Diagnostic Expert Systems


A diagnostic expert system is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) system that is designed to diagnose problems or conditions in a particular domain, such as medicine, engineering, or finance. Diagnostic expert systems use a combination of rules, algorithms, and data to analyze a set of symptoms or observations, and to determine the most likely cause or diagnosis.

Diagnostic expert systems are often used in settings where a high level of expertise is required, but where it may not be practical or cost-effective to have a human expert available at all times. For example, diagnostic expert systems are commonly used in medicine to help doctors and other healthcare professionals make more accurate and timely diagnoses, particularly in cases where the symptoms are complex or difficult to interpret.

Diagnostic expert systems are also used in other fields, such as engineering, where they can help to diagnose problems with complex systems, such as aircraft engines or power plants. These systems can also be used in finance, where they can help to identify fraudulent activity or other problems in financial transactions.

In general, diagnostic expert systems are used to improve the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of decision-making in a particular domain. They can provide valuable support to human experts, and can help to reduce the risks and costs associated with making incorrect or delayed diagnoses.


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A monitoring and diagnostic expert system for carbon dioxide capture Q Zhou, CW Chan, P Tontiwachiwuthikul – Expert systems with applications, 2009 – Elsevier The research objective is to design and construct a knowledge-based decision support system for monitoring, control and diagnosis of the carbon dioxide capture process, which is a complicated task involving manipulation of sixteen components and their operating … Cited by 11 Related articles All 3 versions

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Study Of Roadheader Cooling And Spray System Failures Diagnostic Expert System [J] LXY Guodong – China Mining Magazine, 2006 – en.cnki.com.cn Cooling and spray system of roadheader is roadheader an important component of its direct impact on the working surface of the work environment, health of workers, the useful life of equipment and boring production safety. Through its analysis of this fault tree we explore … Cited by 2 Related articles

Development of a Diagnostic Expert System for Autism Disorder-PCADEX S Sajjad, KT Hira Qamar, S Bano – Available in, 2011 – researchgate.net Abstract Autism is a neurodevelopment, psychological and behavioral disorder. It is a childhood disorder and diagnosing autism is a major issue as its symptoms can easily be confused with those of mental retardness. Successful intervention requires correct … Cited by 2 Related articles All 6 versions

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Design and development of secured diagnostic expert system for HIV and AIDS K Vijayalakshmi, E Sreedevi, R Kumar Naveen… – Architecture, 2011 – researchgate.net Abstract–This paper deals with study and development of Architecture to develop an initial phase expert system to provide secure diagnosis to the infectious patient and also propose some protocols using RMPJ2-RSA cryptosystem and signature scheme to provide … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

Enhanced User Interfaces for Diagnostic Expert Systems Y Abdelhamid – Egyptian Computer Science Journal, 2005 – ut.edu.sa Abstract The acceptance of a knowledge-based system by the end user has been regarded as one of the major criteria for its success. The user interface design is one of the main reasons that hindered knowledge-based systems transition from prototype to everyday … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

A Prototype Fuzzy Logic Based Diagnostic Expert System for Respiratory Symptoms SR Liyanage, KS Walgama, CDA Goonasekara… – Innovations for a …, 2006 – icter.org Abstract Precise relationships between clinical features and diseases are difficult to define yet it is essential that the physician establishes a diagnosis to institute appropriate therapy. Fuzzy set theory provides a suitable framework for the incorporation of this often hazy … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

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A method for knowledge acquisition in diagnostic expert system W Li, A Li, S Li – Technology and Health Care, 2015 – content.iospress.com Abstract Knowledge acquisition plays very important role in the diagnostic expert system. It usually takes a long period to acquire disease knowledge using the traditional methods. To solve this problem, this paper describes relations between rough set theory and rule- …

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A diagnostic expert system to overcome construction problems in rigid highway pavement AM Mosa, MR Taha, A Ismail… – Journal of Civil …, 2013 – Taylor & Francis Abstract Constructing highway pavements faces complex problems, which are affected by multiple factors, where solution is nearly impossible without expert assistance. Diagnosing such construction problems and suggesting most suitable cost efficient solutions requires … Cited by 1 Related articles

Two Flows Of Approximativeness In Diagnostic Expert Systems M Popper, F Gyärfäš – … , Helsinki, Finland August 25–29, 1985, 2012 – books.google.com The notion of a diagnostic ES knowledge base (KB) may correspond with a net of diagnostic concepts. The concepts, in terms of data structures, can be seen as frames. The notion of inference (the reasoning) performed by the ES can be then seen as apropagation of … Related articles

Application prospect of a diagnostic expert system of a land-based complex for testing airborn software of an International Space Station EA Mikrin, AS Knutov – Problemy Upravleniya, 2005 – mathnet.ru Abstract: Based on analysis results. A diagram of real-time expert system integrating with the existing testing complexes is offered. The tasks for an embedded expert system are determined and the hardware necessary for their implementation is outlined.

