Natural Language & Story Generation Systems 2019


  • Agent-based story generation
  • Automated story generator
  • Automated story generation
  • Automatic story generation
  • Automatic story generator
  • Branching dialog system
  • Computational storytelling
  • Digital storytelling
  • Interactive drama
  • Interactive drama system
  • Interactive story generation
  • Narrative generation
  • Narrative generation system
  • Neural story generation
  • Story generation system
  • Story generator
  • Story realisation
  • Story realization
  • Story text generation
  • Storytelling agent
  • Storytelling system
  • Virtual story generation
  • Virtual storyteller
  • Virtual storytelling




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From Quick-draw To Story: A Story Generation System for Kids’ Robot
L Wang, S Qin, M Xu, R Zhang, L Qi… – 2019 IEEE International …, 2019 –
Page 1. From Quick-draw To Story: A Story Generation System for … Different from previous works, we use the transformer block[25] as our decoder to generate the sentence. B. Story Generation Text generation is an important research area in natural language processing …

Story Realization: Expanding Plot Events into Sentences.
P Ammanabrolu, E Tien, W Cheung, Z Luo, W Ma… – AAAI, 2020 –
… We present an ensemble-based model that generates natural language guided by events. We provide results—including a human subjects study—for a full end-to-end automated story generation system showing that our method generates more coherent and plausible stories …

Applying an Intelligent Personal Agent on a Smart Home Using a Novel Dialogue Generator
A Alexiadis, A Nizamis, I Koskinas, D Ioannidis… – … Conference on Artificial …, 2020 – Springer
… Nowadays, Intelligent Personal Agents include Natural Language Understanding (NLU) modules, that utilize Machine Learning (ML), which can be included in … Besides the architecture of CIPA—Generation A, a novel dialogue-story generator that is based on the idea of …

Foley Scholars
MK Hong, LJ Martin, E Wall – 2020 –
… Previous story generation systems use planning to create new stories, but these systems require a vast amount of knowledge engineering … In contrast, very large language models have recently made the headlines in the natural language processing community …

Communication-based Evaluation for Natural Language Generation
B Newman, R Cohn-Gordon, C Potts – arXiv preprint arXiv:1909.07290, 2019 –
… 1 Introduction Natural language generation (NLG) models are in- creasingly prominent, as core components in di- alogue agents, story generators, summarization tools, image captioning systems, and others. NLG models are …

Ex-Tarot: An extended Tarot-based narrative generation
PS Chacón, M Eger – 2019 IV Jornadas Costarricenses de …, 2019 –
… The Tarot cards provide a variety of meanings and interpretations which can be used as a part of such a story generation system … produced by our systems in terms of consistency, perceived interest, and measure the presence of grammatical errors in the natural language output …

Dixit: Interactive Visual Storytelling via Term Manipulation
CC Hsu, YH Chen, ZY Chen, HY Lin… – The World Wide Web …, 2019 –
… CCS CONCEPTS • Computing methodologies ? Natural language generation; Scene understanding; • Human-centered computing … we introduce a two-stage interactive visual story generation system with which (i … are then concatenated and fed into a story generator to construct …

Computer-based Story Generation. An Analysis from a Phenomenological Standpoint
? Tr?u?an-Matu – International Journal of User-System Interaction, 2019 –
… Bailey (1999) classifies story generation systems into three categories: • Based on character simulation (“character … Gervás, P. (2013) “Story Generator Algorithms”, Peter et al … JH (2009) Speech and Language Processing: An Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Speech …

Applying Ontology in Computational Creativity Approach for Generating a Story
L Issa, S Jusoh – 2019 2nd International Conference on new …, 2019 –
… ontology as a knowledge base to supply the story generator with the needed content … Other than MEXICA, there are many famous story generation systems such as DEFACTO [34], Tale … The literature in an automatic story generation system can take one of two directions: planning …

Guided open story generation using probabilistic graphical models
S Gandhi, B Harrison – Proceedings of the 14th International Conference …, 2019 –
… Open story generation systems, by contrast, do not rely on a do- main model and are, therefore, able to generate stories where … Recently, recurrent neural networks (RNNs) have become a pop- ular model for performing natural language generation, mostly due to success of …

