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Virtusphere is a company that developed a technology called the Virtusphere, which is a large, hollow sphere that is mounted on a special platform. The sphere is designed to allow users to move freely inside it, while the platform allows the sphere to rotate in any direction.

The Virtusphere is often used in virtual reality (VR) and other immersive technology applications, as it allows users to physically move and explore virtual environments. For example, it might be used in training simulations, military simulations, or entertainment applications.

The Virtusphere is designed to be completely self-contained and requires no external tracking devices or sensors. This allows users to move freely inside the sphere without being constrained by cables or other external connections. The Virtusphere also has a smooth, low-friction surface, which allows users to move easily inside it without experiencing resistance or friction.


  • virtusphere.com .. 10-foot hollow sphere on a special platform that allows the sphere to rotate freely


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