100 Best GitHub: Talking Head StyleGAN



  • DFA-NeRF: Personalized Talking Head Generation via Disentangled Face Attributes Neural Rendering (2022)
  • Depth-Aware Generative Adversarial Network for Talking Head Video Generation (2022)
  • Dynamic facial animation of Chinese Shaanxi Xi’an dialect talking head (2022)
  • Expressive Talking Head Generation with Granular Audio-Visual Control (2022)
  • Free-HeadGAN: Neural Talking Head Synthesis with Explicit Gaze Control (2022)
  • Learning Dynamic Facial Radiance Fields for Few-Shot Talking Head Synthesis (2022)
  • StyleTalker: One-shot Style-based Audio-driven Talking Head Video Generation (2022)
  • Talking Head Generation Driven by Speech-Related Facial Action Units and Audio-Based on Multimodal Representation Fusion (2022)
  • Talking Head from Speech Audio using a Pre-trained Image Generator (2022)
  • Talking Heads “This must be the plase” (2022)
  • Talking Heads: Bone conduction facilitates self-other voice discrimination (2022)
  • Talking-heads attention-based knowledge representation for link prediction (2022)
  • Text2video: Text-Driven Talking-Head Video Synthesis with Personalized Phoneme-Pose Dictionary (2022)
  • Towards MOOCs for Lip Reading: Using Synthetic Talking Heads to Train Humans in Lipreading at Scale (2022)

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