Zhao Tianqi: Innovator in AI and Virtual Digital Human Technology

Zhao Tianqi: Innovator in AI and Virtual Digital Human Technology

Zhao Tianqi is a prominent figure in the field of artificial intelligence, particularly known for his contributions to virtual digital human technology. As the CEO and CTO of Julli Dimension, a company he founded in 2016, Zhao has been instrumental in driving forward the integration of AI into various realms, most notably in the 3D film and television industry.

Zhao’s academic credentials are impressive. He holds a doctorate from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and has completed postdoctoral research at Tsinghua University. During his academic tenure from 2011 to 2015, he was mentored by Academician Xu Daxiong, a renowned expert in information optics and recognized as the father of Chinese 3D laser holography. This mentorship played a significant role in shaping Zhao’s expertise and future career trajectory.

Under Zhao’s leadership, Julli Dimension has made significant strides in AI technology. The company’s most notable innovation is the “Cyber Actor” engine, a platform that revolutionizes the creation of virtual digital humans. This engine allows for the capture of intricate human expressions and gestures using standard cameras, a feat that previously required equipment costing millions. This technology not only represents a breakthrough in cost-efficiency and accessibility but also sets a new standard in the virtual digital human domain.

Zhao’s vision extends beyond technological innovation. He has shown a strong commitment to applying these advancements in practical settings. For instance, Julli Dimension’s technology has been used to enhance visitor experiences in cultural tourism, such as at the Sanxingdui Museum, by providing interactive and immersive encounters with artifacts. This application demonstrates how Zhao’s work bridges the gap between historical heritage and modern technology.

A key aspect of Zhao’s work involves his collaboration with major industry players. He has been actively involved in Tencent’s Exploration Program and has contributed to roundtable discussions focusing on the future of AI digital humans. His participation in these forums underscores his status as a thought leader in the field.

Zhao’s approach to technology is characterized by a focus on real-world applications. He believes in the importance of moving research out of the laboratory and into the market. This philosophy is evident in the practical applications of Julli Dimension’s technologies in various industries, including entertainment, e-commerce, and cultural heritage.

In summary, Zhao Tianqi is a distinguished figure in the AI industry, known for his innovative contributions to virtual digital human technology. His academic background, mentorship under prominent figures, and leadership at Julli Dimension have positioned him as a key influencer in the intersection of AI, film, television, and cultural industries. His work exemplifies the potential of AI to transform traditional industries and enhance human experiences in various domains.