Story Generation Systems 2018


  • Agent-based story generation
  • Automated story generator
  • Automatic story generation
  • Branching dialog system
  • Digital storytelling
  • Interactive drama
  • Interactive drama system
  • Interactive story generation
  • Narrative generation
  • Narrative generation system
  • Story generation system
  • Story generator
  • Story text generation
  • Storytelling agent
  • Storytelling system
  • Virtual story generation
  • Virtual storyteller
  • Virtual storytelling




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Controllable neural story generation via reinforcement learning
P Tambwekar, M Dhuliawala, A Mehta… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2018 –
… Martin et al. 2018; Fan, Lewis, and Dauphin 2018). To date, most existing open story generation systems lack the ability to receive guidance from the user to achieve a *Denotes equal contribution. specific goal. For example …

Event representations for automated story generation with deep neural nets
LJ Martin, P Ammanabrolu, X Wang, W Hancock… – Thirty-Second AAAI …, 2018 –
… Introduction Automated story generation is the problem of automatically selecting a sequence of events, actions, or words that can be told as a story. To date, most story generation systems have used symbolic planning (Young et al. 2013) or case-based reasoning (Gervás et al …

Story Generation and Aviation Incident Representation
P Clark – arXiv preprint arXiv:1802.04818, 2018 –
… suspense and intrigue. These differences are important when considering the relevance of story generation systems to incident generation. Early work on story generation systems (most notably Meehan’s TALE-SPIN [Meehan, 1977 …

Narratology and creativity
A Abe – Content Generation Through Narrative Communication …, 2018 –
… He is still developing a story-generation system. Currently, it can generate a story outline after setting characters in the story … discussed the Story Generator Project. In their paper, they reviewed many story- generation systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) as follows …

A Demonstration of an Intelligent Storytelling System
YG Cheong, WH Park, HY Yu – 2018 ACM Multimedia Conference on …, 2018 –
… education, and training domains. In this paper, we demonstrate an intelligent story generation system which plans a story using an AI planner. It then displays the story as a 3D animation using the Unity Game engine. The central idea …

Subjective Experience of Plan-Based Intention Revision
RM Young –
… interactive narrative. 2. Previous Work We review three areas of previous work that our approach builds upon. The first, story generation, provides a brief overview of story generation systems and representation. We focus primarily …

Predicting generated story quality with quantitative measures
C Purdy, X Wang, L He, M Riedl – Fourteenth Artificial Intelligence and …, 2018 –
… Most story generation systems are capable of producing stories of only a few sentences to a paragraph … 2013; Zhu and Ontanón 2013). Human-subject studies typically involve the subjects interacting with the story generation system or with the gen- erated stories of the system …

Afanasyev: A collaborative architectural model for automatic story generation
E Concepción, P Gervás, G Méndez – 5th AISB Symposium on …, 2018 –
… stories. So, the terms story generation system and storytelling system can be considered equivalent … model. So, as the story generation systems are becoming more complex, they are being designed in a much more modular way …

INES: A reconstruction of the Charade storytelling system using the Afanasyev Framework
E Concepción, P Gervás, G Méndez –
… It is a knowledge base generated from the contributions of the involved story generation systems … In this particular case, the adaptation of a purely agent-based simulation-oriented story generation system to a microservice-based pre-existing framework was particu- larly …

Skald: Exploring Story Generation and Interactive Storytelling by Reconstructing Minstrel
BR Tearse – 2018 –
… it is also often cited (eg, [Gervas, 2009, Sharples, 1997, Wardrip-Fruin, 2009]). Minstrel is often included in lists of seminal story-generation systems alongside … The earliest ded- icated story generation system was Klein et al.’s 1971 Automatic Novel Writer …

Quality signals in generated stories
M Sagarkar, J Wieting, L Tu, K Gimpel – Proceedings of the Seventh Joint …, 2018 –
… They explore the various factors that affect the quality of a story by measuring feature values for different story generation systems, but they do not obtain any … Since this method is similar to an information retrieval-based story generation system, we refer to it as RETRIEVAL …

