conference on 3D Web …, 2020 – dl.acm.org
… 2007. An Ontology of Virtual Humans: Incorporating Semantics into Human Shapes. Vis. Comput. 23, 3 (Feb. 2007), 207–218. ISO TC184 SC4 WG12 T1. 2020 … Springer. Unity Technologies. 2020. Unity. http://unity.com/ The Khronos Group. 2020. WebGL …

X Lei – 2020 – hammer.figshare.com
… Jansen and Van Welbergen (2009) proposed three evaluation paradigms based on signal-detection theory (Macmillan & Creelman, 2005) to evaluate how viewers perceive the naturalness of a virtual human. The method 2AFC is …

Toward virtual reality-based evaluation of robot navigation among people
F Grzeskowiak, M Babel, J Bruneau… – 2020 IEEE Conference …, 2020 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
Page 1. Toward Virtual Reality-based Evaluation of Robot Navigation among People Fabien Grzeskowiak* Inria Rennes Bretagne Atlantique Marie Babel† Inria Rennes Bretagne Atlantique Julien Bruneau Inria Rennes Bretagne …

Design of reliable virtual human facial expressions and validation by healthy people
AS García, P Fernández-Sotos… – Integrated …, 2020 – content.iospress.com
… Should the outcomes be concluding, our virtual human emotional faces could be used as cor- relation with patients with schizophrenia. Conversely, if healthy people are not able to correctly detect facial expressions on virtual humans with a high accuracy, it would be nonsense …

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Computer Graphics: 7th International Conference, AVR 2020, Lecce, Italy, September 7-10, 2020, Proceedings. Part II
LT De Paolis, P Bourdot – 2020 – books.google.com
… Page 11. Keynote Speakers Page 12. Cognitive Architecture for Virtual Humans and Androids Massimo Bergamasco Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy The concept of physical space has been recently juxtaposed to other digital entities like Augmented or Mixed Realities …

Creating explorable extended reality environments with semantic annotations
J Floty?ski – Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2020 – Springer
… The ontology of virtual humans [24, 26] consists of geometrical descriptors (describing vertices and polygons), structural descriptors (describing levels of articulations), 3D animations of face and body as well as behavior controllers (animation algorithms) …

Visualizing the behavior of CBR agents in an FPS Scenario
P Yasrebi-Soppa, JJ Bartels, S Viefhaus, P Reuss… – 2020 – ceur-ws.org
… 6. Gemrot, J.; Brom, C.; Kadlec, R.; Bida, M.; Burkert, O.; Zemcak, M.; PibilL, R.; Plch, T.: Pogamut 3–Virtual humans made simple … Unity Technologies: Unity 3D Overview, Website, 2018 – https://unity3d.com/de/public-relations, last verification: 16.06.2020. 25 …

Using Human-Inspired Signals to Disambiguate Navigational Intentions
J Hart, R Mirsky, X Xiao, S Tejeda, B Mahajan… – … Conference on Social …, 2020 – Springer
… pp. 726–733. IEEE (2015)Google Scholar. 13. Lynch, SD, Pettré, J., Bruneau, J., Kulpa, R., Crétual, A., Olivier, AH: Effect of virtual human gaze behaviour during an orthogonal collision avoidance walking task. In: Proceedings …

Council of Coaches in Virtual Reality
T Petersen – 2020 – essay.utwente.nl
… Figure 8: ASAP (men) and GRETA (women) ECAs in one scene _____ 20 Figure 9: Examples of generated Virtual Humans called NEONS [19] _____ 20 … Figure 9: Examples of generated Virtual Humans called NEONS [19] …

Production of Digital Fashion Contents based on Augmented Reality Using CLO 3D and Vuforia
TS Kang, DY Lee, J Kim – Journal of the Korea Computer …, 2020 – koreascience.or.kr
… A. Hartholt, S. Mozgai, E. Fast, M. Liewer, A. Reilly, W. Whitcup, and AS RiZZO, “Virtual humans in aug- mented reality: A firSt Step tOwards real-WOrld embedded Virtual TOleplayers” in Proceedirgy C/f Lie Zi Iriferrid- ficycl/COr/rerice O7 HICI-Agerif … Available: httpS://unity.COm …

