How do I create RSS feed out of images?

How do I create RSS feed out of images?

If these images can be viewed in a browser then they have a URL.  RSS requires elements or fields [1].  Yahoo! Pipes is *great* in that it allows you to monkey around freely with all the elements, below.  For instance, if you start with just a URL, or list of URLs (TXT/CSV), you can copy it to all the fields (pubDate optional), using the “Create RSS” module.  Then you can attack each field or element using the “Regex” module to add, subtract or replace basically anything you want.  I’ve found that if you run your Pipe output through Feedburner, it can correct certain inconsistencies, such as lack of proper pubDate.  I recommend starting with my Meta Guide webpage, “100 Best Yahoo Pipes Videos” [2].

– title

– description

– link

– guid

– pubDate