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There are no “off the shelf” or ready made chatbot integration packages available.  There are only various chatbot engines and cloud services.  Various integration technologies include desktop software, cloud hosted software, and “software as a service” in the cloud.  Generally, graphical (GUI) “middleware” is desktop software.  Graphical (GUI) “integrated development environment” (IDE) may be desktop or SaaS.  “Integration platform as a service” (iPaaS) may be either graphical (GUI) or comandline, but in the cloud.  Workflow automation is generally graphical (GUI), and may or may not include linking actual underlying processes.  The  “Integration User Interface” page presents some idealized depictions of what would be required.

Broad categories of integration solutions include:


Artificial intelligence systems integration | Robotics middleware


Middleware and Cloud Computing (2011) .. by @frankmunz

Proceedings of the Paralinguistic Information and Its Integration in Spoken Dialogue Systems Workshop (2011)

Systems and Frameworks for Computational Morphology: Second International Workshop, SFCM 2011

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