Keep it Consistent: Topic-Aware Storytelling from an Image Stream via Iterative Multi-agent Communication
R Wang, Z Wei, P Li, H Shan, J Zhang, Q Zhang… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2019 –
… tasks, we propose a multi-agent communication framework that regards the topic description generator and the story generator as two … to-text generation is an important topic in artificial intelligence (AI) which connects computer vision (CV) and natural language processing (NLP …

Generative design in Minecraft: chronicle challenge
C Salge, C Guckelsberger, MC Green… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2019 –
… an optional bonus challenge, the Chronicle Competition, which adds the task of generating an explicit narrative, captured in natural language text … This, in essence, is very similar to what a lot of story generators do already … Stella-a story generation system for generic scenarios …

Show, Reward, and Tell: Adversarial Visual Story Generation
J Tang, J Wang, Z Li, J Fu, T Mei – ACM Transactions on Multimedia …, 2019 –
… Third, we further consider the story generator and the reward critic as adversaries … aims at providing an answer for the image and the corresponding natural language question, is a … and free language style, which poses grand challenges for the learning of the story generators …

Balancing Consistency and Plot Structure in Computational Storytelling
P Khalpada, S Garg – 2019 IEEE 10th Annual Information …, 2019 –
… One of the prime challenges for computational story generators is balancing the consistency … In this paper, we propose a computational story generator, based on Makebelieve, that … PROPOSED APPROACH We based our story generation system on Makebelieve [35] and used …

The Possibility of the Generation of Literary Works by Abduction
A Abe – Post-Narratology Through Computational and …, 2019 –
… He is still developing a story-generation system. Currently, it can generate a story outline … discussed the Story Generator Project. In the paper, they reviewed many story-generation systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) … ABDUCTION AS STORY GENERATOR …

The long path to narrative generation
P Gervás, E Concepción, C León… – IBM Journal of …, 2019 –
… The present paper reviews a set of story generation systems developed at the NIL research group … Gervás et al [10] proposed a classification of story generators based on the particular Artificial … attempt to model narrative structure as a driving force for a story generator is the …

Identifying sensible lexical relations in generated stories
M Roemmele – Proceedings of the First Workshop on Narrative …, 2019 –
… We extracted word relations in the generated out- put of four published story generation systems that have not previously been compared on the … However, it is also im- portant to point out that an ideal story generation system would model human creativity in produc- ing content …

Can Computers Create Comics and Animations?
M Ueno, K Fukuda, N Mori – Natural Language Processing …, 2020 –
… Firstly, the background of story generation with natural language is described … who was a famous Japanese short story writer (Kouyama & Sumi, 2014; Matsubara et al., 2013; Ogata, Sato, & Komatani, 2014) and some studies on automatic story generation system based on well …

A content analysis of voice-based apps on the market for early literacy development
Y Xu, M Warschauer – Proceedings of the Interaction Design and …, 2020 –
… analysis CCS Concepts •Human-centered computing ? Natural language inter- faces; Empirical studies in HCI; •Social and professional topics ? Children; … taught. Story-generator and questioning-and-answering apps were less common …

Narrative Generation in the Wild: Methods from NaNoGenMo
J van Stegeren, M Theune – Proceedings of the Second Workshop on …, 2019 –
… This approach is similar to that of other story generation systems that use logic pro- gramming to generate stories or fabulas, such as (Martens, 2015), (Robertson and … A story generator from outside NaNoGenMo that also used the tropes from tarot was developed by Sullivan et al …

The Art of Narration and Artificial Narrative Intelligence: Implications for Interdisciplinary Research
IA Livytska – Journal of Narrative and Language Studies, 2019 –
… shared abstract models” (Gervas et al., 2006) outlined in Story Generator Algorithms project … had to cast a glance at existing theories of Story Generators in order to … &Scardamalia, 1987), Mind Theory (Minsky, 1981) and conceptualisations of natural language (see Davis&Travers …

Emotion reinforced visual storytelling
N Li, B Liu, Z Han, YS Liu, J Fu – … of the 2019 on International Conference …, 2019 –
… Driven by the availability of large scale of pairs consisting of images and natural language descriptions and successful adoption of recurrent … To address the above challenges, we propose a novel emotion reinforced visual story generator, which is the first to introduce emotion …

Story Quality as a Matter of Perception: Using Word Embeddings to Estimate Cognitive Interest
M Behrooz, J Robertson, A Jhala – Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on …, 2019 –
… A story generator’s intended use-case and narrative deliv- ery paradigm have important implications … Thus, many story generators have been developed in the context of one game … An objective character believability evaluation procedure for multi-agent story generation systems …