The Effects of Full-Body Avatar Movement Predictions in Virtual Reality using Neural Networks
V Schwind, D Halbhuber, J Fehle, J Sasse… – 26th ACM Symposium …, 2020 – dl.acm.org
… The virtual human avatar movement model generated ranged from 25 to 100 ms in the future and subjectively induced a “lighter weight … We used a latency test framework (LTF) 1https://optitrack.com/products/natnet-sdk/ 2https://unity.com 3https://optitrack.com/unity-integration …

Using Human-Inspired Signals to Disambiguate Navigational Intentions
P Stone – Social Robotics: 12th International Conference, ICSR … – books.google.com
… IEEE (2015) 13. Lynch, SD, Pettré, J., Bruneau, J., Kulpa, R., Crétual, A., Olivier, AH: Effect of virtual human gaze behaviour during an orthogonal collision avoidance walking task. In: Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR), pp …

Spatial Presence in Real and Remote Immersive Environments and the Effect of Multisensory Stimulation
N Khenak, J Vézien, D Théry, P Bourdot – PRESENCE: Virtual and …, 2020 – MIT Press
… moved away from the virtual human in the first experiment), or as they were approaching it (in the second experiment). More precisely, researchers examined the degree of interpersonal distance that participants maintained between themselves and virtual humans in both …

A proposed methodology of bringing past life in digital cultural heritage through crowd simulation: a case study in George Town, Malaysia
CK Lim, KL Tan, AA Zaidan, BB Zaidan – Multimedia Tools and …, 2020 – Springer
One of the heritages can be denoting to the values of human activity in the past and its cultural oral narratives. To virtualize these heritages, it means.

Experience with a Trans-Pacific Collaborative Mixed Reality Plant Walk
S Vellingiri, J White-Swift, G Vania… – … IEEE Conference on …, 2020 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… Symme- try, 9(5):78, 2017. [16] T.-Y. Li, Y.-J. Jeng, and S.-I. Chang. Simulating virtual human crowds with a leader-follower model. In Proceedings Computer Ani- mation 2001 … [37] Unity3D. Unity game engine. https://unity.com/. [38] S. Vellingiri and P. Balakrishnan …

Embedding Conversational Agents into AR: Invisible or with a Realistic Human Body?
J Reinhardt, L Hillen, K Wolf – Proceedings of the Fourteenth …, 2020 – dl.acm.org
… cel-shading) to avoid the uncanny effect [33]. Schwind et al. investigated the negative effects of the Uncanny Valley on the facial char- acteristics of virtual human faces [29, 30]. They indicated that the most important factors to …

Interactive simulation of realistic flexible and tearable membrane using virtual reality and haptic force-feedback interface
PP Valentini, D Pavia, E Marotta, M Cirelli – International Journal on …, 2020 – Springer
The paper deals with the description of a methodology for addressing the real-time simulation of a soft membrane that can be deformed and torn by the inter.

Bernardo Autonomous Emotional Agents Increase Perception of VR Stimuli
E Geslin, OO Bartheye, C Schmidt, K Tcha-Tokey… – 2020 – au-193-34.rev.ensam.fr
… Vol. 5, No. 1; 2020 14 Figure 1. Behavior Tree Diagram (Unity3D.com) … https://doi.org/10.2307/ 2667070 Becker-Asano, C., & Wachsmuth, I. (2010). Affective computing with primary and secondary emotions in a virtual human. Auton Agents Multi-Agent Syst., 20(1), 32-49 …

Lessons learned from supplementing archaeological museum exhibitions with virtual reality
A Puig, I Rodríguez, JL Arcos, JA Rodríguez-Aguilar… – Virtual Reality, 2020 – Springer
Archaeological excavations provide us with important clues about the past. Excavated artefacts represent an important connection to civilisations that no l.

