What is the best program with the best AI available to interact with?

What is the best program with the best AI available to interact with?

“Best program” and “best AI” are two different beasts. Most basically, there are three general categories of “products” available:
1. free and open source packages
2. for-profit, commercial products
3. professional, enterprise-grade solutions

There are plenty of desktop products available, fewer end to end mobile products, and fewer still bundled server products; however, there are a number of managed enterprise-grade solutions available for a price. Typically, these products are either heavy on the interface side, in other words the embodiment, or heavy on the AI side, in other words intelligence. I have not seen one yet that is both really good on the interface side, and really good on the intelligence side.

In terms of intelligence, it basically comes in two types, managed or autonomous. Managed intelligence means that you have complete control over what it says, and autonomous means you don’t really know what it will say or where the answers are coming from. So far, autonomous intelligence is not appropriate for business purposes, such as CRM and Social CRM.

I would say Guile3D Studio is probably the best all around product at the moment for the typical user, for instance DIY home automation; however, this is primarily a desktop product, with a separate mobile product in the pipeline, and no proper server product yet.

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