Virtual Humans & Photorealism


  • photorealistic virtual humans


  • Body Weight Perception of Females using Photorealistic Avatars in Virtual and Augmented Reality (2020)
  • Is Photorealism Important for Perception of Expressive Virtual Humans in Virtual Reality? (2019)
  • The Perceived Human Likeness and Familiarity of Human Actors in Relationship to Digital Actors in Film (2019)
  • A Generative Approach for Dynamically Varying Photorealistic Facial Expressions in Human-Agent Interactions (2018)
  • Generating Photorealistic Facial Expressions in Dyadic Interactions (2018)
  • Digitizing Photorealistic Humans Inside USC’s Light Stage (2016)
  • Virtual humans and Photorealism: The effect of photorealism of interactive virtual humans in clinical virtual environment on affective responses (2015)
  • Creating partly autonomous expressive virtual actors for computer animation (2014)
  • The Digital Emily Project: Achieving a Photorealistic Digital Actor (2010)

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Virtual Human Meta Guide

Final Reference System Architecture
MG FIN, R Bowden, JF FIN, C Galkandage, GM FIN… –
… The overarching objective of CONTENT4ALL is therefore to retain the Quality of Experience (QoE) of a human sign-interpreter into a photorealistic virtual human and to enable …

Render me real? Investigating the effect of render style on the perception of animated virtual humans
R McDonnell, M Breidt, HH Bülthoff – ACM Transactions on Graphics …, 2012 –
… The Uncanny Valley (UV) has become a standard term for the hy- pothesis that near-photorealistic virtual humans often appear unin- tentionally eerie or creepy …

Investigating the influence of virtual human entourage elements on distance judgments in virtual architectural interiors
S Aseeri, K Paraiso, V Interrante – Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 2019 –
… In this paper, we describe two experiments that explore the potential of using photorealistic virtual human entourage elements to improve distance perception accuracy in HMD-based …

Expressive Virtual Human: Impact of expressive wrinkles and pupillary size on emotion recognition
AS Milcent, E Geslin, A Kadri, S Richir – Proceedings of the 19th acm …, 2019 –
… 2 RELATED WORK 2.1 Recognition of emotions In order to evaluate and compare the recognition of emotions be- tween a photorealistic virtual human and a real human, multiple …

The effect of multimodal emotional expression and agent appearance on trust in human-agent interaction
I Torre, E Carrigan, R McDonnell, K Domijan… – Motion, Interaction and …, 2019 –
… 2018a] looked at the mismatch of emo- tional expressivity of a photorealistic virtual human, and found that people did not overall trust or like this character very much …

Learning accurate head pose for consumer technology from 3D synthetic data
S Basak, F Khan, R McDonnell… – 2021 IEEE International …, 2021 –
… In this paper, we propose a methodology utilizing commercially available animation software and open-source CG tools to create photorealistic virtual human models and generate …

R McDonnell, B Mutlu – The Handbook on Socially Interactive Agents: 20 …, 2021 –
… boundaries with realistic crowd simulation, while in the same year Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001, Hironobu Sakaguchi) attempted to create the first photorealistic virtual humans …

A platform for building mobile virtual humans
AW Feng, A Leuski, S Marsella, D Casas… – … on Intelligent Virtual …, 2015 – Springer
… and (2) it is capable of rendering high-fidelity (photorealistic) virtual humans, (3) our … and Bottom Right) A realtime render showing a photorealistic virtual human backchannelling in …

Impact of avatar facial anthropomorphism on body ownership, attractiveness and social presence in collaborative tasks in immersive virtual environments
C Dubosc, G Gorisse, O Christmann, S Fleury… – Computers & …, 2021 – Elsevier
JavaScript is disabled on your browser. Please enable JavaScript to use all the features on this page. Skip to main content Skip to article …

Ascending from the valley: Can state-of-the-art photorealism avoid the uncanny?
D Higgins, D Egan, R Fribourg, BR Cowan… – 2018 –
… The experiment outlined here was constructed to define and measure responses from human participants towards state-of-the-art photorealistic virtual humans under affected conditions …

A novel three-dimensional interactive virtual face to facilitate facial anatomy teaching using Microsoft HoloLens
N Kumar, S Pandey, E Rahman – Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 2021 – Springer
… The light stage is an advanced system used for creating photorealistic virtual humans and lighting them convincingly for use in different environments …

Pilot 1 demostrator architecture, integration plan and evaluation methodologies
P Panuccio, SB HFC, WP HHI, R Bowden… –
… This data is needed in order to create a model for the translator and for the new 3D photorealistic virtual human that will be rendered during the Phase 2 of the project …

The Embodiment of Photorealistic Avatars Influences Female Body Weight Perception in Virtual Reality
E Wolf, N Merdan, N Dölinger, D Mal… – 2021 IEEE Virtual …, 2021 –
Page 1. The Embodiment of Photorealistic Avatars Influences Female Body Weight Perception in Virtual Reality Erik Wolf* HCI Group University of Würzburg …