Character-Centric Storytelling
A Surikuchi, J Laaksonen – arXiv preprint arXiv:1909.07863, 2019 –
… Visual storytelling and album summarization tasks have recently been of focus in the domain of computer vision and natural language processing … This can lead to an inclination bias of the story generator towards these characters owing to the data size limitations we discussed …

Classification of Characters in Movie by Correlation Analysis of Genre and Linguistic Style
ES You, JW Song, SB Park – ????????????, 2019 –
… ????? ??? ???? ???(deep learning)? ?? ? ??? ?? ???(story generator) ??? ???? ? ???? ?? … 1. Data for Experiment ? ??? ???????? ?????(UCSC)? NLDS (Natural Language And Dialogue Systems) ?(lab)?? ?? ? …

Can Computers Understand Picture Books and Comics?
M Ueno, K Fukuda, N Mori – Post-Narratology Through …, 2019 –
… Firstly, the background of story generation with natural language is described … who was a famous Japanese short story writer (Kouyama & Sumi, 2014; Matsubara et al., 2013; Ogata, Sato, & Komatani, 2014) and some studies on automatic story generation system based on well …

Wandering Machines
V Todorovic, D Grba – Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts, 2019 –
… Well versed in natural language processing and neural networks, Goodwin programmed a long short- term memory recurrent neural network and, for the learning stage, supplied it with a number of the 1980s and 1990s sci-fi movie screenplays found on the Internet …

Eudaimonic Appreciation in Interactive Narrative
K Chen – 2020 –
… 2016], or advanced programming implementations for natural language generation [Brannan 2016] … in this area helps us understand more about what makes it work. On the narrative side, most story generator algorithms fall loosely within one of two categories [Riedl …

The Book of Endless History: Authorial Use of GPT2 for Interactive Storytelling
J Austin – International Conference on Interactive Digital …, 2019 – Springer
… on GPT2, we are excited to see the how the landscape of tools available to interactive story generators transforms over … 1. Honnibal, M., Montani, I.: spaCy 2: natural language understanding with bloom embeddings, convolutional neural networks and incremental parsing (2017 …

Revisiting the evaluation of theory of mind through question answering
M Le, YL Boureau, M Nickel – … on Empirical Methods in Natural Language …, 2019 –
… Similarly, natural language inference benchmarks have been shown to be vulnerable to bias exploita- tion (Gururangan et al., 2018; Poliak et al., 2018), and multimodal machine translation … We then sample from this randomized story generator with rejection to create …

Data augmentation using pre-trained transformer models
V Kumar, A Choudhary, E Cho – arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.02245, 2020 –
… 2017. Evaluating story generation systems us- ing automated linguistic analyses … Recursive deep models for semantic compositionality over a sentiment tree- bank. In Proceedings of the 2013 conference on empirical methods in natural language processing, pages 1631–1642 …

Contextualized word embeddings enhanced event temporal relation extraction for story understanding
R Han, M Liang, B Alhafni, N Peng – arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.11942, 2019 –
… It is an important natural language understanding (NLU) task with broad applications to downstream tasks such as story understanding … Exploring possibilities to directly apply temporal relation extraction to enhance per- formance of story generation systems is another promising …

Dynamic emphatical narration for reduced authorial burden and increased user freedom in interactive storytelling
G Méndez, R Hervás, P Gervás, A Martín… – Connection …, 2019 – Taylor & Francis
ABSTRACTInteractive storytelling systems have become very popular as they engage users in the creation of narrative. A fundamental challenge for such systems is that the users feel unconstrained in…

Open-World Story Generation with Sequence-to-Sequence and Hierarchical Recurrent Encoder-Decoder Models
R Zembrodt – 2019 –
… Several topics within machine learning and natural language processing were explored in this project … Considered one of the first story generation systems, TALE-SPIN simulates the events of … Closed-world story generators require authored domains for their use, and are unable …

Translating an Aesop’s Fable to Filipino Sign Language through 3D Animation
M Cueto, W He, R Untiveros, J Zuñiga… – Proceedings of the …, 2020 –
… In Proceedings of the 7th National Natural Language Processing Research Symposium, 21-26, November 19-20 2010, De La Salle … Retrieved from Lönneker, B., Meister, J. Story Generators: Models and approaches for the generation of literary …

