WorldViz Vizard & Virtual Humans 2015 (17x)


An immersive virtual environment is a computer-generated simulation of a real or imaginary environment that is designed to be experienced in a fully immersive way. This typically involves the use of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) technologies, which enable the user to experience the virtual environment as if they were physically present in it. Immersive virtual environments can be used for a variety of purposes, such as training, education, entertainment, and research.

In the context of virtual humans, an immersive virtual environment is the virtual world in which the virtual human exists and interacts with other virtual agents or with human users. This environment can be designed to simulate various real-world or imaginary settings, and can include a wide range of features and elements, such as buildings, landscapes, objects, and other virtual agents. The design of the immersive virtual environment can play a significant role in shaping the experience of the virtual human and the interactions that it has with other agents or users. For example, an immersive virtual environment that simulates a busy city street may provide a very different context for the virtual human than an immersive virtual environment that simulates a quiet forest. This can affect the virtual human’s behavior and interactions in a number of ways, such as their spatial behavior, their ability to capture and maintain the user’s attention, and the ecological validity of the virtual human’s behavior.

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Near or far? It depends on my impression: Moral information and spatial behavior in virtual interactions
T Iachini, S Pagliaro, G Ruggiero – Acta psychologica, 2015 – Elsevier
… females) were selected among a colony of 100 highly realistic virtual humans (Vizard Complete Characters … In this way virtual humans and descriptions were associated with each other an equal … dishonest man who tries to cheat others”) was assigned to a specific virtual human …

Social interactions in virtual reality exposure therapy: A proof-of-concept pilot study
N Morina, WP Brinkman, D Hartanto… – … and Health Care, 2015 –
… and objects were created with Autodesk Maya and later exported to the Vizard environment … treatment, the therapist selects comments, questions or answers to be said by virtual humans based on the therapeutic task and the way the client interacts with the virtual human …

Automatic imitation in a rich social context with virtual characters
X Pan, AFC Hamilton – Frontiers in psychology, 2015 –
… Finally, we could find a congruency by form interaction, where form could be a virtual human or a non-human object (a moving ball) … The animation files were stored the Cal3D format and applied to Jessie within our interactive VR application developed in Vizard (WorldViz Inc,) …

Understanding the psycho-physiological implications of interaction with a virtual reality-based system in adolescents with autism: a feasibility study
S Kuriakose, U Lahiri – IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems …, 2015 –
… 1) Design and Selection of Avatar: The avatar heads were chosen from a database given by Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University, which were modeled from 2-D pho- tographs of front and side faces of teenagers and converted to Vizard compatible 3-D heads by …

Virtual reality for enhanced ecological validity and experimental control in the clinical, affective and social neurosciences
TD Parsons – Frontiers in human neuroscience, 2015 –
An essential tension can be found between researchers interested in ecological validity and those concerned with maintaining experimental control. Research in the human neurosciences often involves the use of simple and static stimuli lacking many of the potentially important …

Using interactive virtual characters in social neuroscience
J Hale, X Pan, AFC Hamilton – 2015 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), 2015 –
… Both studies implemented interactive VR with WorldViz Vizard, and the motion capture was conducted with Polhemus magnetic motion sensors … 125-138. [8] RE Guadagno, J. Blascovich, JN Bailenson, and C. Mccall, “Virtual humans and persuasion: The effects of agency and …

Enhancing The Human-Machine Interface Using Visr-An Interactive 3D Visualization/Desensitization Training Tool In A Variable …
PK Josan, P de Leon, P Srivastava –
… Immersion products like WorldViz’s Vizard supports HMD, LCD shutter glasses and display technologies such as autostereoscopes and dome … Such kinds of platforms also have high-level morph controllers that help transitioning virtual humans into existing environments …

Virtual bystanders in a language lesson: examining the effect of social evaluation, vicarious experience, cognitive consistency and praising on students’ …
C Qu, Y Ling, I Heynderickx, WP Brinkman – PloS one, 2015 –
… human social interaction [2]. For example, behavior and judgments of a group of peers may influence an individual’s cognition and judgment [3, 4]. This behavior may include words, intonations, gestures and facial expressions [5]. Direct interaction with a virtual human [6–8] or …

Body-ownership for actively operated non-corporeal objects
K Ma, B Hommel – Consciousness and Cognition, 2015 – Elsevier
… between the virtual object and the participant, and a black box which participant put his right hand in to shield participants’ hands from view, Biopac MP100 acquisition unit, AcqKnowledge software and remote transmitter for SCR recording, and virtual reality software (Vizard) …

Dyadic interactions with avatars in immersive virtual environments: High fiving
MK Young, JJ Rieser, B Bodenheimer – Proceedings of the ACM …, 2015 –
… We obtain both of these measurements internally from within a Vizard program, using polygonal collision detection algorithms to obtain both measurements … Comparing interpersonal interactions with a virtual human to those with a real human …

Natural language processing in serious games: a state of the art
D Picca, D Jaccard, G Eberlé – International Journal of …, 2015 –
… NLP techniques used The game itself was developed with Vizard, a virtual reality software toolkit that offers the construction of an immersive 3D virtual environment and the creation of avatars. As some functionalities were not …

Virtual viewing time: the relationship between presence and sexual interest in androphilic and gynephilic men
P Fromberger, S Meyer, C Kempf, K Jordan, JL Müller – PloS one, 2015 –
… In each condition, participants were asked to rate ten male and ten female virtual human characters regarding their sexual attractiveness. Without their knowledge, the subjects’ viewing time was assessed throughout the rating …

The impact of vivid messages on reducing energy consumption related to hot water use
JO Bailey, JN Bailenson, J Flora… – Environment and …, 2015 –
Research suggests that vivid and personalized interventions influence proenvironmental attitudes and behaviors. Through the use of immersive virtual environment…

Immersive virtual human training systems based on direct demonstration
C Camporesi – 2015 –
… is to create an e ective pipeline for the development of virtual human training systems … character animation, real-time full-body tracking, and motion transfer to virtual humans and so … Eon Reality [281] and Worldviz [379] solutions (Eon Icube and Vizard respectively), commercial …

Evaluating approaches for communication about genomic influences on body weight
S Persky, RL Street Jr – Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 2015 –
AbstractBackground. Developments in genomics may improve patient consultations about weight management; however, optimal approaches for these communications ar.

Homuncular flexibility in virtual reality
AS Won, J Bailenson, J Lee… – Journal of Computer …, 2015 –
Abstract. Immersive virtual reality allows people to inhabit avatar bodies that differ from their own, and this can produce significant psychological and physi.

Effects of field of view and visual complexity on virtual reality training effectiveness for a visual scanning task
ED Ragan, DA Bowman, R Kopper… – IEEE transactions on …, 2015 –
… 3. 798 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VISUALIZATION AND COMPUTER GRAPHICS, VOL. 21, NO. 7, JULY 2015 Page 6 … Fig. 4. Examples of virtual human models from the visual scanning task. The left image shows non-targets …