How can I build an intelligent chat bot?

How can I build an intelligent chat bot?

I submit there is no public example of a “highly intelligent chatbot” available to date.

Today, this is known as Artificial general intelligence.  Previously it was known as Strong AI.  There is a Quora topic for Artificial General Intelligence (into which Strong AI appears to be merged).  Increasingly, we are hearing the term Superintelligence, due to Nick Bostrom’s 2014 book Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies.  I actually prefer the term Synthetic intelligence, which takes the inherent copying of natural intelligence out of “artificial” intelligence.  (I am also of the belief that the Turing test has proven to be a Red herring, in reinforcing the distraction of Anthropomorphism.)

Addendum: Among roboticists, there is a school of thought, which holds that embodiment, full sensory input, is a prerequisite for true intelligence.  (Therefore, strictly speaking, a chatbot could not become “highly intelligent”.)


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