Body Weight Perception of Females using Photorealistic Avatars in Virtual and Augmented Reality
E Wolf, N Döllinger, D Mal, C Wienrich… – … on Mixed and …, 2020 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
Page 1. Body Weight Perception of Females using Photorealistic Avatars in Virtual and Augmented Reality Erik Wolf* HCI Group University of Würzburg Nina Döllinger† HTS Group University of Würzburg David Mal‡ HCI Group University of Würzburg …

A cloud based disaster management system
O Cheikhrouhou, A Koubâa, A Zarrad – Journal of Sensor and Actuator …, 2020 – mdpi.com
… meant for avatars. The virtual human markup language (VHML) [39] is an autonomous XML-based language utilized in MPEG-4 systems that include a markup language devoted to body animation. Perlin et al. [40] explained …

Teaching American Sign Language in Mixed Reality
Q Shao, A Sniffen, J Blanchet, ME Hillis, X Shi… – Proceedings of the …, 2020 – dl.acm.org
Page 1. 152 Teaching American Sign Language in Mixed Reality QIJIA SHAO, Department of Computer Science, Dartmouth College AMY SNIFFEN, Department of Computer Science, Dartmouth College JULIEN BLANCHET …

A gamified augmented reality application for digital heritage and tourism
I Paliokas, AT Patenidis, EE Mitsopoulou, C Tsita… – Applied Sciences, 2020 – mdpi.com
Although Augmented Reality (AR) technology has entered many market and knowledge domains such as games and leisure activities, it remains rather limited in digital heritage. After studying the potentiality of using modern AR elements in a museum context, this paper proposes …

Go-Through: Disabling Collision to Access Obstructed Paths and Open Occluded Views in Social VR
J Reinhardt, K Wolf – Proceedings of the Augmented Humans …, 2020 – dl.acm.org
… The movement of the avatar in the scene was realized through the touchpad of the Vive controller (touch up = move forwards, 10https://unity.com touch down = move backward, touch on the left = move to the left, touch on the right = move to the right) …

InterViewR: A Mixed-Reality Based Interview Training Simulation Platform for Individuals with Autism
S Ahmed, W Deneke, V Mai, A Veneruso… – 2020 IEEE 44th …, 2020 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
Page 1. InterViewR: A Mixed-Reality based Interview Training Simulation Platform for Individuals with Autism Abstract—Job interviews are uniquely challenging for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. While digital interview …

The effects of consultant avatar size and dynamics on customer trust in online consultations
G Brown, M Prilla – Proceedings of the Conference on Mensch und …, 2020 – dl.acm.org
Page 1. The E ec f C la A aa Si ead D a ic C e T i O li e C lai Gordon Bro n Department of Informatics Chair for Human-Centered Information S stems Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Niedersachsen, German gordon.bro n@tu-clausthal.de Prof. Dr.-Ing …

A virtual assistant for cybersickness care
R Harmouche, A Lochbihler, F Thibault… – 2020 IEEE 33rd …, 2020 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… 21, no. 2, pp. 182–190, March 2013. [3] D. DeVault et al., “Simsensei kiosk: A virtual human interviewer for healthcare decision support,” vol. 2, 01 2014, pp. 1061–1068 … [Online]. Available: https://unity.com [15] L. Wu et al., “Starspace: Embed all the things!” in AAAI, 2017 …

Investigating the process of mine rescuers’ safety training with immersive virtual reality: A structural equation modelling approach
S Pedram, S Palmisano, R Skarbez, P Perez… – Computers & …, 2020 – Elsevier
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Composing customized web 3D animations with semantic queries
J Floty?ski, K Walczak, M Krzyszkowski – Graphical Models, 2020 – Elsevier
… adjacency and overlapping). Manual annotation is completed by a user equipped with a visual tool. Although the method benefits from inference in annotating of 3D models, it is limited to virtual humans. The method proposed …

