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SimSensei Kiosk: A virtual human interviewer for healthcare decision support
D DeVault, R Artstein, G Benn, T Dey, E Fast… – Proceedings of the …, 2014 –
… Virtual human systems in particular have been equipped with skills and strategies to elicit self-disclosure. For example, [11] uses vision and prosodic analysis to implement active listening behaviors such as smiles, head nods, and postural mimicry …

Utilizing real-time human-assisted virtual humans to increase real-world interaction empathy
M Borish, A Cordar, A Foster, T Kim, J Murphy… – … . Proceedings of the 5th …, 2014 –
… Empathy recognition and its associated feedback are still the domain of humans despite recent improvements (Mcquiggan et al., 2008). So, crowdsourcing techniques can be consulted to allow real humans to be incorporated into the virtual human system …

A decade of research on the use of three-dimensional virtual worlds in health care: a systematic literature review
R Ghanbarzadeh, AH Ghapanchi… – Journal of medical …, 2014 –
Journal of Medical Internet Research – International Scientific Journal for Medical Research, Information and Communication on the Internet.

A model for incremental grounding in spoken dialogue systems
T Visser, D Traum, D DeVault… – Journal on multimodal user …, 2014 – Springer
… The model has also been partially implemented within a virtual human system that includes incremental understanding, and can be used to track grounding and provide overlapping verbal and non-verbal behaviors from a listener, before a speaker has completed her utterance …

Design guidelines for a virtual coach for post-traumatic stress disorder patients
M Tielman, WP Brinkman, MA Neerincx – International Conference on …, 2014 – Springer
… Technology and Health Care 17, 253–267 (2009) 2. Rizzo, A., Lange, B., Buckwalter, JG, Forbell, E., Kim, J., Sagae, K., Williams, J., Difede, J., Rothbaum, BO, Reger, G., Parsons, T., Kenny, P.: Simcoach: an intelligent virtual human system for providing healthcare information …

Getting the point across: Exploring the effects of dynamic virtual humans in an interactive museum exhibit on user perceptions
D Rivera-Gutierrez, R Ferdig, J Li… – IEEE transactions on …, 2014 –
… Our initial findings, however, do not show evidence of such social biases. 2.2 Virtual Humans as Museum Guides Virtual human systems have been installed in multiple museums. In these museums, virtual humans are mainly used as museum guides …

Facial expressions modeling for interactive virtual environments
M Koco? – 2014 19th International Conference on Methods and …, 2014 –
… Realistic motions and virtual personalities are the basis of virtual human systems and they are a part of emotional intelligence field [1]. Therefore the main goal of this paper is to create a system that can be integrated with virtual characters in order to improve their expressiveness …

Cultural differences in playing repeated ultimatum game online with virtual humans
E Nouri, D Traaum – 2014 47th Hawaii International Conference …, 2014 –
… Conference, Association for Computational Linguistics, 2013, 372-374 [26] Rizzo, A., Lange, B., Buckwalter, JG, Forbell, E., Kim, J., Sagae, K., Williams, J., Roth-baum, B., Difede, J. Reger, G. Parsons, T., and Kenny, P. (2011), An Intelligent Virtual Human System for Providing …

FLoReS: a forward looking, reward seeking, dialogue manager
F Morbini, D DeVault, K Sagae, J Gerten… – Natural interaction with …, 2014 – Springer
… Rizzo, AA, Lange, B., Buckwalter, JG, Forbell, E., Kim, J., Sagae, K., Williams, J., Rothbaum, BO, Difede, J., Reger, G., Parsons, T., Kenny, P.: An intelligent virtual human system for providing healthcare information and support …

Artificial intelligence in psychological practice: Current and future applications and implications.
DD Luxton – Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 2014 –
This article reviews developments in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and their current and prospective applications in clinical psychological practice. Some of the principal AI assisted activities reviewed include clinical training, treatment, psychological assessment, and clinical …

Recommendations for the ethical use and design of artificial intelligent care providers
DD Luxton – Artificial intelligence in medicine, 2014 – Elsevier
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Universal remote delivery of rehabilitation: validation with seniors’ joint rehabilitation therapy
G Epelde, E Carrasco, S Rajasekharan… – Cybernetics and …, 2014 – Taylor & Francis
… ”SimCoach: An Intelligent Virtual Human System for Providing Healthcare Information and Support.” In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies, edited by P. Sharkey and J. Sánchez, 213?21 …

Exploring users’ social responses to computer counseling interviewers’ behavior
SH Kang, J Gratch – Computers in Human Behavior, 2014 – Elsevier
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Improving classification-based natural language understanding with non-expert annotation
F Morbini, E Forbell, K Sagae – Proceedings of the 15th Annual Meeting …, 2014 –
… Kenny. 2011. An in- telligent virtual human system for providing health- care information and support. In Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. Kenji Sagae, Gwen Christian, David DeVault, and David R. Traum. 2009 …

Development of computational models of emotions for autonomous agents: a review
LF Rodríguez, F Ramos – Cognitive Computation, 2014 – Springer
It has been recognized that human behavior is an observable consequence of the interactions between cognitive and affective functions. This perception has motivated the study of human emotions in…

Rapid prototyping and evaluation of dialogue systems for virtual humans
S Gandhe – 2014 –

Interaction Motivation Driven Virtual Human Emotion Modeling in Computer Engineering and Application
N Xiang, LL Yang – Advanced Materials Research, 2014 – Trans Tech Publ
… THEN R*(B,C)=R(B,C)-0.2; In order to build the relationship of virtual human, system initialized an interaction event table to record the interaction experiences of virtual human I. TABLE I. EXPERIENCE DATABASE OF VIRTUAL HUMAN I No. Events …

A Tale of two Virtual Advisors: an Empirical Study Investigating the Empowerment effect of Mobile Mental-Health Advisory Systems on Emergency rescuers.
M Li, J Hou, H Zhang – PACIS, 2014 –
Page 1. Association for Information Systems AIS Electronic Library (AISeL) PACIS 2014 Proceedings …

Motion Dynamic Analysis of the Basic Facial Expressions
M Koco? – Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2014 – Springer
… region and angle between facial markers. In the result, the obtained groups may be used to simplify the number of control parameters necessary to syn- thesise facial expressions in virtual human systems. The final structure of the …

Using Behavioral Intervention Technologies to Reduce the Burden of Mood and Anxiety Disorders
SM SCHUELLER, M CHOKSHI… – … and Technology: Using …, 2014 –
Page 75. 5 Using Behavioral Intervention Technologies to Reduce the Burden of Mood and Anxiety Disorders STEPHEN M. SCHUELLER, MIRAJ CHOKSHI, AND DAVID C. MOHR INTRODUCTION Roughly half of all Americans …

Additional clinical benefits of home-based telemental health treatments.
LD Pruitt, DD Luxton, P Shore – Professional Psychology: Research …, 2014 –
Home-based telemental health (HBTMH) has several important benefits for both patients and clinical practitioners including improved access to services, convenience, flexibility, and potential cost savings. HBTMH also has the potential to offer additional clinical benefits that are not …

Modeling Cultural Factors in Collaboration and Negotiation
K Sycara, G Gordon, S Atran, J Ginges, M Lewis… – 2014 –
Page 1. Standard Form 298 (Rev 8/98) Prescribed by ANSI Std. Z39.18 W911NF-08-1-0301 412-268-8825 Final Report 54235-LS-MUR.142 a. REPORT 14. ABSTRACT 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: Understanding …

Policy and administrative issues for large-scale clinical interventions following disasters
MS Scheeringa, VE Cobham… – Journal of child and …, 2014 –