Towards controllable story generation
N Peng, M Ghazvininejad, J May, K Knight – Proceedings of the First …, 2018 –
… et al., 2017; Fu et al., 2017). people would want to control a story generation system to produce interesting and personalized stories. This paper emphasizes the controllability as- pect. We propose a completely data-driven ap …

Exploring connections between primitive decomposition of natural language and hierarchical planning
M Roberts, NRL NAVY – 2018 –
… Recently story generation systems have successfully been integrated with automated planning systems to produce narratives or dialogues that are believable to human audiences because the characters in the narratives perform acts that align with commonsense goals and …

Towards controllable story generation
N May, K Knight – NAACL Workshop, 2018 –
… et al., 2017; Fu et al., 2017). people would want to control a story generation system to produce interesting and personalized stories. This paper emphasizes the controllability as- pect. We propose a completely data-driven ap …

dAIrector: Automatic Story Beat Generation through Knowledge Synthesis
M Eger, KW Mathewson – arXiv preprint arXiv:1811.03423, 2018 –
… engineering [RY10]. Open story generation systems use machine learning techniques to learn representations of the domain from the training data and incorporate knowledge from an external corpus [LLUJR13]. Martin et al. [MAW …

Using Feelings in Images to Support Storytelling Games
GP Dal Molin, P do Rio Grande do Sul, SR Musse –
… The major challenge in this area is the knowledge-intensive nature to be able to generate and tell stories in any domain. Using the proposed Open Story Generation system, the players can learn about a particular domain. They …

Automatic plot generation framework for scenario creation
Y Kawano, E Takaya, K Yamanobe… – … Conference on Interactive …, 2018 – Springer
… Examples of story generation systems that do not use a plot graph include the non-linear interactive storytelling game engine (NoLIST) [12], which uses a Bayesian network, and the open ended Proppian interactive adaptive tale engine (OPIATE) [13], which uses a planning …

Story Generation with Deep Reinforcement Learning
N Dass – 2018 –
… Story creation is a planning process—it is driven by the author’s goals as a storyteller (Sharples, 1999). Most story generation systems have used symbolic planning algorithms (Meehan, 1977; Lebowitz, 1987; Pérez y Pérez & Sharples, 2001; Riedl & Young, 2010) or case …

Human-Guided Evolutionary Story Narration
K Wang, V Bui, E Petraki, HA Abbass – IEEE Access, 2018 –
… medium, such as text or video and in English or Chinese. Building automatic story generation systems needs to address the following research questions: (1) Of what is a story composed? From a linguistic point of view, as it is a …

Factor Analysis of Utterances in Japanese Fiction-Writing Based on BCCWJ Speaker Information Corpus
H Murai – Advances in Human-Computer Interaction, 2018 –
… developed. Moreover, such mechanisms would be conversely applicable to automatic story generation systems. Among the various elements in story texts, conversational sentences are a challenge for automatic processing …

Storytelling by a Show of Hands: A framework for interactive embodied storytelling in robotic agents
P Wicke, T Veale –
… Scéalextric [50] is one automated story-generation system that uses symbolic representations of characters, actions and causal consequences to invent and render stories with morals. At its core the system is built around action triplets such as the following …

An User-Friendly Recital Teller System
B Dhanalaxmi, IR Kumar, B Vishal – International Journal of Pure and …, 2018 –
… Every story generation system defines its specific knowledge representation for supporting the storytelling process. Thus, there is a shared need amongst all the systems: the knowledge must be expressed unambiguously to avoid inconsistencies …

Generating Stories Using Role-playing Games and Simulated Human-like Conversations
A Tapscott, C León, P Gervás – Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on …, 2018 –
… tion. In this paper we introduce a story generation system that recreates the player interaction sequence that takes place in a tabletop role-playing game (essentially a human storyteller and a player character conversation). We …

Using Social Media Posts as Knowledge Resource for Generating Life Stories
RKMJ Te, JMM Lam, E Ong – Proceedings of the 32nd Pacific Asia …, 2018 –
… stories about their life events anytime and anywhere as they happen. Automated story generation systems can be designed to utilize this vast knowledge resource. In this paper, we describe the approach we used in sourcing …

