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Reporting mental health symptoms: breaking down barriers to care with virtual human interviewers
GM Lucas, A Rizzo, J Gratch, S Scherer… – Frontiers in Robotics …, 2017 –
A common barrier to healthcare for psychiatric conditions is the stigma associated with these disorders. Perceived stigma prevents many from reporting their symptoms. Stigma is a particularly pervasive problem among military service members, preventing them from reporting symptoms …

Virtual human as a new diagnostic tool, a proof of concept study in the field of major depressive disorders
P Philip, JA Micoulaud-Franchi, P Sagaspe… – Scientific reports, 2017 –

Exceptionally social: Design of an avatar-mediated interactive system for promoting social skills in children with autism
B Nojavanasghari, CE Hughes… – Proceedings of the 2017 …, 2017 –
… Teaching Exceptional Children 25. Albert Rizzo et al. SimCoach: an intelligent virtual human system for providing healthcare information and support. International Journal on Disability and Human Development 10, 4 (2011), 277–281. 26 …

How should a virtual agent present psychoeducation? Influence of verbal and textual presentation on adherence
ML Tielman, MA Neerincx… – … and Health Care, 2017 –
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: With the rise of autonomous e-mental health applications, virtual agents can play a major role in improving trustworthiness, therapy outcome and adherence. In these applications, it is important that patients adhere in the s.

MultiSense—Context-aware nonverbal behavior analysis framework: A psychological distress use case
G Stratou, LP Morency – IEEE Transactions on Affective …, 2017 –
Page 1. MultiSense—Context-Aware Nonverbal Behavior Analysis Framework: A Psychological Distress Use Case Giota Stratou and Louis-Philippe Morency Abstract—During face-to-face interactions, people naturally integrate …

Embodied conversational agents for the detection and prevention of suicidal behaviour: current applications and open challenges
J Martínez-Miranda – Journal of medical systems, 2017 – Springer
Embodied conversational agents (ECAs) are advanced computational interactive interfaces designed with the aim to engage users in the continuous and long-term use of a background application. The…

Expert or peer? Understanding the implications of virtual advisor identity on emergency rescuer empowerment in mobile psychological self-help services
M Li, ZJ Jiang, Z Fan, J Hou – Information & Management, 2017 – Elsevier
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Towards a chatbot for digital counselling
G Cameron, D Cameron, G Megaw, R Bond… – Proceedings of the 31st …, 2017 –
… Neill • Armour • McTear 7 Rothbaum, BO, Difede, J. and Reger, G. 2011. An intelligent virtual human system for providing healthcare information and support. [35] Pasikowska, A., Zaraki, A. and Lazzeri, N. 2013. A dialogue with …

MISER: Mise-en-scène region support for staging narrative actions in interactive storytelling
J Matthews, F Charles, J Porteous… – Proceedings of the 16th …, 2017 –
… technologies. It has also led to extensions to their functionality: eg Hartholt et al. [11] proposes the ICT Virtual Human Toolkit, which offers a flexible framework for exploring a variety of differ- ent types of virtual human systems. Similarly …

A Real-Time 3D Visual Singing Synthesis: From Appearance to Internal Articulators
J Yu – International Conference on Multimedia Modeling, 2017 – Springer
… components. Xu et al. [11] produced high quality lip synchronization for multiple languages. Hartholt et al. [12] offered a flexible framework for exploring a variety of different types of virtual human systems. Taylor et al. [13] redefined …

Philosophical outlook on Avatars as Enhanced Embodied Techniques of Self and Other in Schizophrenia Therapy
A Gerner – Debates da Filosofia da Ciência Contemporânea VIII …, 2017 –
Page 1. 1 Philosophical outlook on Avatars as Enhanced Embodied Techniques of Self and Other in Schizophrenia Therapy Alexander Gerner1 (PhD), CFCUL amgerner@fc.ul. pt Introduction: Avatars, Virtual Self and Virtual Self Enhancements …

Emotional modeling for a vision-based virtual character
W Guojiang, L Jie – 2017 3rd IEEE International Conference on …, 2017 –
… of needs and emotions. The proposed method has been applied to an interactively virtual human system that its input signals are the results of a real-time expression recognition system. II. NUMERICAL DESCRIPTION OF EMOTION …

Virtual Rehabilitation in the elderly: Benefits, issues, and considerations
AM Campelo, JA Hashim, A Weisberg… – … Conference on Virtual …, 2017 –
… 76, p. 12, 2010. [5] AA Rizzo, B. Lange, JG Buckwalter, E. Forbell, J. Kim, K. Sagae, et al., “An intelligent virtual human system for providing healthcare information and support,” Studies in health technology and informatics, 2011 …

Investigating the role of social eye gaze in designing believable virtual characters
M Nixon – 2017 –
… 267 Appendix H. The Author Interacts with a Prototype of the Virtual Human System ….. 268 Page 12. xii List of Tables Table 1-1. Overview of approaches to mixed methods research by Creswell and Clark …

Managing Casual Spoken Dialogue Using Flexible Schemas, Pattern Transduction Trees, and Gist Clauses
SZ Razavi, R EDU, LK Schubert, MR Ali, ME Hoque –
… Int. Conf. on Intelligent Virtual Agents (pp. 460–463). Springer. Rizzo, A., et al. (2011). SimCoach: an intelligent virtual human system for providing healthcare information and support. Int. J. on Disability and Human Development, 10, 277–281. 14 Page 15 …

CODA: integrating multi-level context-oriented directed associations for analysis of drug effects
H Yu, J Jung, S Yoon, M Kwon, S Bae, S Yim, J Lee… – Scientific reports, 2017 –

An in silico subject-variability study of upper airway morphological influence on the airflow regime in a tracheobronchial tree
Y Feng, J Zhao, X Chen, J Lin – Bioengineering, 2017 –
Determining the impact of inter-subject variability on airflow pattern and nanoparticle deposition in the human respiratory system is necessary to generate population-representative models, useful for several biomedical engineering applications. Thus, the overall research objective …

Incorporating neuroimaging into cognitive assessment
ED Bigler – The Role of Technology in Clinical Neuropsychology, 2017 –
Page 390. {13} Incorporating Neuroimaging into Cognitive Assessment Erin D. Bigler All traditional neuropsychological assessment techniques emerged in an era prior to modern neuroimaging. In fact, question-answer/paper …