Symbol Dictionaries & Symbol Encyclopedias


A symbol dictionary is a type of reference work that provides definitions and explanations of symbols, signs, and other graphical elements. It is a collection of information about the meanings and uses of symbols, and it is organized in a way that allows users to easily find and understand the symbols they are looking for.

A symbol encyclopedia is similar to a symbol dictionary, but it is generally more comprehensive and in-depth. It provides detailed information about a wide range of symbols, including their origins, meanings, and uses, as well as historical and cultural context. Symbol encyclopedias are often arranged in alphabetical or thematic order, and they may include illustrations, photographs, and other visual aids to help users understand the symbols.

Both symbol dictionaries and symbol encyclopedias are useful reference works for people who are interested in symbols and their meanings. They can be used to help users understand the meanings and uses of symbols, and to provide context and background information about the symbols. They are often used by artists, designers, writers, and other people who use symbols in their work, as well as by researchers and scholars who study symbols and their meanings.

  • Dictionary building
  • Image sentence mapping
  • Pictorial dictionary
  • Pictorial encyclopedia
  • Picture dictionary
  • Picture encyclopedia
  • Visual analysis
  • Visual-analytics
  • Visual dictionary
  • Visual encyclopedia
  • Visual metaphor
  • Visual-semantic alignment




  • Visual-Effect Dictionary for Converting Words into Visual Images (2017)

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