**China’s Virtual Human Market Reached $1.69 Billion in 2022**

Market research firm Ai Media Advisory projected that the size of the virtual human market in China reached approximately 12.08 billion yuan (about $1.69 billion USD) in 2022, resulting in economic benefits of approximately 186.61 billion yuan (about $26.13 billion USD) to related industries.

Virtual humans were less costly than real humans, never fatigued, and could work at any time. They also carried no risk of being involved in scandals, providing a sense of security in terms of compliance. Industry insiders highlighted that virtual humans could operate 24 hours a day in roles like live commerce, and the operational cost per hour was only 1/20th that of humans.

Ai Media Advisory forecasted that the market size would expand to 48.06 billion yuan (about $6.73 billion USD) in 2025, with the economic impact on related industries ballooning to 640.27 billion yuan (approximately $89.64 billion USD).