**AI Startup JL STANDARD Partners with Hydrolux to Develop Virtual Human**

According to JL STANDARD, the companies have agreed to actively utilize an AI virtual human promotional model exclusively for Hydrolux through this contract. JL STANDARD created a virtual human named ‘lux’ for Hydrolux, who will serve as the company’s Chief Engineer and engage in various activities. Hydrolux is a company that has developed technology to store and release large amounts of hydrogen at room temperature and low pressure using magnesium-based hybrid hydrogen storage alloys.

JL STANDARD is an AI specialist company that provides customized services optimized for user needs, not just focusing on AI and big data technology development. The company also secures celebrity IPs to create AI celebrities for advertising, dramas, photoshoots, and variety shows without direct celebrity involvement. Moreover, they produce content using AGEING and DE-AGEING technology to create different age ranges from a single photo.

JL STANDARD’s CEO, Jo Nam-woong, stated that the company handles everything from content planning to shooting and distribution with an all-in-one approach. Through this contract, they will do their best to support Hydrolux’s global growth, which is rapidly expanding based on hydrogen storage alloy technology.