What is the best chatbot in 2015?

What is the best chatbot in 2015?


Loebner Prize @ Bletchley Park

Important Dates

Entry Submission Deadline: Wednesday 1st July 2015

Announcement of Finalists: Monday 3rd August 2015 Finalists Announced!

Finals Day:  Saturday 19th September 2015


2015 Selection Results

The prize received 16 entries this year, with 15 able to be executed.  They were tested using the same scoring system as in 2014 with the following set of questions.  Transcripts will be added to the leaderboard in due course.  Congratulations to the four finalists and commiserations to the rest.

Entry Score

  • Mitsuku 83.33%
  • Lisa 80.00%
  • Izar 76.67%
  • Rose 75.00%
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