The “Nvwa Plan”: Digitizing Chinese Culture for Global Reach

The “Nvwa Plan”: Digitizing Chinese Culture for Global Reach

The “Nvwa Plan” is a strategic initiative unveiled within the provided text, focusing on the digitalization of Chinese culture and its dissemination through digital human IPs. This plan aspires to leverage the power of digital technology to promote and preserve Chinese cultural heritage in the digital realm. In this essay, we will explore the key aspects of the “Nvwa Plan”.

I. The Purpose and Objectives

At its core, the “Nvwa Plan” is driven by the objective of creating and nurturing 100 digital human IPs that encapsulate various aspects of Chinese culture. These digital human IPs are envisioned as a means to communicate and share the richness of Chinese heritage on a global scale. By transforming cultural elements into digital form, the plan seeks to ensure their accessibility and relevance in the modern world.

II. Sources of Digital Human IPs

To achieve this ambitious goal, the “Nvwa Plan” outlines a structured approach. Out of the planned 100 digital human IPs, 20 will be sourced from top-tier cultural and tourism IPs. These selections will ensure that the IPs chosen represent significant and recognizable facets of Chinese culture. In addition, the plan aims to invite 30 talented domestic digital human IP creators to participate in this initiative. Their contributions are expected to diversify the portfolio of digital human IPs.

III. Collaboration and Partnerships

The “Nvwa Plan” emphasizes collaboration as a key driver of success. It calls for partnerships with a variety of cultural and tourism organizations. This cooperative approach intends to pool resources, knowledge, and expertise from different sectors to effectively develop and promote digital human IPs. The collaborative nature of the plan ensures a broader reach and impact.

IV. Vision and Timeline

The plan outlines a vision that spans from 2023 to 2025. During this period, it aims to identify and utilize high-quality traditional cultural IPs and tourism scene IPs. These elements are intended to be transformed into visually engaging and innovative digital content. The plan’s timeline reflects a commitment to long-term cultural promotion and development.

V. Economic Impact

While cultural preservation and promotion are central to the “Nvwa Plan,” it also recognizes the importance of economic benefits. The plan encourages business collaboration with the creators of digital human IPs. It includes revenue-sharing arrangements to ensure that the development of these IPs is not only culturally enriching but also economically sustainable. This approach seeks to foster a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.


The “Nvwa Plan” stands as a noteworthy initiative in the realm of cultural preservation and promotion. By embracing digital technology, it aims to bring Chinese culture to a global audience in an accessible and engaging manner. With its focus on collaboration, diverse sourcing of digital human IPs, and a vision spanning several years, the plan demonstrates a commitment to both cultural heritage and economic development. In its pursuit of digitizing Chinese culture, the “Nvwa Plan” endeavors to create a lasting impact on how the world perceives and appreciates this rich cultural heritage.