Can virtual human entourage elements facilitate accurate distance judgments in VR?
K Paraiso, V Interrante – International Conference on Virtual Reality and …, 2017 – Springer
… In our present reported work, we further add a novel contribution to the results of prior work through our decision to use a photorealistic virtual human model representing a faithful scale …

Question-answering virtual humans based on pre-recorded testimonies for holocaust education
M Ma, S Coward, C Walker – Serious games and edutainment applications, 2017 – Springer
… generated from 3D scanning of real human, most of the above challenges can be avoided, if the transition between video recordings and photorealistic virtual human is seamless …

Pilot 2 Demostrator Architecture, Integration Plan and Evaluation Methodologies
MG FIN, R Bowden, JF FIN, C Galkandage, GM FIN… –
… the User Terminals 2. The Processing & Rendering Unit receives the main broadcaster video stream and reproduces the sign language through a 3D Photorealistic virtual human …

ViTraS-virtual reality therapy by stimulation of modulated body image-project outline
N Döllinger, C Wienrich, E Wolf, M Botsch… – Mensch und Computer …, 2019 –
… and personalized virtual representations promoting various factors that are for embodiment [35], we use a novel pipeline for fast generation of photorealistic virtual humans [2]. The …

The influence of facial expressions of a virtual coach in a virtual reality skiing application
E Oppewal – 2017 –
… expectations.??Quite??similar??to??this??is??the Uncanny??Valley??theory??[4].?? This??theory??states??that??near-photorealistic??virtual??humans??often appear …

GPU-Based Fast Refinements for High-Quality Color Volume Rendering
B Lee, K Kwon, BS Shin – Advances in Parallel and Distributed Computing …, 2016 – Springer
… IEEE Trans Med Imaging 24(3):352–360CrossRefGoogle Scholar. 4. Liu Y, Chen JX, Yang L (2008) Real-time photorealistic virtual human anatomy …

Influence of Virtual Human Appearance Fidelity within Building Science Storytelling Educational Applications
R Eiris, J Wen, M Gheisari – Journal of Architectural Engineering, 2021 –
… Moreover, a comparison of cartoonish and photorealistic virtual human models has pointed to significant increases in arousal for the photorealistic condition (Chaturvedi et al. 2015) …

Interact: a mixed reality virtual survivor for holocaust testimonies
M Ma, S Coward, C Walker – Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the …, 2015 –
… within museum settings, Interact provides substantial opportunities for the wider arts sector to create conversations between a pre-recorded photorealistic virtual human and audience …

Initial Reference System Architecture
P Panuccio, WP HHI, R Bowden, T Mallikarachchi… –
… The overarching objective of CONTENT4ALL is therefore to retain the Quality of Experience (QoE) of a human sign-interpreter into a photorealistic virtual human and to enable …

Interactive high-quality visualization of color volume datasets using GPU-based refinements of segmentation data
B Lee, K Kwon, BS Shin – Journal of X-Ray Science and …, 2016 –
… 60. [5]. Liu Y. , Chen JX and Yang L. Real-time photorealistic virtual human anatomy, Computing in Science and Engineering 102 (2008), 41–47. [6]. Pal …

Effects of Virtual Humans’ Facial Emotional Displays on Persuasion
Y Wang – 2015 –
Page 1. Effects of Virtual Humans’ Facial Emotional Displays on Persuasion by Yuqiong Wang A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of …

Virtual and Augmented Reality
V Trivedi – How to Speak Tech, 2019 – Springer
… In the uncanny valley, our brains can’t decide whether an image is a real human or not, making us uneasy. As a result, near-photorealistic virtual humans are generally avoided …

Design fiction exploration of romantic interaction with virtual humans in virtual reality
T Eriksson – Journal of Future Robot Life, 2022 –
… well. Development of the rendering in game engines such as Unreal Engine promise to enable fully photorealistic virtual humans within a few years …

Virtual embodiment using 180 stereoscopic video
DH Landau, BS Hasler, D Friedman – Frontiers in Psychology, 2020 –
One of the most exciting possibilities of virtual reality is inducing in participants the illusion of owning a virtual body. This has become an established methodological paradigm allowing the …

A real-time display methods for large-scale human body data
BS Shin, NY Yen, JH Park, YS Jeong – Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2016 – Springer
As the importance of big-data processing has increased, a considerable amount of research has been done in several areas. We focused on developing methods.

Recent advances in facial appearance capture
O Klehm, F Rousselle, M Papas… – Computer Graphics …, 2015 – Wiley Online Library
Abstract Facial appearance capture is now firmly established within academic research and used extensively across various application domains, perhaps most prominently in the entertainment …