A narrative sentence planner and structurer for domain independent, parameterizable storytelling
SM Lukin, MA Walker – Dialogue & Discourse, 2019 –
… gap between the plan-like meaning representations used by story generators, and the … The Scheherazade story generation system (not to be confused with the Scheherazade annotation … roots in narrative theories, including specifying that visual story generation systems must be …

Imaginarium: A Tool for Casual Constraint-Based PCG
I Horswill – 2019 –
… purpose program- ming, are a good match for tasks like IF authoring, since the domain for computation is itself natural language text … the aesthet- ics of the games it generates (Summerville, Martens, Samuel, Osborn, & Mateas, 2018), and AutoDread, a back- story generator for IF …

Generating Images from Arabic Story-Text using Scene Graph
J Zakraoui, M Saleh, U Asghar… – … on Informatics, IoT …, 2020 –
… For instance, the proposed work in [1] showed that scene graphs can be effectively created from a natural language scene description … B. Scene composing In our Image Story Generator tool, scene composing is designed in two ways, manual and automatic scene composing …

A Hierarchical Approach for Visual Storytelling Using Image Description
MS Al Nahian, T Tasrin, S Gandhi, R Gaines… – … on Interactive Digital …, 2019 – Springer
… story sequences, many researchers have chosen to make use of event representations that distill essential information from natural language sentences [4 … BLEU and METEOR are machine translation evaluation metrics that are widely used to evaluate story generation systems …

WriterForcing: Generating more interesting story endings
P Gupta, VB Kumar, M Bhutani, AW Black – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2019 –
… Clark et al. (2018) model en- tity representations explicitly by combining it with representations of the previous sentence and Martinetal. (2018) model events repre- sentations and then generate natural language sentences from those events (event2sentence). Li et al …

Modelling Suspense in Short Stories as Uncertainty Reduction over Neural Representation
D Wilmot, F Keller – arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.14905, 2020 –
… In NLP, suspense is studied most directly in nat- ural language generation, with systems such as Dramatis (O’Neill and Riedl, 2014) and Suspenser (Cheong and Young, 2014), two planning-based story generators that use the theory of Gerrig and Bernardo (1994) that …

DDSpell-A Data Driven Spell Checker and Suggestion Generator for the Tamil Language
K Uthayamoorthy, K Kanthasamy… – … on Advances in ICT …, 2019 –
… Further, other Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications like speech to text and text to speech engines, Optical Character Recognition (OCR … Nowadays there are many NLP applications such as OCR, automatic text generator, story generators which can recognize or …

A Hybrid Model for Globally Coherent Story Generation
Z Fangzhou, V Demberg, P Shkadzko, W Shi… – ACL 2019, 2019 –
… Finally, a story generator which performs the following.(1) Calls the agenda generator to generate an agenda.(2) Creates a seed, a short, plausible beginning, to … In Proceedings of the 2016 Con- ference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, pages 329–339 …

A hybrid model for globally coherent story generation
F Zhai, V Demberg, P Shkadzko, W Shi… – Proceedings of the …, 2019 –
… Finally, a story generator which performs the following. (1) Calls the agenda generator to generate an agenda. (2) Creates a seed, a short, plausible beginning, to initialize surface realiza- tion, eg, ‘yesterday i went grocery shopping’ …

The Many Authors of The Several Houses of Brian, Spencer, Liam, Victoria, Brayden, Vincent, and Alex: Authorship, Agency, and Appropriation
Z Whalen – Journal of Creative Writing Studies, 2019 –
… their consequences in socio-cultural reality.4 In another essay, Hen- rickson links the reception of natural-language generation systems … Lamenting mainstream coverage of another story generator, Brutus, created in the late 1990s by Selmer Bringsjord and David Ferrucci, Noah …

Suspense in Short Stories is Predicted By Uncertainty Reduction over Neural Story Representation
D Wilmot, F Keller – Proceedings of the 58th Annual Meeting of the …, 2020 –
… In NLP, suspense is studied most directly in nat- ural language generation, with systems such as Dramatis (O’Neill and Riedl, 2014) and Suspenser (Cheong and Young, 2014), two planning-based story generators that use the theory of Gerrig and Bernardo (1994) that …

