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word-sense-disambiguation [50x Jul 2014]

  • alvations/pywsd .. Python Implementations of Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) Technologies.
  • pippokill/lesk-wsd-dsm .. Enhanced Lesk Word Sense Disambiguation algorithm through a Distributional Semantic Model
  • ai-ku/uwsd .. Unsupervised word sense disambiguation
  • alexrudnick/chipa .. Experiments in cross-language word-sense disambiguation! Hopefully eventually useful.
  • martinthenext/eth_ml .. Projects in Machine Learning ETH team trying to use mechanical turk and active learning for solving word-sense disambiguation task
  • SoarGroup/Domains-WordNet .. This project is a word sense disambiguation task that involves some preliminary work importing a WordNet database into Soar’s Semantic Memory.
  • SoarGroup/Domains-WordNet-with-Parse-Trees .. This project is a word sense disambiguation task that uses a different approach than WordNet for Soar. While they both use the same corpus, this formulation gives the agent a syntactic parse tree (not a graph) and a word, and the agent is asked to disambiguate the word.
  • kenoir/polysemous .. Some old university work in Prolog on word sense disambiguation
  • pippokill/JIGSAW .. JIGSAW is a knowledge-based Word Sense Disambiguation system that attempts to disambiguate all words in a text by exploiting WordNet senses. The main assumption is that a speci?c strategy for each Part-Of-Speech is better than a single strategy.
  • fabioticconi/cl-wsd .. Cross Lingual Word Sense Disambiguation. This is the code used for an exam during my Bachelor. Note: this is very old and unpolished (to use an euphemism :)).
  • alee101/socher-wsd .. Word-sense disambiguation built on Stanford NLP’s sentiment treebank
  • yashaswinis/Word-sense-disambiguation .. Built two word sense disambiguation classifiers (Supervised WSD and Dictionary based WSD) and analyzed their pros and cons by evaluating them on the validation data. Technology used- Java
  • native93/WSD .. The Portal built using web2py is for forming rules of translation between English and Hindi using word sense disambiguation (WSD) which governs the process of identifying the sense of a word in a sentence. A rich interface built to collect data from the user in a highly interactive manner.
  • ghalib/wsd .. Word sense disambiguation using naive Bayes
  • ananana/disambiguation .. Word Sense Disambiguation, knowledge-based: Banerjee and Pedersen algorithm, using WordNet
  • esbie/wsd .. Word Sense Disambiguation Project
  • cltl/svm_wsd .. Word Sense Disambiguation system developed on the DutchSemCor project using Support Vector Machines. The input is plain text, and the output XML
  • kapelner/wordturk_pilot .. The code to rerun the study and duplicate the analysis found in Kapelner, A, Kaliannan, K., Schwartz, A., Ungar, L., Foster, D. “New Insights from Coarse Word Sense Disambiguation in the Crowd” COLING, Dec, 2012
  • viveksck/wsd .. Word Sense disambiguation using Personal Page Rank as described in http://www.aclweb.org/anthology/E/E09/E09-1005.pdf
  • zbs/WSD .. Word sense disambiguation
  • varzan/BP-WSD .. Word Sense Disambiguation using the Banerjee – Pedersen algorithm
  • gkovacs/translationsense .. Translation sense disambiguation (for Chinese -> English word-level translations). Final project for 6.864.
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