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**Shenzhen Phantom Future Leads in AI Virtual Human Solutions at Smart Tourism Conference **

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Resource Development Department entrusted the China Tourism Newspaper to host the first intelligent tourism “Cloud Use and Wisdom” roadshow exchange event in Nanchang, Jiangsu. The event, themed “Cloud Use, Digital Wisdom, and Brighter Life,” aimed to address challenges and pain points encountered in the process of implementing smart tourism, create a platform for demand-supply exchanges, and promote effective solution deployment.

Shenzhen Phantom Future Information Technology Co., Ltd. stood out at the inaugural conference with its “Digital Virtual Person All-Status Service Solution”, alongside Tencent Cloud, Migu Culture, Baidu, and Unicom Wo Music, as virtual digital human and cultural tourism industry application solution providers. Phantom Future’s solution emphasizes several development directions for the future of the virtual human industry, such as diverse market demands, technology development and maturity, future trends and innovation, brand differentiation and competitive advantage, and expansion into different industries and application scenarios.

Phantom Future, specializing in AI virtual human development and application, offers customized, standardized, and diverse AI virtual human services. Their proposal received unanimous approval from attendees, including leaders from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Resource Development Department and various provincial departments of culture and tourism.

Worth noting is that Shenzhen Phantom Future won the “Best Real-Time Interactive Solution of the Year” and “Best Real-Time Interactive Industry Application Award” at the 2nd (2022) and 3rd (2023) Digital Interaction Industry Innovation Competitions respectively, with their core technical team member Chen Liang receiving the “Outstanding Contribution to Annual Technical Research Award.” The company’s innovation in the field of real-time interactive technology for virtual humans injects new vitality into industry development.