What open-sourced and accurate speech-to-text engines and APIs currently exist?

What open-sourced and accurate speech-to-text engines and APIs currently exist?

Instead of speech-to-text (STT), Wikipedia has “Speech recognition” [1], otherwise known as automatic speech recognition (ASR).  Wikipedia also has a higher level “Category:Speech recognition” [2]; under which, you can find a “List of speech recognition software” [3].  In terms of open source, Wikipedia includes an entry for “Speech recognition in Linux” [4].

Of course, Nuance is the industry leader.  AT&T is also promoting their “Watson Voice Recognition Technology & Speech API” [5].  Red Shift Company [6] offers “RASR Speech Recognizer”.  Koemei API [7] offers speech to text for video transcription.  Google also has their undocumented HTML5 Chrome speech API.  And in Windows, there is the Microsoft Speech API [8].

In terms of open source, CMUSphinx and their PocketSphinx [9] are probably most popular.  There is also the iOS version of PocketSphinx, called OpenEars [10].  There is an open source JavaScript SpeechAPI [11], similar to the MIT WAMI (Web-Accessible Multimodal Applications) toolkit [12].  Julius [13] is an open source example of “large vocabulary continuous speech recognition” (LVCSR).

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