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Virtual humans are computer-generated representations of human beings that can be used in a variety of applications. They can be used for entertainment, such as in video games and films, or for more practical purposes, such as in training simulations, virtual customer service, or virtual assistants. They can also be used in research and development of areas like social robots, crowd simulation, virtual heritage, and virtual reality.

  • Daniel Thalmann is a Swiss and Canadian computer scientist and a pioneer in virtual humans. He is currently an Honorary Professor at EPFL, Switzerland, and has been researching virtual humans for over 30 years. His research interests include social robots, crowd simulation, virtual heritage, and virtual reality. He has published numerous papers in 3D computer graphics and has received the Eurographics Distinguished Career Award 2010 for his pioneering research on virtual humans. He is also an editor at PeerJ, and the coeditor-in-chief of the Synthetic Perception and Decision-making for Autonomous Virtual Humans in Virtual Reality Applications book. He has also co-authored a book named Handbook of Virtual Humans.


  • vhml.org .. virtual human markup language


  • Digital Human Modeling (2011)

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