WorldViz Vizard & Virtual Humans 2013 (12x)

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The embodiment of sexualized virtual selves: The Proteus effect and experiences of self-objectification via avatars
J Fox, JN Bailenson, L Tricase – Computers in Human Behavior, 2013 – Elsevier
… Previous studies have found that virtual humans who resemble the self, also known as virtual doppelgängers, can be powerful persuasive … All of the adult female representations from the Vizard Complete Characters avatar database were coded independently by one male and …

Empathy toward virtual humans depicting a known or unknown person expressing pain
S Bouchard, F Bernier, E Boivin… – … , Behavior, and Social …, 2013 –
… Autodesk;, the cat was adapted from the Vizard Complete Animals ® set (WorldViz; and the virtual humans were developed … The Unknown Virtual Human was also developed using Evolver, but only with the tools available on …

Virtual superheroes: Using superpowers in virtual reality to encourage prosocial behavior
RS Rosenberg, SL Baughman, JN Bailenson – PloS one, 2013 –
… For example, Hershfield and colleagues [13] described studies in which virtual doppelgangers (virtual humans bearing a strong resemblance to … The immersive virtual environment was created with a Python OpenGL software toolkit called Vizard (Worldviz), which was rendered …

Special Section on Touching the 3rd Dimension: Adapting user interfaces for gestural interaction with the flexible action and articulated skeleton toolkit
EA Suma, DM Krum, B Lange, S Koenig… – Computers and …, 2013 –
… [14]. Beard S, Reid D. MetaFace and VHML: a first implementation of the virtual human markup language. In: Workshop on embodied conversational agents. 2002 … [23]. {}. [24]. {} …

Adapting user interfaces for gestural interaction with the flexible action and articulated skeleton toolkit
EA Suma, DM Krum, B Lange, S Koenig, A Rizzo… – Computers & …, 2013 – Elsevier
… Examples include the virtual human markup language (VHML) [14], avatar body markup language (ABML) [15], and numerous others (see [16 … supported by two commercial virtual world development environments for this purpose, 3DVIA Studio [23] and the Vizard virtual reality …

The effect of priming pictures and videos on a question-answer dialog scenario in a virtual environment (Preliminary Version)?
C Qu, WP Brinkman, P Wiggers, I Heynderickx – 2013 – Citeseer
… (Krijn, Emmelkamp, Biemond, et al., 2004). In VRET for individuals with social phobia, interaction between a patient and a virtual human, ie an avatar needs to arouse a certain level of social anxiety (Robillard, Bouchard, Dumoulin, Guitard, & Klinger, 2010) …

Influence of ethnic group-membership and gaze direction on the perception of emotions. A cross-cultural study between Germany and China
K Krämer, G Bente, S Luo, UJ Pfeiffer, S Han… – PloS one, 2013 –
… agent based on their picture. Further, three-second long animations of emotional expressions were created using the virtual reality software Vizard (©WorldViz Inc, Santa Barbara, USA, 2012). Each agent was presented four …

The effect of priming pictures and videos on a question–answer dialog scenario in a virtual environment
C Qu, WP Brinkman, P Wiggers… – … : Teleoperators and Virtual …, 2013 – MIT Press
… In VRET, for individuals with social phobia, interac- tion between a patient and a virtual human, that is, an avatar, needs to arouse a … The avatar model was obtained from the Vizard Com- plete Characters Package2 and the face part was specially modeled using FaceGen.3 It …

Recreating Visual Reality in Virtuality
A Steed – The Oxford Handbook of Virtuality, 2013 –
… Examples include com- mercial packages such as 3DVia Virtools from Dassault Systems, Vizard from WorldViz, and a variety of open source packages such as … This virtual shadow is cast on the virtual object that is drawn: the virtual human that walks around the laptop …

Effect of Animated Self-avatar in Virtual Environments
M Raj – 2013 –
… 10 sphere, depending upon the respective feedback condition to provide visual feedback to the participant. The virtual environment was rendered using WorldViz Vizard and FAAST [Suma et al. 2011] was used to read and process the Kinect data feed to get the user’s joint …

The relationship between individual characteristics and experienced presence
Y Ling, HT Nefs, WP Brinkman, C Qu… – Computers in Human …, 2013 – Elsevier
… Sounds were played through speakers on the desk in front of the observer. The virtual worlds were all made using WorldViz’s Vizard 3.0. Participants were exposed to two virtual environments: a virtual neutral world and a virtual public speaking environment (Fig …

Chapter 13: Virtual Reality
T Bovend’Eerdt, S Koenig, B Lange – Emerging Therapies in …, 2013 – Springer
… UNiGiNE, Ogre3D and Unreal Engine as well as simulation and VR engines such as Quest3D and WorldViz Vizard … game and virtual reality technologies for cognitive assessment, motor rehabilitation, exergaming, postoperative exercise, and virtual human character interactions …

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