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Modeling speaker behavior: A comparison of two approaches
J Lee, S Marsella – International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, 2012 – Springer
… 23 utterances were initially selected from the ICT’s Virtual Human Toolkit [21] utterance set, in which a vir- tual agent answers questions about the concept of virtual humans, what the Vir- tual Human Toolkit is, and about himself …

Challenging reality using techniques from interactive drama to support social simulations in virtual worlds
D Richards, N Szilas – Proceedings of The 8th Australasian Conference …, 2012 –
… Such initiatives include EU-funded SAIBA , eCIRCUS , LIREC2 , Humaine , Semaine ; US-based projects such as Virtual Human Toolkit , NECA , KSL’s Inference Web (McGuiness and Pinheiro da Silva, 2004); joint EU and US projects such as COMPANIONS (Intelligent …

The Twins Corpus of Museum Visitor Questions
P Aggarwal, R Artstein, J Gerten, A Katsamanis… – LREC, 2012 –
… Page 2. purposes as part of the ICT Virtual Human Toolkit ( These components work on individual user utterances, defined by a press and release of the push-to-talk button (1). 2. User Utterances 2.1 …

Spatial cues in hamlet
C Talbot, GM Youngblood – International Conference on Intelligent Virtual …, 2012 – Springer
… In: Work- shops at the Seventh Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference (September 2011) [31] Kenny, P., Hartholt, A., JGWSDTSMDP: ICT Virtual Human Toolkit, [32] Causey, T.: Where is the Best …

Creating conversational characters using question generation tools
X Yao, E Tosch, G Chen, E Nouri… – Dialogue & …, 2012 –
… The generated question-answer pairs were imported as a character knowledge base into NPCEd-itor (Leuski and Traum, 2010), a text classification system that drives virtual characters and is avail- able for download as part of the ICT Virtual Human Toolkit (see footnote 1 …

Avatar-based simulation in the evaluation of diagnosis and management of mental health disorders in primary care
RM Satter, T Cohen, P Ortiz, K Kahol… – Journal of Biomedical …, 2012 – Elsevier
… Of particular interest for academic purposes is the Virtual Human Toolkit ([51], http://vhtoolkit.ict., a toolkit developed at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies that has been used previously in a number of research …

Modeling nonverbal behaviors for virtual agents
J Lee – 2012 –

Agent-based museum and tour guides: applying the state of the art
D Richards – Proceedings of The 8th Australasian Conference on …, 2012 –
… architectures tend to vary depending on the agent’s function, level of sophistication or the particular research focus such as emotion and appraisal systems (eg ION [34]), web-services (eg THOMAS [3]), planning, query handling or language technology (eg Virtual Human Toolkit …

Jonathan Gratch
M Rendell – Psychology, 2012 –
Page 1. Jonathan Gratch Institute for Creative Technologies Department of Computer Science University of Southern California 12015 Waterfront Dr., Playa Vista, CA 90094 gratch AT Research Interests …

DISCUSS: Toward a Domain Independent Representation of Dialogue
L Becker – 2012 –
… 114 Page 18. xvii Figures Figure 2.1 The MyST tutoring interface . . . . . 12 2.2 Virtual Human Toolkit architecture . . . . . 15 2.3 Example Phoenix Parse . . . . . 16 …

Toward a Model for Incremental Grounding in Dialogue Systems
DKJ Heylen, HJA op den Akker, DR Traum –
Page 1. Toward a Model for Incremental Grounding in Dialogue Systems omas Visser University of Twente, EEMCS, HMI Enschede, e Netherlands Prof. dr. DKJ Heylen Dr. ir. HJA op den Akker Dr. M. eune USC Institute for Creative Technologies …

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