**IPxhop joins hands with ‘Mvirtual’, an AI virtual human production and marketing company**

Intellectual property trading platform IPxhop (CEO Lee Hyo-seong) collaborates with ‘Mvirtual’, a company specializing in AI virtual human production and marketing, to build L2D (Listen to Donation, hereinafter L2D) services using MPS solutions announced on the 25th that it had signed a business agreement for

Mvirtual is a marketing company that creates AI virtual humans that fit the needs of companies and creates content that fans respond to. Virtual humans of Mvirtual introduced an AI production method to significantly reduce production time compared to existing 3D graphics methods, and are characterized by a naturalness that is indistinguishable from humans.

The two companies will jointly promote donation campaign songs, support and cooperation to activate L2D services, production of IPxhop promotional model videos as virtual humans, and cooperation in other business areas agreed upon by the two companies.

The ‘L2D service’, which is the core of this collaboration, is integrated with the ‘MPS solution’, a music supply system that makes money by listening to music. It is a new form of donation in which users listen to music online and share the profits generated with neighbors in need.

IPxhop’s MPS solution has a structure in which users can share profits when they play music in a business model that requires music.

The development of such a solution was possible thanks to IPxhop’s 22,000 intellectual properties and the know-how gained in the process of investing in and securing music copyrights over the past two years.

Ahn Young-pil, director of IPxhop, said, â??Through this business agreement with Mvirtual, we will activate L2D services by creating donation campaign songs using virtual humans,â? and â??MPS solution along with realizing the value of mutual growth by creating a new donation culture. We will prove the effectiveness and scalability of