Wheels Within Wheels: A Causal Treatment of Image Schemas in An Embodied Storytelling System.
P Wicke, T Veale – TriCoLore (C3GI/ISD/SCORE), 2018 –
… 3. Image Schemas in Creative Story-Generation and Story-telling We tie these schemas and their gestures to specific actions in the repertoire of the story- generation system. We build upon the Scéalextric system of [9], since its approach is explicitly action-centred …

Statistical language modelling for automatic story generation
M Vicente, C Barros, E Lloret – Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy …, 2018 –
… Although there is still a lot of room for improvement, the preliminary results show that statistical language models can definitely contribute to the development of more adaptive and flexible story generation systems, thus providing mechanisms that can be extended to other kind …

An evaluation of the impact of constraints on the perceived creativity of narrative generating software
L Mckeown, A Jordanous – 2018 –
… They highlight that a common difficulty when assessing story generation systems is the lack of an agreed upon comparative structure (Pérez y Pérez and Sharples 2004). To solve this they proposed some rules for evaluation stating that …

Tarot-based narrative generation
A Sullivan, MP Eladhari, M Cook – … on the Foundations of Digital Games, 2018 –
… well. While tarot-based systems are not as prevalent, story generation systems certainly are … The system could also be expanded upon to be a more robust brainstorming tool by adding depth to the story generation system. To …

Building a Commonsense Knowledge Base for a Collaborative Storytelling Agent
DT Ong, CR De Jesus, LK Gilig, JB Alburo… – Pacific Rim Knowledge …, 2018 – Springer
… relationships. This type of reasoning has been explored in the MakeBelieve [20] story generation system which performs logical reasoning on the cause and effect relations of a chain of events found in ConceptNet. Commonsense …

Content-based Analysis and Visualization of Story Complexity
L Flekova, F Stoffel, I Gurevych, DA Keim – 2018 –
… Chambers and Jurafsky (2009) proposed unsupervised narrative schemas by performing an induction of situation-specific semantic roles and linked them to event chains. Exploiting these schemas, McIntyre and Lapata (2010) created a story generation system …

Reciprocative Framework For Efficacious Learnability And Content Management In Mobile Augmented Reality Ambiance
M Durairaj – 2018 –
… Norbert braun [137]. While authoring such interactive stories, based on morphological story model, respective functions and roles were assigned and performed successfully by the story generation system. An MAR which augments 3D character and animations with audio was …

Automated Assistance for Creative Writing with an RNN Language Model
M Roemmele, AS Gordon – … of the 23rd International Conference on …, 2018 –
… In ICIDS 2015. Springer International Publishing. 5. Melissa Roemmele, Andrew S Gordon, and Reid Swanson. 2017. Evaluating Story Generation Systems Using Automated Linguistic Analyses. In SIGKDD 2017 Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity.

Novel Theory and Technology in Modernist Britain
H Fielding – 2018 –
… Nick Montfort justifies the title’s key category as an inclusive term for describing electronic literature, even though “there are some related activities that would seem to be left out of IDN [inter- active digital narrative] strictly interpreted,” including “story generation systems that are …

Storifying observed events: Could I dress this up as a story?
P Gervás – Proc. 5th AISB Symp. Comput. Creativity, 2018 –
… range of relevant features. Existing story generation systems often rely on extremely simple solutions for rendering their results as text [8], far removed from the state of the art in natural language generation. This disconnect – be …

Storytelling and visualization: An extended survey
C Tong, R Roberts, R Borgo, S Walton, R Laramee… – Information, 2018 –
… Video processing also falls outside the scope of the survey [34]. Language processing: Theune et al. [62] develop a story generation system. It can create story plots automatically based on the actions of intelligent agents living in a virtual story world …

Dungeons and DQNs: Toward Reinforcement Learning Agents that Play Tabletop Roleplaying Games.
LJ Martin, S Sood, M Riedl – INTWICED@ AIIDE, 2018 –
… Recently, machine learning has been used to build story generation systems that automatically acquire knowledge about domains and how to tell stories from natural language corpora [LLUJR13, SG12, RG15, KBT17, GAG+17, MAW+18] …

Neural Networks for Narrative Continuation
M Roemmele – 2018 –
… formalize computationally. Gervás (2009) provides an overview of the characteris- tics of narrative that are most relevant to automated story generation systems, but … 2.3 Interactive Storytelling While many story generation systems are intended to produce stories autonomously …

