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StyleGAN, developed by NVIDIA, is a state-of-the-art generative adversarial network (GAN) architecture that produces high-quality, realistic images. Introduced to the machine learning community in 2018, this model represents a significant advancement in image generation, particularly in the generation of facial images. StyleGAN’s unique design incorporates a style-based generator architecture, which allows for the nuanced control of generated images, making it possible to manipulate different attributes at various levels of detail. Several works have leveraged its capabilities in diverse applications ranging from medical imaging to art generation, and even for text-to-image synthesis. Furthermore, the model has been iteratively improved upon, with versions like StyleGAN2 and StyleGAN3 addressing various challenges and enhancing its capabilities. This robust and versatile model has seen widespread adoption, especially in applications that require high-resolution and hyper-realistic image synthesis.




  • DFA-NeRF: Personalized Talking Head Generation via Disentangled Face Attributes Neural Rendering (2022)
  • Depth-Aware Generative Adversarial Network for Talking Head Video Generation (2022)
  • Dynamic facial animation of Chinese Shaanxi Xi’an dialect talking head (2022)
  • Expressive Talking Head Generation with Granular Audio-Visual Control (2022)
  • Free-HeadGAN: Neural Talking Head Synthesis with Explicit Gaze Control (2022)
  • Learning Dynamic Facial Radiance Fields for Few-Shot Talking Head Synthesis (2022)
  • StyleTalker: One-shot Style-based Audio-driven Talking Head Video Generation (2022)
  • Talking Head Generation Driven by Speech-Related Facial Action Units and Audio-Based on Multimodal Representation Fusion (2022)
  • Talking Head from Speech Audio using a Pre-trained Image Generator (2022)
  • Talking Heads “This must be the plase” (2022)
  • Talking Heads: Bone conduction facilitates self-other voice discrimination (2022)
  • Talking-heads attention-based knowledge representation for link prediction (2022)
  • Text2video: Text-Driven Talking-Head Video Synthesis with Personalized Phoneme-Pose Dictionary (2022)
  • Towards MOOCs for Lip Reading: Using Synthetic Talking Heads to Train Humans in Lipreading at Scale (2022)

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