China Unicom’s Pioneering Steps Towards Realistic and Interactive Virtual Personas

China Unicom’s Pioneering Steps Towards Realistic and Interactive Virtual Personas

China Unicom is spearheading innovation in the burgeoning domain of digital humans, integrating cutting-edge technologies to develop engaging and interactive virtual persona products. These solutions demonstrate their commitment to lead advancements catering to the evolving digital economy.

One illustration is their AI-powered digital anchor “COCO” that leverages capabilities including speech synthesis and natural language processing to drive lifelike interactions. COCO can broadcast news and conduct intelligent conversations based on voice and text inputs. The adaptability enables diverse use cases spanning customer service, product promotions, and even weather updates. Furthermore, the voice customization, animated persona and background personalization allow businesses to tailor COCO to their brand identity.

The company has also pioneered hyper-realistic digital humans like “An Weixi”, created using proprietary platforms uniting AI, 5G and Extended Reality. The realistic appearance, qualities and skills of singing, dancing, and emotional connections emulate a virtual influencer perfect for entertainment and marketing roles. These personas illustrate the heights of realism achieved in digitally generated humans.

Moreover, China Unicom provides holistic solutions around digital live broadcasting, motion capture systems, and video production. Their Digital Human Video Production Backend allows streamlined creation of videos featuring customized digital stars. Integration of such technologies unlocks a slate of opportunities, be it cost savings, enhanced customer connects, or inventive brand communication.

Through these innovations, China Unicom solidifies its status as an industry frontrunner in virtual human advancements. Their product portfolio serves as a testament to the potential of digitally generated persona in opportunities like conversational interfaces, lifelike metaverse interactions and trailblazing content formats. With increasing maturity of underlying technologies, China Unicom is sure to unlock new avenues for human-technology convergence. Their initiatives in pioneering digital human applications harbinger a future driven by intelligent and interactive virtual beings.