**JD.com Launches 2023 ‘618’ Campaign Highlighting AI-Powered Virtual Hosts **

The kick-off event of JD’s 618 campaign, themed “Fast, Good, Economical, and Festive,” was officially held, marking the beginning of JD’s 618 event in 2023. This year’s campaign coincides with JD’s 20th anniversary, and it focuses on product enhancement, competitive pricing, and comprehensive service improvements. During this event, the number of both online and offline participating businesses hit a record high.

In this huge retail e-commerce landscape, how can AIGC technology empower retail brands and ensure a smooth shopping experience for consumers?

JD Cloud initiated the “Free Digital Human Live Streaming Room” campaign. During JD’s 618 campaign, it will create a Digital Human live streaming room for 18 JD shops free of charge. The shops that meet certain criteria also have a chance to customize their “Digital Avatar,” letting the culmination of AIGC technologyâ??Multimodal Digital Humansâ??truly step into the brand’s live stream, becoming a “secret weapon” for boosting 618 conversions.

Yanxi Virtual Anchor, a product of JD Cloud, provides a cost-effective solution with a single month trial version for 950 Yuan/month to increase service efficiency and support brand growth during the 618 campaign.

The threshold for participating in the 618 live streaming event is high. With JD Cloud’s “Free Digital Human Live Streaming Room” campaign, it takes only 2 hours to go from account activation to having an AI anchor on the stage.

This speed is achieved by a combination of simplicity in terms of hardware requirements, and the revolutionary technology that reshapes the efficiency of the entire live broadcasting process:
* Text Auto-generation: Content creation is the most energy-consuming work. For Yanxi, merchants only need to provide the SKU of the product. Hundreds of product cards, live product introductions, and interactive copy requirements can be generated in seconds.
* Voice Auto-generation: TTS voice synthesis technology allows the anchor to generate a smooth, personalized voice expression without human recording.
* Auto-selection of Products: The “One-click Selection” feature allows merchants to automatically sort and add products to the live room based on sales data.

The inclusion of virtual anchors can help major brands fill in the gaps when human anchors are unavailable, driving business growth. For small and medium-sized businesses, it provides a lightweight 24/7 live streaming product that can reduce operating costs and quickly scale up.

Before the eve of 618, the content auto-generation capability of Yanxi’s virtual anchor was further iterated, offering professional, marketing, and evaluation text styles to adapt to different brand live broadcasts.

Yanxi Virtual Anchor excels in understanding and interacting with content. Rich interactive forms are a strong demand of live broadcast viewers, and also Yanxi’s differentiated advantage. The virtual anchor’s excellent interactive performance is supported by Yanxi’s focused task-based dialogue ability.

JD Cloud’s custom-tailored anchor “Digital Avatar” for brands can act in various roles beyond just “live streaming sales,” it can be used for marketing, guiding purchases, chatting, servicing, etc. In the era of JD Cloud’s “Free Digital Human Live Stream Room” campaign, with AI interaction marketing capabilities, it is believed that the multiple applications of virtual anchors will bring a whole new imagination space for brand growth and customer service during JD’s 618 campaign.