Story scrambler-automatic text generation using word level RNN-LSTM
D Pawade, A Sakhapara, M Jain… – Int. J. Inf. Technol …, 2018 –
… For learning and sequence generation sequence-to- sequence recurrent neural network architecture [14] is implemented. Boyang Li et al. [11] proposed “SCHEHERAZADE” which is a story generation system using Crowdsourced Plot Graphs. For any activity, a graph is plotted …

Interview with the Robot: Question-Guided Collaboration in a Storytelling System.
P Wicke, T Veale – ICCC, 2018 –
… collaboration. A co- creative approach to storytelling is found in the Mable sys- tem of (Singh, Ackerman, and Pérez y Pérez 2017), which builds on the Mexica story generation system to write lyrics for a ballad that tells a tale …

Rethinking summarization and storytelling for modern social multimedia
S Rudinac, TS Chua, N Diaz-Ferreyra… – … on Multimedia Modeling, 2018 – Springer
… We argue that summarization and story generation systems need to refocus the problem space in order to meet the information needs in the age of user-generated content in different formats and languages. Here we create a framework for flexible multimedia storytelling …

Storytelling and Visualization: A Survey.
C Tong, RC Roberts, RS Laramee… – VISIGRAPP (3 …, 2018 –
… al., 2015). Language Processing: Theune et al. (Theune et al., 2006) develop a story generation system. It can create story plots automatically based on the actions of intelligent agents living in a virtual story world. The derived …

Computer-Driven Creativity Stands At The Forefront Of Artificial Intelligence And Its Potential Impact On Literary Composition
P Gervás – AC/E Digital Culture Annual Report.: Digital Trends in …, 2018 –
… 31. Imabuchi, S., Ogata, T.: Story generation system based on propp’s theory as a mechanism in narrative generation system … 35. León, C., Gervás, P.: A top-down design methodology based on causality and chronology for developing assisted story generation systems …

Automatic detection of narrative structure for high-level story representation
M Droog-Hayes, G Wiggins… – The 5th AISB …, 2018 –
… Unlike story generation, summarization has not traditionally been considered a computationally creative task. However, just as a human writer would draw on their knowledge of other stories, so do many story generation systems …

Learning Generative Models of Social Interactions with Humans-in-the-Loop
D Feng, P Sequeira, E Carstensdottir… – 2018 17th IEEE …, 2018 –
… Roemmele et al. [24] proposed several linguistic features that can be used to evaluate story generation systems. However, Wang et al. [25] showed that traditional language generative metrics, such as BLEU and perplexity, do not apply to creative content generation …

Mímisbrunnur: A Mixed-Initiative Authoring Tool for Interactive Storytelling
IS Stefnisson – 2018 –
… 1.1 Background Before I can present my authoring tool, some background concepts need to be ex- plained. These include what I mean by “mixed-initiative system” and how my target story generation system operates. 1.1.1 Mixed-Initiative Systems …

Design and Implementation of Character interaction based storytelling authoring tool
YK Son, SK Kim – ????????? ???, 2018 –
… 2011. 9. Minhyung Lee, Sung Hyun Moon, Seokyoo Kim, Sangyong Han. “Control of NPC Behavior Using Constraints-based Story Generation System.” Journal of The Korean Society for Computer Game 18, pp.81-88, 2009. 10 …

Intention Revision of Plan-Based Agents for Narrative Generation.
AA Amos-Binks – 2018 –
Page 1. ABSTRACT AMOS-BINKS, ADAM ALEXIS. Intention Revision of Plan-Based Agents for Narrative Generation. (Under the direction of R. Michael Young and David Roberts). Narrative is context where intention plays a …

Playable experiences at AIIDE 2018
B Samuel, A Reed, E Short, S Heck, B Robison… – … Artificial Intelligence and …, 2018 –
… Otherwise, the participants playing the random version first significantly preferred the intelligent one. In conclusion, we hope other researchers could utilize this system to visualize their experiments and evaluate their story generation systems …

