100 Best Cognitive Architecture Videos


Cognitive architecture is a term used to describe the overall design and structure of a cognitive system, such as a computer or a human being. Cognitive architectures are typically designed to simulate or replicate the basic functions and processes of human cognition, including perception, attention, learning, memory, decision-making, and language processing.

Cognitive architectures are used in a variety of fields, including artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience, to study and understand how the human mind works and to build intelligent systems that can perform tasks that require cognitive abilities.

There are many different approaches and models of cognitive architecture, and the specific design and structure of a cognitive architecture can vary depending on the goals and assumptions of the model. Some common features of cognitive architectures include:

  • Modules or subsystems that represent different cognitive functions, such as perception, memory, and decision-making
  • A central processing unit or “control system” that coordinates the operation of the different modules and subsystems
  • A representation of the external environment and the internal state of the system
  • A set of rules or algorithms that govern the operation of the system


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