What are some of the best chatterbots?

What are some of the best chatterbots?

Cleverbot.com [1] is arguably the most popular.  The newly popular SimiSimi mobile app is perhaps a close second, particularly in Asia.  Wikipedia contains both a Category:Chatterbots [3] and a List of chatterbots [4].  Chatbots.org also maintains a relatively up to date Directory [5].

As for what “best” really means, the sky is the limit….  Guile3d.com Denise [6] is probably the best full featured desktop virtual assistant at the moment.  There are a number of learning bots available, such as Zabaware – Ultra Hal Assistant [7].  Ultra Hal is also apparently learning continuously in the cloud from Twitter, and can be interacted with on Twitter @UltraHal [8].  @twthal [9] is another interactive learning chatbot on Twitter by Ai Research (a-i.com).

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