Is there AI for writing and language arts?

Is there AI for writing and language arts?

Is there a computer program that can understand short stories, articles or paragraphs?

Natural language processing is as far from Natural language understandingas bricks are from a house….  As far as I know, there is no benchmark for NLU, other than perhaps the much maligned Turing test

In fact, DARPA has recently launched a new program for new benchmarks, calledCommunicating with Computers (CWC).  Previously, DARPA had announced the “Machine Reading Program”, subsequently renamed Probabilistic Programming for Advanced Machine Learning (PPAML), apparently in effect through July 2017.

I believe that only Natural language generation is a true test of Natural language understanding.  Therefore, the current batch of NLG companies represent “state of the art” in making sense of raw data, and are listed below.  Further, I maintain that “stories, articles or paragraphs” must first be broken down into (raw) data, which is more or less what NLP does….

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