100 Best Facial Rigging Videos


Facial rigging (Face rigging) is the process of creating a set of controls, or “rigs”, for a digital character’s face. These controls allow animators to manipulate the character’s facial expressions and movements in a precise and predictable way.

Facial rigging is typically done using specialized software, such as Maya or Blender, which provides a range of tools and features for creating and configuring facial rigs. These tools may include a variety of controls, such as sliders, buttons, or drop-down menus, that can be used to manipulate the character’s facial features, such as the shape of the mouth, the position of the eyebrows, or the movement of the jaw.

Facial rigs are often designed to mimic the anatomy and musculature of the human face, in order to create realistic and believable facial expressions and movements. This can involve a detailed analysis of the character’s facial structure and proportions, as well as an understanding of the underlying physiological mechanisms that govern facial movements.

Facial rigging is used in a variety of applications, including animation, video games, and virtual reality. It is an essential component of character animation, as it allows animators to create expressive and realistic facial performances for their characters. It can also be used in video games and VR applications to create more realistic and engaging virtual characters.



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