Automated Journalism: Reuters Lynx Insight


Reuters Lynx Insight is a platform developed by Reuters that uses natural language generation technology to automatically generate sentences based on data inputs. It is designed to help journalists quickly and easily create articles and stories by providing machine-generated sentences that they can drag and drop into their own articles.

While Reuters Lynx Insight can generate sentences, its main focus is on providing data rather than generating complete articles. It allows journalists to input data and specify the structure of the sentences that they want to generate, and then uses natural language generation algorithms to automatically generate the sentences based on the data and structure provided.

Reuters Lynx Insight is intended to help journalists save time and effort by providing machine-generated sentences that they can use in their own articles, rather than having to write every sentence from scratch. This can be particularly useful for articles that require a large amount of data-driven content, such as financial reports and sports statistics.

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[Apr 2019]