Why does Cleverbot always change the subject?

Why does Cleverbot always change the subject?

According to the Dialog state tracking challenge handbook (2013):

In dialog systems, “state tracking” – sometimes also called “belief tracking” – refers to accurately estimating the user’s goal as a dialog progresses.

Basically, Cleverbot recycles the replies it receives from humans. Cleverbot, like most “chatterbots”, has no “dialog state tracking”. However, we are seeing an increase in both APIs and “intelligent assistant” applications based on “intents”, a kind of goal orientation or direction using intention as a certain level of abstraction, attempting to track state within a conversation. You could think of “state” as a higher level “map” for driving consistency and coherence across time, over the course of a dialog. This means that although Cleverbot is in its own right a remarkable achievement, it cannot be termed an advanced AI.

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