On how users edit computer-generated visual stories
TY Hsu, YC Hsu, TH Huang – Extended Abstracts of the 2019 CHI …, 2019 –
… study provides a better understanding on how users receive and edit machine-generated stories, informing future researchers to create more usable and helpful story generation systems … Natural language processing with Python: analyzing text with the natural language toolkit …

My Way of Telling a Story: Persona based Grounded Story Generation
S Prabhumoye, KR Chandu, R Salakhutdinov… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2019 –
… arXiv:1906.06401v1 [cs.CL] 14 Jun 2019 Page 2. of large scale persona annotated stories. We ad- dress this by transferring knowledge from anno- tated data in dialog domain to the storytelling do- main. We base our visual story generator model on Kim et al …

A Hierarchical Approach for Visual Storytelling Using Image Description
B Harrison – … : 12th International Conference on Interactive Digital …, 2019 –
… story sequences, many researchers have chosen to make use of event representations that distill essential information from natural language sentences [4 … BLEU and METEOR are machine translation evaluation metrics that are widely used to evaluate story generation systems …

My Way of Telling a Story: Persona based Grounded Story Generation
K Chandu, S Prabhumoye, R Salakhutdinov… – Proceedings of the …, 2019 –
… A key challenge to this end is the lack Page 2. 12 of large scale persona annotated stories. We ad- dress this by transferring knowledge from anno- tated data in dialog domain to the storytelling do- main. We base our visual story generator model on Kim et al …

MC Ferreira – The Age of Artificial Intelligence: An Exploration, 2020 –
… Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Computational Creativity (CC) are the fields of AI in which researchers try to develop computer programs able to … This way, it is not wrong to say that we cannot remove the human aspect of the Story Generator Systems, so humans and …

Emolift: Elevator Conversations Based on Emotions.
A Oñate, G Méndez, P Gervás – ICCC, 2019 –
… use the affinity, personality and emotions of the characters with the aim of improving the outputs created by the story generators by adding … This work uses several Natural Language Generation (NLG) strategies to produce affective medical reports for pa- rents of neonatal babies …

The evaluation of creative systems
G Ritchie – Computational Creativity, 2019 – Springer
Page 1. Chapter 8 The Evaluation of Creative Systems Graeme Ritchie Abstract As creative systems become more advanced, there is a growing need to assess their performance, whether during development or after implementation is complete …

Character Depth and Sentence Diversification in Automated Narrative Generation
B Bottoni, Y Moolenaar, A Hevia, T Anchor… – The Thirty-Third …, 2020 –
… sounded less repetitive and richer in detail, and the language was more expressive as a result of an added Natural Language Generation (NLG … in future research: with respect to its internal work- ings and with respect to the content from which the story generator pulls when …

Guided neural language generation for automated storytelling
P Ammanabrolu, E Tien, W Cheung, Z Luo… – Proceedings of the …, 2019 –
… Abstract Neural network based approaches to auto- mated story plot generation attempt to learn how to generate novel plots from a corpus of natural language plot summaries … We present an ensemble-based model that gen- erates natural language guided by events …

The steep road to happily ever after: An analysis of current visual storytelling models
Y Modi, N Parde – arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.03366, 2019 –
… Recent literature has begun to refer to this task as visual storytelling: the generation of a co- hesive, sequential set of natural-language descrip- tions across multiple … 2017) employed an alter- nate pipeline comprised of Album Encoder, Photo Selector, and Story Generator stages …

Transforming transcripts into stories: A multimethod approach to narrative analysis
A Nasheeda, HB Abdullah… – … Journal of Qualitative …, 2019 –
Stories are essential realities from our past and present. As the primary sources of data in narrative research, interview transcripts play an essential role in giving meaning to the personal stori…

The campfire storytelling system–automatic creation and modification of a narrative
JR Hollister, AJ Gonzalez – Journal of Experimental & Theoretical …, 2019 – Taylor & Francis
… Bailey proposed a story generation system based upon a heuristic search (Bailey, 1999) … Instead of focusing on how to generate a narrative, STORYBOOK concentrates on how to take a story structure and create a natural language output in the story domain of Little Red Riding …

Representing Social Common-Sense Knowledge in MEXICA
RP y Pérez – Computational Creativity, 2019 – Springer
… Story generators have been strongly focused on the content level (what happens in the story) rather than on the level of expression (how the … are written in a rigid format designed to make it easier to process this information (the program does not work with natural language) …

Narrative Text Generation via Latent Embedding from Visual Stories
??? – 2019 –
… 28 3.3.2 Decoder: Story Generator with Attention and Cascading Mechanism … question by taking the natural language question and the related image. Even … 2.5 Story Generation Most traditional story generation systems have used planning-based approaches …

Exploring improvisational approaches to social knowledge acquisition
D Feng, E Carstensdottir, MS El-Nasr, S Marsella – 2019 –
Page 1. Feng, D., Carstensdottir, E., El-Nasr, MS and Marsella, S. (2019) Exploring Improvisational Approaches to Social Knowledge Acquisition. In: 18th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems, Montreal, QC, Canada, 13-17 May 2019, pp …

Program understanding, the narrative hypothesis
E Harth – 2019 –
… natural language. We show that using NLP and information retrieval techniques (IR), we can “map” the human-oriented (ie, domain level) story to the technical story (ie, source code), which is … 4.4.6. The story generator ….. 69 …

Story-telling maps generated from semantic representations of events
L Tateosian, M Glatz, M Shukunobe – Behaviour & Information …, 2020 – Taylor & Francis
… At the same time, natural language processing is evolving to enable automatic extraction of spatial events from stories authored by humans … The system is designed to be invoked by a story generator, which has built a database containing semantic representations of mappable …

Author-Driven Approaches to Computational Narrative Design for Games
DJ Tree, A Malizia – International Conference on Human-Computer …, 2019 – Springer
… Story analysis combines techniques in Natural Language Translation, Sentiment analysis and applies them to a corpus of stories to gain … Google Scholar. Imabuchi, S., Ogata, T.: A story generation system based on propp …

Hey Siri, tell me a story: Digital storytelling and AI authorship
S Thorne – Convergence, 2020 –
Surveying narrative applications of artificial intelligence in film, games and interactive fiction, this article imagines the future of artificial intelligence (AI) authorship and explores trends t…

Challenges of IDN Research and Teaching
H Koenitz, MP Eladhari – International Conference on Interactive Digital …, 2019 – Springer
… Ryan, J.: Grimes’ fairy tales: a 1960s story generator. In: Nunes, N., Oakley, I., Nisi, V. (eds.) ICIDS 2017. LNCS, vol … Weizenbaum, J.: ELIZA—a computer program for the study of natural language communication between man and machine. Commun. ACM 9(1), 36–45 (1966) …

A method of naimaze of narratives based on kabuki analyses and Propp’s move techniques for an automated narrative generation system
T Ogata – Journal of Robotics, Networking and Artificial Life, 2019 –
… His major research interests include artificial intelligence, cognitive science, natural language processing, narratology and literary theories, an interdisciplinary approach to the … [21]T Ogata and Y Hosaka, Transformation of story in the story generation system based on …

Consideration of Fundamental Methods and Principles for Human-Computer Co-Creation of Narratives
T Akimoto, T Ogata – Post-Narratology Through Computational and …, 2019 –
… This type of knowledge is applicable to various tasks of natural language processing, such as understanding and summarization, and also provides a basic knowledge for narrative generation … Natural language is a basic expression form …

Designing a socially open narrative generation system
T Akimoto, T Ogata – Natural Language Processing: Concepts …, 2020 –
… This type of knowledge is applicable to various tasks of natural language processing, such as understanding and summarization, and also provides a basic knowledge for narrative generation … A text by the natural language generator and log data accompany each discourse …

Towards expressive input for character dialogue in digital games
N Junius, M Mateas, N Wardrip-Fruin – Proceedings of the 14th …, 2019 –
… Additionally, in evaluating Façade’s user interface, Sali et al found that players enjoyed the real-time, natural language understanding version of the game, in spite of the difficulties and systemic breakdowns they encountered, when compared to the more industry-standard …

Curating Interest in Open Story Generation
M Behrooz – 2019 –
… system such as a story generator. Cognitive psychology and cognitive science theories are about … evaluation metrics borrowed from the related field of Natural Language Processing (NLP), such as BLEU [129] or PINC [41] scores …

Generating security questions for better protection of user privacy
A Anvari, L Pan, X Zheng – International Journal of Computers and …, 2020 – Taylor & Francis
Cyber threats to identity prevail. One of the most common forms of authentication, which most of the online service providers require users to provide a username and preset password. But password r…

