What are Paper.li competitors?

What are Paper.li competitors?

I would like to expand on Kitano and O’Brien’s answers. I am seeing 2 sectors here. One I’m calling “robojournalism”, and the other “curation”. Robojournalism may be “newspaper” or “magazine” formats. Robojournalism also includes “summarization”[1] or “text synthesis”[2], and there are topics for these on Quora. Curation may be automated or manual.

Paper.li (@SmallRivers) and TweetedTimes.com (@TwtTimes) come under the newspaper format. And, Postano.com (@ilpostano), Twylah.com (@Twylah), and Scoop.it (@scoopit) qualify as magazine formats. There are differences here, some do your inside stream, some do outside stream, others follow hashtags or multiple streams, and Scoop.it is manual curation though magazine format.

So-called “summarizers” include Summify.com (@summify), Strawberryj.am (@strawberryapp), Knowabout.it (@knwbt), News.me (@newsdotme), and Topicmarks.com (@topicmarks).

Examples of more advanced “text synthesis” robojournalism include AutomatedInsights.com (@AInsights), formerly StatSheet, and NarrativeScience.com (@narrativesci).

[1] http://www.quora.com/Summarization

[2] http://www.quora.com/Text-Synthesis