100 Best 3D Projection Mapping Videos


Projection mapping is a technique that is used to project images onto surfaces that are not flat or screen-like, such as buildings, structures, and objects. The images are aligned with the contours of the surface and are typically distorted in some way to match the shape of the surface. This can create the illusion of 3D images or animations being projected onto or incorporated into the surface.

3D projection mapping is a variant of projection mapping that involves projecting 3D images or animations onto a surface. This can be achieved through the use of specialized hardware and software that is capable of creating the 3D projections and aligning them with the surface.

One key difference between projection mapping and 3D projection mapping is the type of images that are being projected. Projection mapping typically involves projecting 2D images or animations onto a surface, while 3D projection mapping involves projecting 3D images or animations. Another difference is the level of realism and immersion that can be achieved with the two techniques. 3D projection mapping can create the illusion of 3D objects being present on or interacting with the surface, while projection mapping is generally limited to 2D images or animations.



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