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Key Techniques on Disquisition for Fault Diagnostic Expert System of CNC ZOU Jian-ying – Coal Technology, 2012 – en.cnki.com.cn This paper uses object-oriented methods to illustrate the diagnosis of equipment, combining strategic theory and analytical study, studying the strategy of fault diagnosis and maintenance for CNC machines, which includes the explanation of fault cause. At the … Related articles

Tuberculosis–Diagnostic Expert System: An architecture for translating patients information from the web for use in tuberculosis diagnosis VC Osamor, AA Azeta, OO Ajulo – Health informatics journal, 2014 – jhi.sagepub.com Background: Over 1.5–2 million tuberculosis deaths occur annually. Medical professionals are faced with a lot of challenges in delivering good health-care with unassisted automation in hospitals where there are several patients who need the doctor’s attention. Objective: … Cited by 1 Related articles All 5 versions

Faults diagnostic expert system for generator based on C/S mode [J] HAN Gui-fang, R ZHANG – Water Resources and Hydropower …, 2007 – en.cnki.com.cn The C/S mode-based faults diagnostic expert system (GFDS2007) for generator is designed and developed on the basis of visual computer language of Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 combined with the integrated database. It integrates the expert-database and experience- … Related articles

An Image-Based Diagnostic Expert System for Crop Pests and Diseases Y LIAN, Z WU, Y YU – Modern Computer, 2012 – en.cnki.com.cn Quite a few diseases have similar symptoms making it difficult for non-experts to distinguish disease correctly. Another method of diagnosis depends on comparison of the concerned case with similar ones through one image or more of the symptoms and help non-experts … Related articles

Assessing the effectiveness of a cattle disease diagnostic expert system (cow vet) in Mashonaland central province M Zengeni – 2012 – digilib.buse.ac.zw We present the development and implementation of an expert system, CowVet, which deals with the diagnosis of common cattle diseases occurring in Mashonaland Central province, particularly focusing on A2 farms in and around the farming and mining town of Bindura, …

Fault Diagnostic Expert System of Rolling Element Bearing Based on CLIPS? C Yana, S Maa, G Zhoua, J Fanga – joics.com Abstract In general, the fault diagnosis for rolling bearing is overly dependent on human expert. Expert system based on CLIPS for analysis and diagnosis of rolling bearing can not only predict faults of bearing to avoid some unnecessary losses, but also help the … Cited by 2 Related articles

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A Prototype Diagnostic Expert System for Common Respiratory Diseases Using Dempster Shafer Theory SR Liyanage, KS Walgam, CDA Cioonasekara – 2007 – repository.kln.ac.lk Medical diagnostic investigations arc inherently very compkx. The doctm is faced\\ ith a patient who has his own personal experiences, knowledge from books. and beliefs. The doctor notes tl1l’patient” s signs and~.: mptoms, combines these with thL· patient’s medical … All 4 versions

Diagnostic Expert System For Troubleshooting Tablet Blistering Machine (BP 602) SO JEJE – 2011 – journal.unaab.edu.ng Abstract The role of information technology is critical for plant maintenance optimization because it relies on the ability of the’plant personnel to bring all data together in it coherent fashion for optimum analysis and decision making, Equipment, be it sophisticated or basic …

Design and Realization of Offline Fault Diagnostic Expert System for Automatic Transmission [J] Z Xin, Z Zhiguo – Automobile Technology, 2012 – en.cnki.com.cn By combining fault characteristic of automatic transmission and advantage of expert system, this paper proposes an expert system structure suitable for off-line fault diagnosis for automatic transmission, and on this basis, an expert system software for off-line fault … Related articles

Online Diagnostic Expert System for Detection of Breast Cancer in Saudi Arabia Y Qawqzeh, KNA Sattar – International Journal of Computer …, 2015 – search.proquest.com Abstract Breast ailments have affected women since the time of the pharaohs, and can be traced back to the beginning of recorded medical history. It still poses a significant threat to the population. Statistics from the National Cancer Institute place breast cancer at the top … Related articles All 2 versions

Design of Diagnostic Expert System for Elevator System Based on FTA [J] Q ZONG, G LI, M GUO – Control Engineering of China, 2013 – en.cnki.com.cn Fault diagnosis is one of the hot topics in the field of elevator safety. A diagnostic expert system (ES) for elevators based on fault tree analysis (FTA) was designed, a fault diagnostic method of elevator system including a FTA model and a diagnostic knowledge database …

Diagnostic expert system with application in maritime affairs S Cavar, I Zakarija, V BATOS, C Carica – A Case Study, University of …, 2010 – iiis.org ABSTRACT Expert systems have a wide range of applications in everyday life and because of their modular nature and simple integration in various programming languages, could be used to solve even the most difficult problems. Therefore the proposed system describes … Related articles All 2 versions

Research on mechanism to integrate sheep disease diagnostic expert system with dual-kernel reasoning JX Liu, JR Wang, WX Tan – Computer Engineering and Design, 2010 – en.cnki.com.cn In order to better utilization rate of field knowledge, to improve reasoning accuracy and to build contrast of inference result, the article researches on the diagnosis of goat disease, initiating ideology of binary kernel reasoning based on one knowledge base, designing … All 2 versions

A New Approach for Developing Diagnostic Expert Systems on Mobile Phones Y Abdelhamid, M El-Helly – Communications in Information …, 2013 – search.proquest.com Abstract Mobile phones are nowadays the most popular and widely used means of communication for its compact size, versatility, and ease of handling. Expert systems (ES) are intelligent software applications that utilize acquired expertise from experts in a … Related articles All 2 versions

Computer-based diagnostic expert systems in rheumatology: where do we stand in 2014? H Alder, BA Michel, C Marx, G Tamborrini… – International journal of …, 2014 – hindawi.com Background. The early detection of rheumatic diseases and the treatment to target have become of utmost importance to control the disease and improve its prognosis. However, establishing a diagnosis in early stages is challenging as many diseases initially present … Related articles All 8 versions

DDES: Dyeing Diagnostic Expert System for the Textile Coloration M Goodarz, RMA Malek, F Mazaheri, T Shenasa – researchgate.net Abstract—Textile dyeing is a complicated process, so that quality of its final product is affected by the seemingly countless variables. As a consequence, diagnosing problems in this process is a very complex task. Troubleshooting process has been conventionally … Related articles