Augmenting Music Listening Experiences on Voice Assistants.
M Behrooz, S Mennicken, J Thom, R Kumar… – ISMIR, 2019 –
… Each segue has a natural language generation (NLG) template result- ing in a “segue text” when realized … Access to more metadata and large semantic models that capture music-related relationships between various enti- ties can help a story generator in achieving this goal …

Authorship in computer-generated texts
L Henrickson – Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature, 2020 –
… Summary and Keywords. Natural language generation (NLG) refers to the process in which computers produce output in readable human languages (eg, English, French) … Who, or what? Computer-generated texts are produced by natural language generation (NLG) systems …

Natural Language Processing and Text Mining with Graph-Structured Representations
B Liu – 2020 –
Page 1. Natural Language Processing and Text Mining with Graph-Structured Representations by Bang Liu … Bang Liu, 2020 Page 2. Abstract Natural Language Processing (NLP) and understanding aims to read from unformat- ted text to accomplish different tasks …

Story Forest: Extracting Events and Telling Stories from Breaking News
B Liu, FX Han, D Niu, L Kong, K Lai, Y Xu – ACM Transactions on …, 2020 –
… CCS Concepts: • Information systems ? Clustering; Data stream mining; Document topic models; • Computing methodologies ? Natural language processing; Semi … In contrast with existing story generation systems such as StoryGraph [42] and MetroMap [33], we propose an …

Exploring West African Folk Narrative Texts Using Machine Learning
G Lô, V de Boer, CJ van Aart – Information, 2020 –
… Abstract. This paper examines how machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) can be used to identify, analyze, and generate West African folk tales … Natural language generation (NLG) is an NLP task that uses large amounts of text to compose new texts …

Automated Structural Analysis of Interactive Narratives
E Carstensdottir – 2020 –
Page 1. Page 2. Page 3 …

A methodology to forecast some attributes of an automatic storyteller’s outputs
I Guerrero Román, R Pérez y Pérez – Connection Science, 2020 – Taylor & Francis
… Grimes’ fairy tales: A 1960s story generator … The Previous Stories were defined by the user of the system; they were written in text files employing a rigid but simple format: Character-1 Story-action Character-2 (MEXICA did not work with natural language) …

Evaluation of Text Generation: A Survey
A Celikyilmaz, E Clark, J Gao – arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.14799, 2020 –
… Jianfeng Gao? Microsoft Research Abstract The paper surveys evaluation methods of natural language generation (NLG) sys- tems that have been developed in the last few years … Contents 1 Introduction 4 1.1 Evolution of Natural Language Generation …

The Impostor: Exploring narrative game design for learning Korean as a foreign language
T Engström – 2019 –
Page 1. 1 Exploring narrative game design for learning Korean as a foreign language Master’s Thesis Tom Engström The imposTor Page 2. 2 ! Aalto-yliopisto, PL 11000, 00076 AALTO Taiteen maisterin opinnäytteen tiivistelmä …

Question Answering, Grounding, and Generation for Vision and Language
L Yu – 2019 –
… Next, we study album summarization, which not only selects the key photos inside an album but also generates a natural language story describing the whole album. Last but not least, we describe multi-target iii Page 4 … 68 4.3.3 Story Generator …

Creative design of emergency management scenarios driven by semantics: An application to smart cities
A De Nicola, M Melchiori, ML Villani – Information Systems, 2019 – Elsevier
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Puppitor: Building an Acting Interface for Videogames
N Junius – 2019 –
… Additionally, while evaluating Façade’s user interface, Sali et al found that players en- joyed the realtime, natural language understanding version of the game, in spite of the … not expressly a story generator, that its primary concern was with characters’ goals, not …

Script acquisition: a crowdsourcing and text mining approach
LDA Wanzare – 2020 –
… even to pets; people talk face-to-face or over the phone among others. Thus, we live in a world where communication in natural language is a central theme … Language Processing (NLP) community is: can machines also understand and talk natural language …

Data-Driven Creativity Enhancement through Word Association
CLD Hillen – 2019 –
… blank page problem. In addition to this, the word association algorithms that are successful in traditional natural language processing tasks build associations between … computational creativity, and the basics of natural language processing from computer science …

Conceptual Representations for Computational Concept Creation
… For instance, the conceptual information that wine is a drink could be extracted from the natural language expression “wine and other drinks.” For an overview of information extraction methods, see, for example, the work of Sarawagi (2008) …