Tell a Tail: the design of an interactive cinematic VR for an animal welfare transmedia
TE Andrade – 2020 – digituma.uma.pt
Page 1. I Page 2. Page 3. III Acknowledgements Firstly, I want to express how thankful I am to my advisor Prof. Valentina Nisi for giving me the best orientation throughout this project and also supporting me emotionally, keeping her enthusiasm during the process …

Recent Advances in Web3D Semantic Modeling
JFFG Hamza-Lup, AGMN Polys… – Recent Advances in …, 2020 – books.google.com
Page 47. 23 Chapter 2 Recent Advances in Web3D Semantic Modeling Jakub Floty?ski Felix G. Hamza-Lup Pozna? University of Economics and Business, https://orcid. org/0000-0002-8532-4228 Poland Georgia Southern …

Edge-based provisioning of holographic content for contextual and personalized augmented reality
M Glushakov, Y Zhang, Y Han… – 2020 IEEE …, 2020 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… VR/AR network – towards virtual human/object teleportation,” Apr. 2018, http://strugaorg.ipower. com/Jakov/NSF NetworkedVRAR Workshop/. [15] Duke University, “Duke Lemur Center,” https://lemur.duke.edu/, 2020. [16] Unity Technologies, “Unity,” 2020, https://unity3d.com …

Advancing computational biophysics with Virtual Reality
AB da Silva Pinto – 2020 – repositorio-aberto.up.pt
Page 1. FACULDADE DE ENGENHARIA DA UNIVERSIDADE DO PORTO Advancing Computational Biophysics with Virtual Reality Afonso Bernardino da Silva Pinto Master’s Degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering Supervisor: António Augusto de Sousa …

Study and development of navigation techniques for virtual reality
S Ávila Sangüesa – 2020 – upcommons.upc.edu
Page 1. Bachelor thesis Degree in Informatics Engineering Specialization in Computing Study and development of navigation techniques for virtual reality Author: Sergi ´Avila Sangüesa Thesis supervisor Nuria Pelechano Gomez …

An Exploratory Study of Augmented Reality Presence for Tutoring Machine Tasks
Y Cao, X Qian, T Wang, R Lee, K Huo… – Proceedings of the 2020 …, 2020 – dl.acm.org
Page 1. CHI 2020 Paper CHI 2020, April 25–30, 2020, Honolulu, HI, USA An Exploratory Study of Augmented Reality Presence for Tutoring Machine Tasks Yuanzhi Cao, Xun Qian, Tianyi Wang, Rachel Lee, Ke Huo, Karthik …

CAPturAR: An Augmented Reality Tool for Authoring Human-Involved Context-Aware Applications
T Wang, X Qian, F He, X Hu, K Huo, Y Cao… – Proceedings of the 33rd …, 2020 – dl.acm.org
… human-centered way. Furthermore, compared to a traditional GUI, users directly experience the advantages of in-situ visualization of human activities through virtual human avatars and replicas of the objects in AR [11, 48]. An AR …

Learning Icelandic in Virtual Reykjavik: Simulating real-life conversations with embodied conversational agents using multimodal clarification requests
B Bédi – 2020 – opinvisindi.is
… 72 2.3.4 Multimodal Grounding in Face-to-Face Interaction….. 76 2.3.5 Simulating Real World Scenarios in Training Situations with Virtual Humans….. 79 2.4 The Use of Clarification Requests by Embodied Conversational Agents ….. 82 …

Investigation of Interaction Metaphors for Augmented and Virtual Reality on Multi-Platforms for Medical Applications
MS Balani – 2020 – hs-anhalt.de
… Figure 5: Human Interaction computed to virtual world [6] 3. Virtual Interaction: In Figure 6, virtual interaction by virtual humans on the environmental and the direct effect of a virtual environment with the change of location in virtual environment …

Exploring Help Facilities in Game-Making Software
D Kao – International Conference on the Foundations of Digital …, 2020 – dl.acm.org
Page 1. Exploring Help Facilities in Game-Making Software Dominic Kao Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana kaod@purdue.edu ABSTRACT Help facilities have been crucial in helping users learn about soft- ware for decades …