Introducing Mood and Affinity to Generate Brief Template-based Dialogues in Storytelling Systems.
A Oñate, G Méndez, P Gervás – TriCoLore (C3GI/ISD/SCORE), 2018 –
… 4. Conclusion In this paper, the use of templates for dialogue generation in Spanish in the context of story generation systems has been described, along with the use of the characters’ mood and mutual affinity to select the responses in a proposal-like dialogue …

Confronting a paradox: a new perspective of the impact of uncertainty in suspense
P Delatorre, C León, AG Salguero… – Frontiers in …, 2018 –
Suspense is a key narrative issue in terms of emotional gratifications. Reactions in response to this type of entertainment are positively related to enjoyment, having a significant impact on the audience’s immersion and suspension of disbelief. Related to computational modelling …

Content Determination for Chess as a Source for Suspenseful Narratives
R Doust, P Gervás – Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Computational …, 2018 –
… AAAI, AIIDE2005,, pages 21–26. Yun-Gyung Cheong and R Michael Young. 2015. Sus- penser: A story generation system for suspense. IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, 7(1):39–52. Pablo Delatorre and Barbara Arf`e. 2015 …

Content Generation Through Narrative Communication and Simulation
T Ogata, S Asakawa – 2018 –
Page 1. Content Generation Through Narrative Communication and Simulation Takashi Ogata Iwate Prefectural University, Japan Shin Asakawa Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, Japan A volume in the Advances in Linguistics …

Narrative Improvisation: Simulating Game Master Choices
J Strugnell, M Berry, F Zambetta, S Greuter – International Conference on …, 2018 – Springer
… In: FuturePlay, London, Ontario, Canada (2006)Google Scholar. 5. Gygax, G., Arneson, D.: Dungeons and Dragons. Tactical Studies Rules, Lake Geneva (1974)Google Scholar. 6. Jaya, A., Uma, GV: A knowledge based study on automatic story generation system. Int. J. Comput …

Narrative Improvisation: Simulating Game Master Choices
S Greuter – … : 11th International Conference on Interactive Digital …, 2018 –
… In: FuturePlay, London, Ontario, Canada (2006) 5. Gygax, G., Arneson, D.: Dungeons and Dragons. Tactical Studies Rules, Lake Geneva (1974) 6. Jaya, A., Uma, GV: A knowledge based study on automatic story generation system. Int. J. Comput. Intell. Res …

From my pen to your ears: automatic production of radio plays from unstructured story text
ET Chourdakis, J REISS – 2018 –
… and even music. We will examine those elements in a future work. Finally, the method we presented could be combined with an automatic story generation system to generate an auto- matic storyteller. An example would be …

Improbotics: Exploring the Imitation Game using Machine Intelligence in Improvised Theatre
KW Mathewson, P Mirowski – arXiv preprint arXiv:1809.01807, 2018 –
… Improbotics is focused on developing improvised dia- logue in scenic improvisation. While critical to human- machine theatrical co-creation, this is only a small compo- nent of a larger automated story generation system. Incor …

A Systematic Survey of 15 Years of User Studies Published in the Intelligent Virtual Agents Conference.
N Norouzi, K Kim, J Hochreiter, M Lee, S Daher… – IVA, 2018 –
Page 1. A Systematic Survey of 15 Years of User Studies Published in the Intelligent Virtual Agents Conference Nahal Norouzi Kangsoo Kim Jason Hochreiter …

Combining Intentionality and Belief: Revisiting Believable Character Plans
A Shirvani, R Farrell, SG Ware – Fourteenth Artificial Intelligence and …, 2018 –
… Cheong, Y.-G., and Young, RM 2015. Suspenser: a story generation system for suspense. IEEE Transactions on Com- putational Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence in Games 7(1):39–52. Christian, D., and Young, RM 2004. Strategic deception in agents …

Human Performance Enhancement
AM Madni – Transdisciplinary Systems Engineering, 2018 – Springer
… Cogn Sci. 1978;2(2):155–92.CrossRefGoogle Scholar. 9. Riedl MO, Young RM. An objective character believability evaluation procedure for multi-agent story generation systems. Intelligent virtual agents. New York: Springer Science + Business Media; 2005 …

From Models to Stories
AM Madni – Transdisciplinary Systems Engineering, 2018 – Springer
… While technologies exist that can generate stories from a relatively small set of input knowledge, these technologies are still relatively nascent despite nearly 30 years of research in story generation systems. This is where the opportunity exists …

Yarn: generating storyline visualizations using htn planning
K Padia, KH Bandara, CG Healey – Graphics Interface, 2018 –
Page 1. Graphics Interface Conference 2018 8-11 May, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Copyright held by authors. Permission granted to CHCCS/SCDHM to publish in print and digital form, and ACM to publish electronically. Yarn …

Generating background NPCs motion and grouping behavior based on real video sequences
P Knob, M Alcantara, E Testa, R Favaretto… – Entertainment …, 2018 – Elsevier
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Adventures in Data-driven Game Content Generation
GAB Barros – 2018 –
Page 1. Page 2. ProQuest Number: All rights reserved INFORMATION TO ALL USERS The quality of this reproduction is dependent upon the quality of the copy submitted. In the unlikely event that the author did not send a complete …

DATA agent
MC Green, GAB Barros, A Liapis… – Proceedings of the 13th …, 2018 –
Page 1. DATA Agent Michael Cerny Green Tandon School of Engineering, New York University New York City, NY Gabriella AB Barros gabbbarros@gmail. com Tandon School of Engineering, New York University New York City, NY …

Functional Unit Analysis: Framing and Aesthetics for Computational Storytelling.
S Wilke, L Berov – TriCoLore (C3GI/ISD/SCORE), 2018 –
… pp. 24–31 (2018) [4] Charnley, JW, Pease, A., Colton, S.: On the notion of framing in computational creativity. In: Proceedings of the Third ICCC. pp. 77–81 (2012) [5] Cheong, YG, Young, M.: Suspenser: A story generation system for suspense. IEEE Trans. Comput. Intell …

Survey of the state of the art in natural language generation: Core tasks, applications and evaluation
A Gatt, E Krahmer – Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 2018 –
Page 1. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 61 (2018) 65-170 Submitted 02/17; published 01/18 Survey of the State of the Art in Natural Language Generation: Core tasks, applications and evaluation Albert Gatt …

Studying believability assessment in racing games
C Pacheco, L Tokarchuk, D Pérez-Liébana – Proceedings of the 13th …, 2018 –
Page 1. Studying Believability Assessment in Racing Games Cristiana Pacheco Queen Mary University of London London, United Kingdom Laurissa Tokarchuk Queen Mary University of London London, United Kingdom …

User-generated content in social media (Dagstuhl Seminar 17301)
TS Chua, N Fuhr, G Grefenstette, K Järvelin… – Dagstuhl …, 2018 –
Page 1. Report from Dagstuhl Seminar 17301 User-Generated Content in Social Media Edited by Tat-Seng Chua1, Norbert Fuhr2, Gregory Grefenstette3, Kalervo Järvelin4, and Jaakko Peltonen5 1 National University of Singapore …

Generating Content
GN Yannakakis, J Togelius – Artificial Intelligence and Games, 2018 – Springer
Page 1. Chapter 4 Generating Content Procedural content generation (PCG) [616] is an area of game AI that has seen an explosive growth of interest. While games that incorporate some procedurally generated content have …

The Genesis Enterprise: Taking artificial intelligence to another level via a computational account of human story understanding
PH Winston, D Holmes – 2018 –
Page 1. COMPUTATIONAL MODELS OF HUMAN INTELLIGENCE CMHI Report Number 1 15 December 2018 The Genesis Enterprise: Taking Artificial Intelligence to another Level via a Computational Account of Human Story Understanding …

Automated Storytelling: Generating and Evaluating Story Chains
JT Rigsby III – 2018 –
Page 1. AUTOMATED STORYTELLING: GENERATING AND EVALUATING STORY CHAINS by John Thomas Rigsby III A Dissertation Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of George Mason University In Partial fulfillment of The …

Network-Based Procedural Story Generation
MRF Mendonça, A Ziviani – Computers in Entertainment (CIE), 2018 –
Page 1. Network-Based Procedural Story Generation MATHEUS RF MENDONÇA and ARTUR ZIVIANI, National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LNCC) Procedural story generation has become an important research area …

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