What are good alternatives to Yahoo! Pipes?

What are good alternatives to Yahoo! Pipes?

I feel like this is a very important question, but do not have a clear answer yet.  I’m worried that the deteriorating condition of Yahoo Inc may not bode well for the future of Yahoo Pipes….  I believe that DERI Pipes is not currently operational.  Of course, the *idea* of DERI Pipes is fantastic, just like the *idea* of Yahoo Pipes is great….

I’ve been struggling some days with Superfeedr Superpipes [1], and haven’t succeeded in getting it to work properly.  I recently found Cordys Process Factory, and made a webpage aggregating videos about it [2]; unfortunately so far, the various critiques about Cordys on the web seem to be holding true.  I found Cordys by checking Wikipedia Category:Mashup (web application hybrid) [3].  I’m not really happy with the “mashup platform” designation; I’m really more interested in cloud based middleware, or visual IDE.  See also my recent replies to What are the best characteristics of a middleware platform? & RSS: Is there a viable replacement for Feedburner for bulk feed management? .

[1] http://github.com/superfeedr/superpipes

[2] http://www.meta-guide.com/home/twitterbots/best-cordys-process-factory-videos

[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Mashup_(web_application_hybrid)

See also my new quick and dirty webpage: