100 Best GitHub: Personal Assistant


  • openjarvis.com .. an ultra-light and multilingual voice assistant, designed for home automation
  • susi.ai .. open source personal assistant

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[100x Nov 2017]

  • michmich/magicmirror magicmirror² is an open source modular smart mirror platform. with a growing list of installable modules, the magicmi…
  • fossasia/susi_server software and skills for personal assistants using susi ai / artificial intelligence for chat bots
  • ajminich/jarvis a very simple ai-based personal assistant written in python.
  • kalliope-project/kalliope kalliope is a modular always-on voice controlled personal assistant designed for home automation.
  • yoda-pa/yoda personal assistant, based on the command line. herh herh
  • kcaluru/pia pia is a voice controlled personal assistant for chrome.
  • manthanhd/talkify talkify is an open source framework with an aim to standardize and model conversational ai enabling development of pe…
  • zelon88/hrcloud2 a full-featured home hosted cloud drive, personal assistant, app launcher, file converter, streamer, share tool & more!
  • narenaryan/mika a personal assistant bot written for telegram app using telepot
  • evilai/nodejs-bot-platform node.js bot and personal assistants platform. boilerplate, start point, tools, best practices for building bots and p…
  • dongjunlee/kino-bot personal assistant based on slack bot for developer, suitable for personal or small teams
  • cherche/fuchsia an attempt at creating an intelligent virtual personal assistant for the web based on jared cubilla’s jarvis.
  • xingao/tripassistant your personal assistant. you input your preferences and it will recommend your schedule for the day. the app will als…
  • himansh123/personal-assistant a dummy project i made using google text to speech converter and speech recognition library in python. opens youtube,…
  • derhuerst/finn [deprecated] – finn is a siri-like personal assistant running on node.js.
  • matiboy/minion a voice controlled personal assistant framework for distributed systems
  • c0d3rman/jarvis jarvis is a personal assistant that accepts voice commands.
  • yoojungk/libgit the personal assistant system. we use github issues for tracking requests and bugs.
  • forrestchang/neutron an intelligent personal assistant built on raspberry pi, as an inexpensive solution for home automation.
  • nihalharish/trainbuddy android app and back-end that acts as a personal assistant to a person travelling in a train
  • arikalfus/jeeves jeeves is a voice-powered personal assistant designed to help optimize your time by allowing you to listen to the new…
  • lifesizehuman/hal-bot ##project## a “personal assistant” webapp that that allows users to create unique to-do items, search twitter, wikipe…
  • andrewgraber/personal-assistant a python-based, voice activated “personal assistant” i’ve been working on using pyttx, speech_recognition, and tkinter
  • ortoo/personal-assistant a distributed websocket based mechanism for managing queries and pushing updates when the queries change
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