Assessing 2D and 3D Heatmaps for Comparative Analysis: An Empirical Study
M Kraus, K Angerbauer, J Buchmüller… – Proceedings of the …, 2020 – dl.acm.org
Page 1. CHI 2020 Paper CHI 2020, April 25–30, 2020, Honolulu, HI, USA Assessing 2D and 3D Heatmaps for Comparative Analysis: An Empirical Study Matthias Kraus University of Konstanz matthias.kraus@uni.kn Katrin Angerbauer …

Let’s Get Physiological, Physiological! A Systematic Review of Affective Gaming
R Robinson, K Wiley, A Rezaeivahdati… – Proceedings of the …, 2020 – dl.acm.org
Page 1. “Let’s Get Physiological, Physiological!”: A Systematic Review of Affective Gaming Raquel Robinson raquel.robinson@usask.ca University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, SK, Canada Katelyn Wiley katelyn.wiley@usask …

Simulating People Flow at an Airport: Case study: Arlanda Airport
L Bein Fahlander, M Mossberg – 2020 – diva-portal.org
… Modeling behaviours of “crowds” of people is a task with many challenges such as: realistically modeling interactions between pedestrians, the collective motion of large scale crowds, obstacle avoidance as well as representing virtual humans in their environment …

MSM Artus, P Gautam, B Khadatat, Q Huang, E Fadel… – researchgate.net
Page 1. VIRTUAL EVACUATION Digital Engineering – Project 2019 Submitted To: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Koch M.Sc. Mathias Artus Submitted By: Pratik Gautam Bibek Khadatat Qianqi Huang Essam Fadel Jahed Ahmed Page 2. Declaration …

A digital twin framework of a material handling operator in industry 4.0 environments
A Sharotry – 2020 – digital.library.txstate.edu
… considered another limitation of currently used methods. In recent times, virtual human factor (VHF) tools such as virtual reality, digital human models, and discrete event simulation allow the user to perform an ergonomic assessment to systems not yet constructed …

A Performance Comparison for 3D Crowd Rendering using an Object-Oriented system and Unity DOTS with GPU Instancing on Mobile Devices.
M Turpeinen – 2020 – diva-portal.org
Page 1. IN DEGREE PROJECT COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, SECOND CYCLE, 30 CREDITS , STOCKHOLM SWEDEN 2020 A Performance Comparison for 3D Crowd Rendering using an Object- Oriented system and Unity DOTS with GPU Instancing on Mobile …

Wearable Assistance System for Early Phase of Post-stroke Rehabilitation
I Härkönen – 2020 – aaltodoc.aalto.fi
… on performing the required movement. From exercise design perspective virtual human bodies or body parts could be quite naturally used as visual guides during the exercise to facilitate observational practice. [28], [29] In a …

How to Improve Your Virtual Experience–Exploring the Obstacles of Mainstream VR
A Krekhov – arXiv preprint arXiv:2009.04272, 2020 – arxiv.org
Page 1. How to Improve Your Virtual Experience – Exploring the Obstacles of Mainstream VR Von der Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften, Abteilung Informatik und Angewandte Kognitionswissenschaft der Universität Duisburg-Essen zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades …

Towards real world neuroscience: the impact of virtual and augmented reality techniques on the study of human performance and sense of presence.
DM Marucci – iris.uniroma1.it
… Inspection of Figure 3A depicts the experimental setup. A virtual scenario consisting of a car on a racetrack was designed in 3ds Max 2015 (Autodesk Inc.) and implemented in Unity3d 5.3.1 (https://unity3d.com). Subjects explored the Virtual Reality (VR) environment from the …

Mobile Wound Assessment and 3d Modeling from a Single Image
V Williamson – 2020 – search.proquest.com
Page 1. MOBILE WOUND ASSESSMENT AND 3D MODELING FROM A SINGLE IMAGE by Victor Williamson A Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee …