Automated Journalism: Google Digital News Initiative


The Google News Initiative is a program launched by Google in 2018 to support the development and sustainability of high-quality journalism and to help news organizations adapt to the digital age. The initiative includes a range of programs and initiatives focused on supporting the journalism industry, including training and education programs, technology and tools for journalists, and partnerships with news organizations and media companies.

One aspect of the Google News Initiative is the use of automated journalism, also known as robotic journalism or machine-generated journalism. Automated journalism refers to the use of technology and algorithms to generate news articles and other content without human intervention. This can include everything from simple news summaries and data reports to more complex articles and multimedia content.

Automated journalism is often used to generate repetitive or routine news stories, such as sports scores or stock market reports, which can be time-consuming for human journalists to produce. It can also be used to create multimedia content, such as interactive graphics or data visualizations, and to fact-check and verify information.



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