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Internet Duct Tape: integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

In IT, systems integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally. In general, middleware is computer software that provides services to software applications beyond those available from the operating system, often described as “software glue”. An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a programming environment for writing code. IDEs are useful for integrating different programs in a given programming language. Visual programming lets users create programs graphically rather than textually.

Mashups use and combine data, presentation or functionality from two or more sources to create new services, and implies easy, fast integration. Mashups are characterized by combination, visualization, and aggregation, frequently using open Application programming interfaces (API) and data sources to produce enriched results. Mashups are generally client applications or hosted online. Mashup composition tools are usually simple enough to be used by end-users, and generally do not require programming skills and rather support visual wiring of GUI widgets, services and components together.

Yahoo! Pipes is a web application from Yahoo! that provides a graphical user interface for building data mashups that aggregate web feeds, web pages, and other services, creating Web-based apps from various sources, and publishing those apps. The application works by enabling users to “pipe” information from different sources and then set up rules for how that content should be modified. Yahoo! Pipes is my idea of a perfect cloud based middleware. The problem is that the performance is not enterprise grade. I would be happy to pay a reasonable amount for a premium Pipes service with better performance. I’m not clear on the distinction between cloud based middleware and visual IDE. Yahoo! Pipes has both web service and YQL modules providing for a high level of customizations. It also has regex modules for infinite variety of processing. Further, Pipes outputs in numerous formats, including json, csv, html, etc. I’m doing a wide variety of things with Pipes, way beyond just processing feeds.

Cloud-based WYSIWYG programming middleware, like Yahoo! Pipes, would be ideal; however, in reality a more robust, “enterprise grade” solution than Yahoo! Pipes is required. I recently found Cordys Process Factory, and made a webpage aggregating videos about it; unfortunately so far, the various critiques about Cordys on the web seem to be holding true. I found Cordys by checking Wikipedia Category:Mashup (web application hybrid). I’m not really happy with the “mashup platform” designation; I’m really more interested in cloud based middleware, or visual IDE. IBM Web Experience Factory is a Java based rapid application development environment. According to IBM, Web Experience Factory supercharges delivery of enterprise ready, standards based, Web 2.0 applications with rich, interactive interfaces that deliver exceptional web experiences to desktop browsers, smart phones and tablets. JackBe Presto is marketed as an enterprise mashup platform. Presto provides real-time intelligence through functionality for self-service, on-demand data integration, and business dashboards. JackBe launched a cloud computing-based version of its Presto product in March 2010, hosted on Amazon EC2.

Ozone Widget Framework is a web desktop or webtop environment. OWF is a lightweight framework for web application development, developed by the US NSA Central Security Service, and released as Government Open Source Software (GOSS), apparently scheduled to be available on GitHub by 30 September 2012. A webtop integrates web applications, web services, client–server applications, application servers, and applications on the local client into a desktop environment using the desktop metaphor. Web desktops provide an environment similar to that of Windows, Mac, or a graphical user interface on Unix and Linux systems. A key driver for OWF has been to enable rapid capability delivery by lowering time-to-market with lightweight components for complex event processing.





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