WorldViz Vizard & Virtual Humans 2018 (8x)



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Exit choice in an emergency evacuation scenario is influenced by exit familiarity and neighbor behavior
M Kinateder, B Comunale, WH Warren – Safety science, 2018 – Elsevier
… Eighteen (nine female) virtual humans were rendered using high-polygon (M = 8099, SD = 813) and texture-mapped (2048 × 2048 pixels) 3D models (Vizard Complete Characters HD, WorldViz, Santa Monica CA), and animated at 60 fps. The virtual human models were …

Th17/T regulator cell balance and NK cell numbers in relation to psychosis liability and social stress reactivity
J Counotte, HA Drexhage, JM Wijkhuijs… – Brain, behavior, and …, 2018 – Elsevier
… In short, the virtual environment was a bar with an indoor and outdoor area, built by CleVR (Delft, the Netherlands) using Vizard software (Worldviz, Santa Barbara, CA, USA). Virtual humans (avatars) were sitting or standing at a table, chatting and having drinks …

Scalable Interactive Visual Computing Infrastructure for Modeling, Training and Planning
G Chen, Z Deng – 2018 –
… and process various human user data during the interaction with VR environment for the study of virtual human modeling … VizMove Walking VR: ? Turnkey System Includes: • WorldViz Vizard Development software • WorldViz PPT 4?sensor wide area motion tracking system with …

Improvement of user experience using virtual reality in open-architecture product design
H Song, F Chen, Q Peng, J Zhang… – Proceedings of the …, 2018 –
User experience has a significant impact on the effective product design and improvement, especially for a personalized product to meet user’s individual need.

Sustained inhibition of the native language in bilingual language production: A virtual reality approach
D Peeters, T Dijkstra – Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 2018 –
… For instance, a study on syntactic priming found that the proportion of passive constructions people use increases as much when they are primed in a dialogue by a 3D virtual human-like partner compared to when they are primed by a human partner (Heyselaar, Hagoort & …

Behavioral monitoring of sexual offenders against children in virtual risk situations: a feasibility study
P Fromberger, S Meyer, K Jordan, JL Müller – Frontiers in psychology, 2018 –
The decision about unsupervised privileges for sexual offenders against children (SOC) is one of the most difficult decisions for practitioners in forensic high-security hospitals. Facing the possible consequences of the decision for the society, a valid and reliable risk management …

Social environments and interpersonal distance regulation in psychosis: A virtual reality study
CNW Geraets, M van Beilen, R Pot-Kolder… – Schizophrenia …, 2018 – Elsevier
… a distress measure and questionnaire. 2.3. VR environment. Experiments took place in a VR 3D café with a terrace covering an area of 181 m 2 (Fig. 1), created by CleVR with Vizard software. The café was presented through …

Increasing Awareness For Urban Cultural Heritage Based On 3D Narrative System
B Wang, GZ Dane, B De Vries – … Archives of the …, 2018 – …
… With virtual reality, users can move around and look around in every direction with glasses or helmet. VR software platforms such as Vizard or Unify will be applied for this purpose … Research of autonomous active control for virtual human based on emotion-driven model …